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  1. I have a spare rebel Falcon that I plan to paint yellow Mining Guild colors and fly as Scum. From my perspective, I'd see models as interchangeable....its all about the base.
  2. I literally just finished filing all mt Ver. 1 stuff. My intention is to simply place the card binders and token trays in storage, because I've got at least one buddy who plans to stick with 2.0. I'm all in on 2.0, but I can store all of my 1.0 stuff that I won't routinely need in a what amounts to a milk crate. If I had to guess, I'll never actually touch the stuff again, but its actually going to save me some time doing it this way.
  3. So what are the odds on getting Mace Windu's Lightsaber in this set?
  4. Reporting a great trade with ogreboy2! Awesome to work with! Would absolutely trade again!
  5. Reporting a great trade with DarthDane! Awesome to work with! Would absolutely trade again!
  6. I've played three and four way games using the rules from the rulebook and I think it works pretty well. Gang-ups do happen (my Emperor got blown off the board in two turns last night by my wife and daughter). I love the idea of a random roll to decide who is the target of any damage.
  7. Located in San Diego, CA... Have AW 17 – Infantry Grenades AW 99 – Backup Muscle x 2 SOR 2 – FN-2199 SOR 5 – E-Web Emplacement x 2 SOR 7 – DT-29 Heavy Blaster Pistol x 3 SOR 9 – Asajj Ventress x 2 SOR 10 – Darth Vader x 2 SOR 15 – Lightsaber Pike SOR 16 – Lure of Power SOR 17 – Interrogation Droid SOR 18 – Aurra Sing x 2 SOR 24 – Personal Shield x 2 SOR 25 – Vibroknucklers x 2 SOR 27 – Mon Mothma SOR 33 – Overkill SOR 35 – Chirrut Imwe x 3 SOR 38 – Delta-7 Interceptor x 2 SOR 41 – Journals of Ben Kenobi x 2 SOR 42 – R2-D2 SOR 44 – Jyn Erso x 3 SOR 45 – Maz Kanata x 2 SOR 46 – Outer Rim Smuggler x 2 SOR 47 – Smuggling Freighter x 2 SOR 51 – Supply Line SOR 88 – Salvage Stand x 2 SOR 89 – Armor Plating x 2 SOR 149 – Outmaneuver x 4 Wants AW 1 – Captain Phasma* AW 10 – Darth Vader * AW 23 – Crime Lord * AW 31 – Launch Bay * AW 35 – Luke Skywalker * AW 42 – One with the Force * AW 66 – Jetpack * AW 67 – Thermal Detonator * SOR 55 – Force Speed x 2 * For a friend who got into the game late Successful Trades with: WonderWAAAGH moose4747 VanderLegion wagnerml2 TheKhan74 ImmortalJedi DarthDane ogreboy2
  8. Just completed great trades with TheKhan74 and ImmortalJedi! Both highly recommended!
  9. I have to admit, after watching the most recent season finale of Rebels, I'm surprised the Quasar isn't a dual faction ship. I think we may see cards for a few cross-faction ships at some point. I agree that rebels running around in an ISD just feels loony, but a Rebel Quasar or an Imperial Nebulon-B wouldn't break my heart.
  10. I mostly play casual around the kitchen table with the family, so I tend to keep 4 decks built. I try to vary the factions and colors so their isn't a much of a card shortage for any particular deck. I've attempted collect 2 of each Villain/Hero card and 4 of each Neutral, but there are definitely cases where I have less than that. The means occasionally our decks may feel a tad suboptimal but for a fun game with the kids, I'm not hung up about it.
  11. Just completed a great trade with wagnerml2! Absolutely recommended!
  12. My buddy bought a case + 4 boosters. Pulled Force Speed x 2.
  13. Awesome to see movement on this project! Can't wait to hit "Print!"
  14. I actually don't have a problem with the changes. I just wish I had cards with accurate text!
  15. No luck with Chewie, but I did pull Jyn. Win!
  16. You're right...I apparently can't add! Probably too much bourbon. So yeah, by the numbers, about right, if not a little better than average.
  17. I was a little too late signing up for an event in Socal and as a "wait list" dude that didn't get in. That said, I couldn't help myself and bought 9 boosters off Ebay at an inflated, but not insane price. Pulled a Palpatine and Riot Patrol Baton as my only two legendaries (below average), however, I did end up with 42 out of 45 cards being "unique". I can't complain pulling the Palp, and only 3 duplicates across 9 boosters isn't bad. I've got my fix, and will quietly await the general release...
  18. Will that even be legible on a card that is only 2.5 inches tall? Love the idea, but I'm not sure we're going to be able to ready something that small on the printed cards. As it is, the font on the front of these beautiful cards is already pretty small. This is absolutely not meant to be a complete. I LOVE what you're doing here and can't wait to use these cards.
  19. I can live with all of these changes, though I think Palp isn't quite worth 8 points anymore. Would still use him, with a recognition that it is probably no longer the most point efficient option. My biggest gripe...the number of substantial changes to printed cards is starting to get cumbersome. It kind of stinks to have all these cards in our collections that have the wrong rules printed on them, and no real source for correctly printed replacements. The Errata is so lengthy that you almost constantly have to refer to it (its too much for a mere mortal to remember). I do know how to print my own cards through a print on demand shop, but I doubt the legality of doing so. I really wish there was a legit way to get correct cards.
  20. Reporting a great trade with VanderLegion!
  21. Nobody likes a spaz at a Craps table.
  22. Reporting a successful trade with moose4747. Brand new to the forum, but would absolutely recommend! Super fast shipping, great communication! 10/10! Would absolutely trade again and recommend. My trade list on Page 2 has been updated.
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