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  1. Hello, I'm playing a 4 hero game where I am the overlord. We just played The Wrym Turns and I chose Elementals as one of my groups. As the game unfolded we realized that it was impossible for the heroes to win. If an elemental picks up the Dragon Skull and then walks to the entrance/exit using an Air action on any turn before a hero can possibly attack it, how can it ever be killed and drop the Dragon Skull? Sure the heroes can try and block the way, but even then with 2 elementals they just move up to them and do an Air action, and then the next turn both attack and both do another air action until a hero dies, (prepare for that hero death in advance with dark charm) then move the dark charmed hero out of the way and exit off the board with the Dragon Skull. It could take forever doing this, but from what our group could think of, the heroes have no way of killing the elementals. Is there any way for a hero to stop an elemental that is carrying the Dragon Skull from winning this encounter? Thanks!
  2. As the title says, it is my first time playing the game and I'm OL. I'm getting killed by 2 friends playing 2 heroes each. They have won the Intro, A Fat Goblin and Death on The Wing. We still have 1 more quest to play before the interlude, but being that they have won everything we will be playing their interlude "The Shadow Vault". I'm probably pretty terrible being that it is my first game and we have been learning the rules as we go. We definitely have screwed up a bunch of times with regards to the rules and almost everything was in their favour. The last quest "Death on The Wing", I should have won. It was just absolute terrible luck that I didn't win, so I think I'm getting a bit better. So for the Interlude "the Shadow Vault", help please! The Heroes I'm facing are Leoric (Necro), Syndrael (Knight), Grisban (Beserker), and Avric (Disciple) What monsters should I choose to give me the best chance of winning? Any strategy suggestions that will give me the advantage? Thanks!
  3. Thank you Zaltyre! That helps me quite a bit. They were doing 2 moves with the reanimate too, so that helped them a lot.
  4. Sorry, this has probably been answered indirectly or directly, but I can't find it. Can the Reanimate search the search tokens? If so, can it carry what it finds or does it automatically go to the necromancer? I did find that they can't open doors, and they can't revive downed heroes, so I'm assuming that they can't search. I'm playing my first game ever, I'm OL and 2 of my friends are 2 heroes each. I'm getting killed and one thing they do a lot is search with the reanimate, so if this isn't allowed then I'll take any small advantage away from them that I can!
  5. Sorry this might be a stupid question. Just started playing Descent for the first time with a couple friends. After an encounter ends, do the heroes get the first turn in the second encounter no matter what, or does turn order continue where it left off?
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