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  1. If you could fit Howlrunner into your list that could be greatly beneficial for your Tie Fighters. With flight controllers your Tie Fighters have an average(expected) damage of ~2.5 each with swarm With Howl and flight controllers your Tie Fighters have an average(expected) damage of ~3 each with swarm If you think about it, this would make your Tie Fighters about as effective at killing X-wings as X-wings are at killing Tie Fighters. 1 Tie Fighter can destroy 60% of an X-wing where as an X-wing can destroy 66.7% of a Tie Fighter. Both on average would be able to destroy the other in 2 turns. They would be basically equal 1v1. Moreover, in Imp vs Imp fights, you can destroy on average 4 Tie fighters/interceptors every turn. Regarding flight controllers, I tend to lean toward your view than Megamen’s. Your plan seems to be to use one VSD to coordinate the fighters and the other to coordinate bombers. While, Chiraneau would help the fighters, but would really help the bombers. That said, it may be worth trying it both ways.
  2. Wow Imagine interceptors with Howl and flight controllers? 6 Dice per attack! There better be magic in the Reb expansion packs... Heck even Tie Bombers would have 3 dice in that setup…
  3. My preorder from Miniature Market is being shipped now The first transport is away!
  4. I think this would be extremely vulnerable to a Tie-Bomber list. With only 3 A-wings to defend your AFIIs its likely that the Rymer and Co. will bring down at least 1 AFII before it is able to finish flanking the VSDs. Its likely more fighters will be needed
  5. I will be shocked if the Yavaris Tallon combo isn't meta. It seems like the only way to deal decent damage. Wedge with Yavaris Tallon would on average destroy 3 Tie Fighters/Intercepters a turn by himself. Farlander with Yavaris Tallon can throw 6 black dice a turn with re-rolls against a ship's hull every turn hes in range(more firepower than the front arc of a VSD and can crit 3 times a turn) I just pray they give the B-wing a greater chance to actually join the fight rather than plod along for 6 turns praying not to get intercepted and stuck.
  6. Then use Admiral Chiraneau to move Fel next turn for more area-of-effect damage on anything that's still standing, if you want to get more use out of his ability. Use Admiral Chiraneau with Mithel and Fel. "After you move, each squadron engaged with you suffers one damage." Since Chiraneau lets Mithel move every turn, that's 1 damage on potentially every rebel fighter every turn.
  7. I would bring howlrunner with those intercepters. Imagine a swarm of intercpters each attacking with 5 dice. Oh and better yet, counter is an attack so each interceptor should get to counter with 3 dice as well. So one might want to bring Fel. That way the enemy would either attack Howl and get damaged by Fel or attack Fel and get damaged by all the interceptors getting additional dice and get Fel's 3 counter dice..
  8. That would be the cost of a Frigate with upgrades and a Commander. Kind of expensive for a Bomber trick, isn't it? The Glad wouldn't work with the strategy. How much does it cost? Somewhere in the 64 point range. Yes that's more than a frigate, but considering that they can roll 4 black dice on ships with 4-5 hull nearly EVERY turn I'd say its worth it. In fact a more accurate cost benefit analysis is: The bombers have about the same or greater damage output on average as 2 faces of a Neb-B(Black Dice have more hits and the crit advantage is nice on bombers). The bombers are about as fast as corvettes The bombers can fire at the ships without the ship being able to shoot back(medium range). The bombers can also evade being attacked by fighters via escort/blocking fighters etc. Given that the bombers are at least as powerful as a frigate, faster than a frigate, more agile than a frigate, and perhaps more survivable than a frigate. So I think it’s kind of cheap for a Bomber trick actually.
  9. The thing is the corvettes may not be able to escape from that list. If the bombers are engaged thus are limited to speed 3 and the corvette "runs" at speed 4, it should still be in medium range of the bombers. This means that the corvette cannot out distance the bombers. It may also be possible for Bombers to pass through Rebel fighters and then bomb frigates etc as well. I'm not sure how long frigates would last taking 4 black dice a turn either. If the rules state that when you are engaged with fighters that you cannot attack ships, then moving 3 can have you disengage the fighter but still be in range medium range of the ship. Rymer lets your bombers shot at medium range. Note as of now, Tie Bombers only cost 9 points, 3 are 27 points. That's less than Luke and a Y-wing.
  10. The FAQ states: If a ship has Corruptor and Admiral Chiraneau equipped, engaged squadrons with bomber that it activates have a speed of “3.” Doesn't that hinder the use of A-wings as interceptors? Why would a rebel use them if they can't lock down bombers? Doesn't this also kill of the rebel strategy of flanking with corvettes? Only the A-wings can keep pace with the corvettes and can't prevent Tie-Bombers from attacking the corvette, it won't take long for the bombers to bring them down. Moreover, again the A-wings will be less useful.
  11. I don't know. I can't really see how an unarmed ship would be useful in a game of ship to ship combat. Maybe if it was slightly armed and functioned like the HWK of X-wing it might be useful. Or perhaps if it had a Negative point cost but was limited in number and if destroyed would give many VPs to an opponent.
  12. Regardless of whether or not they officially use a formula to make calculate the point costs, we should be able to create a statistical model that would predict the point costs of fighters and perhaps ships. X-wing is more complicated because one would have to calculate the fighter cost then the pilot’s bonuses. The regression formula for fighters should be easy, something like: Points = β + β(Rebel) + β(speed) + β(hull) + β(expected anti-fighter damage) + β(expected anti-ship damage) + ε *Note: rebel is 1 or 0 depending on whether it’s a rebel fighter, swarm would likely be part of expected anti-fighter damage but could be its own variable. The regression gives you the βs then just fill in the speed, hull etc. Capital ships would require movement types, shield arcs, damage arcs etc. and would be more complex.
  13. When we get more ships we can run regressions and create predictive models to figure it out. The key problem now is sample size
  14. As a side note this make Wedge awesome. His average damage output is 3 hits and can has a decent chance to roll 2 accuracies(on average 1.5 accuracies per attack) in addition to those 3 hits.
  15. My favorite mission in X-wing vs Tie Fighter(Balance of Power) mission was when a corvette laden with explosives blows away most of a super star destroyer by ramming its bridge. Sure the corvette “lost” but that mechanic is much worse than dealing a single damage card to the rammed ship. It should stay in the game. I wish for two things for it: 1) Damage is relative to the speed of both ships 2) There was a brace for impact effect. IE, engineering commands reduce damage on impact.
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