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  1. Thank you. But I like the Willibald graphics and lists of content. Maybe I try to transfer them to those.
  2. Hello, I like your gearboxes. It makes prepping a game so easy (I have one box for every ship I own in the same foamtray with all needed material). So I wanted to ask if you plan to adapt your gear boxes to the new dials? Great work.
  3. Hello, nice job. Is it possible to see the "LED-End" of the fibre optics. Also a detailed list of materials (all resistors, number of LEDs and so on? Regards
  4. Hello, when a character dies which loyality cards does he use? Should he draw a new card? Or shouldn't he take any? Regards
  5. Hello, I have made some graphics for the fighters if you want. I will send you a PN. Will there be a damage deck soon? Greetings
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