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  1. There's an easy to miss sidebar in the AoR core for TIE Bomber variants. One is the TIE/br boarding shuttle. Essentially a bomber with the torpedo pod replaced by a passenger compartment capable of fitting a squad of Stormtroopers. Probably what was implied to board the Tantive IV at the begining of ANH.
  2. Nexuses of the Force seems like it has some details of Lothal. Wether it will be a focus planet or not is still unclear.
  3. There's been a few episodes of Rebels season two showing Imperial blockades and how to blitz through them. It seems that while Star Destroyers make the backbone and lynchpin of their blockades Arquittens-class light cruisers do much of the heavy lifting and dealing with smaller, less suspicious ships. As they're not statted up yet the Vigil-class Corvette would make a suitable fit.
  4. I've found the Analyst from Desperate Allies is a great fit for a starfighter squadron as well, particularly if its Y-wings or other two crew fighters. They can perform most routine technical tasks like slicing shields or scanning enemies and their talents can allow some useful boosts for the rest of the squadron.
  5. Now that I think about it the last time those two players were missing the group tried the gambit as well, blustering past guards on "orders of the Supervisor" after sneaking in through ducts. This scheme went south quickly when they escorted a prisoner past a high ranking officer who challenged them. They threatened him with "the Supervisor" again only for the officer to tell them he gave no such orders as called the guards on them. The players panicked and fled, leaving their wounded behind.
  6. My players use the same gambit fairly often. This week their officer ordered them to take an off the books Imperial base that was part of a power play between a Moff and an Admiral. The officer explained that due to the right security that stealth was recommended. When they arrived at the destination they simply marched up to the front door in Imperial uniforms and asked to be let in. They rolled adequately on their Deception test so (generously)half of the guards left to report in the request. I indicated this would be a good chance to make a move. Instead they declared they would wait for an officer. When someone arrived they immediately claimed they were from the "Admiral on an inspection". This caused the guards to sound the alarm, scuttle data and try seize the team thinking their rivals had found them. In panicked confusion the players ran away, abandoning their wounded. The players were really confused by this and it took several minutes of explanation before they understood. Their officer ended up chewing them out. The two players who usually come up with ideas were absent leaving the more combat focused players with one really insecure Diplomat.
  7. Yeah I could have done without mention of Starkiller in any products, especially since his role in the formation of the Rebellion was just pasted into what had already been made available by WEG, in terms of the three founding parties and the name for the treaty and locale it took place at. With the latest episode of Rebels I can just mentally replace Starkiller with Ahsoka and feel more comfortable about that.
  8. Room and board is covered currently as they operate out of a starfighter base. The base has a quartermaster whom they have been making frugal use of (last session they only requested a handful of restraining bolts) and have been reliably returning gear. I have been rewarding them Duty points for bringing back gear, usually things they felt others needed more or they were fine without. I am at the chronological point in the campaign now where the Rebellion is able to hand out more standard gear to its troops such as uniforms and sidearms. However I should consider allowing an expenses budget for operations, they have been trusted before with large amounts and made sure to bring most back. They reached Contribution Rank 2 last session so got a light freighter as a reward. They have taken to it so I believe they will wish to customise it soon. Other things I expect them to buy would include better than standard equipment or other highly specialist items the Rebellion might not have enough of to really issue.
  9. Time can pass at a varying rate- sometimes hours will pass other times weeks. They don't seem particularly loot happy and usually have been performing quick raids. They've mostly picked up easily pocketed gear such as stimpacks or things which would help their mission such as Imperial uniforms. One did pick up a Scout trooper's sniper rifle once and another took some Stormtrooper carapace he customised to look more Alliance. Overall I'm trying not to encourage too much murder hobo behaviour and most of the characters are there for ideals. One player has been trying to set up a small business on the side selling luxuries gathered on field assignments but I've glossed over that so far, I don't want to get bogged down in mercantile minutiae. I'm okay with paying them less than mercenaries however. The Rebellion is cash strapped but a little more broad. Higher payment from a third party however could act as a good dramatic incentive down the line though.
  10. According to both the Core rules and Stay on Target Rebel characters could be paid wages for their service. I've been planning to give them to my group so that they can bribe officials, procure resources and equip themselves with non-standard issue gear among other things. The problem is neither source gives a guideline as to how much is appropriate. I'm not sure how to balance economy in this latest edition but I've eyeballed it and given players 500 credits per month. Is this a suitable amount? I assume there should be some varience for both rank and risk as well. The base they operate out has been fairly successful and the CO has been focused on morale so pay has been fairly regular so far but as things get more desperate they will be short changed.
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