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  1. Some uses I've seen before include: Dragging asteroids into hyperlanes to drag ships out of hyperspace as a crude interdictor. Grabbing larger, more dangerous ships and dragging them down with you as you crash. Breaking a tractor beam by flying into the path of it, being caught instead. A bunch of smaller ships teaming up to keep one larger one in place.
  2. I've found it's best to mix things up a little, keep it unpredictable and context appropriate. However I've found a good combination for a group of four players was four pairs of stormtroopers. It gave them an equal amount of activations, made them a slightly tougher nut to crack and gave a moderate edge in combat, This has led to some pretty entertaining fights that challenge without bogging down. For tougher fights I may recommend about three to four minions per player with a group each. The aforementioned Squad rules are also fairly useful. I don't use them for NPCs often but it can make some moderately powerful Rivals into a more satisfying challenge. Say for instance, a TIE Ace with three wingmen suddenly goes from being an accident waiting to happen to an achievement for players to take down.
  3. Format wise we started at 10am to let people show up and pick their characters from a stack of premades. That was followed by an in-character briefing as GMs let the players know what missions were availlible. Each GM ran a mission each, letting players pick which ones to go on with hints about what skillsets were needed. These missions lasted 90 minutes each. Once the first mission finished players were awarded 30-40xp and some Duty points. Players could then spend their xp and pick up items from the shop manned by two assistants. While players were busy the GMs had a huddle, sharing information, assigning Notoriety and discussing how other missions would be affected. Once the break was over we re-conveened with another briefing, updating players on their progress and announcing any rewards they'd unlocked. Another set of missions were announced and so players could pick which onr they went on again, with no obligation to stick with a group or GM. There were four missions with the last one wrapping up for an epilogue at 9pm.
  4. It was last Saturday in Glasgow. My group has hosted several before in the past and they tend to consistently draw a lot of people. It's not the first Star Wars one we've ran but the last was organised soley by me with only two weeks notice so was...lackluster. As for how; refer back to the third paragraph. However I can clear up details.
  5. This weekend I helped organise and run a massive Age of Rebellion game, essentially a min campaign ran over the course of a full day with space for up to thirty players. To help facilitate such a huge undertaking it took six GMs and three assistants to get the job done. In the end we played for nearly eleven hours straight with twenty seven players showing up throughout the day with many thrilling adventures and tales of valiant defeat shared between them. The plot focused on the exploits of the rebellion in the Tirisfel Sector, an obscure region off a major trade route in the Outer Rim suffering under the tyranny of the Galactic Empire. Word had reached them of a newly formed organisation, the Rebel Alliance, that was co-ordinating a galactic-scale rebellion and so they sought to prove themselves worthy of membership. Learning that the Empire had captured a Mon Calamari Star Cruiser and were currently in the process of dismantling the rebels planned to liberate it as proof of their capability. Much of their efforts went into preparing for their heist as well as dealing with more immediate issues such as sabotaging a sinister Imperial bioweapons project or making an ally out of a Hutt crime lord who was offering assistance. The event consisted of six GMs who were each running four missions, including a linked finale, over the course of the day with their results affecting the outcome of other missions or providing benefits to all players such as access to new gear. There was a Notoriety system as well with GMs assigning a points score for how subtle players acted, with higher points representing more hostile attention. If the Notoriety got too high then players would find challenges much more difficult and more challenging enemies in their way as the Empire took notice and prepared for them. We made up thirty pre-made characters for people to pick up and join in, of which 27 had been taken by the end of the day. A talent tree was attached to each character sheet so players could advance their characters with experience points earned at the end of each mission. We also set up a shop where players could trade in "Duty Points" that they earned over the course of their missions for item cards with special modifications or potent gear. The most complex mission was the last where all groups took part in liberating the Star Cruiser, taking control of key systems and preparing their escape. This involved feats such as securing the bridge, engaging in a space battle against system defences and luring Imperial reinforcements away with a suicidal distraction. While all went well initially the Notoriety was high enough that Imperial resistance was very challenging for players, resulting in several casualties. Players switched tables as their characters reinforced struggling teams. In the end the team trying to open the shield gate chose to sacrifice themselves by causing the shield gate to self-destruct in a huge explosion which cleared the way and allowed the ship to flee to hyperspace just as a Star Destroyer arrived. In the end the players took heavy casualties but were able to take the Star Cruiser to Yavin IV where they rendezvoused with the Rebel Alliance. While the Alliance were grateful for their offering they were shocked at some of their extreme actions such as using biological weapons on Imperials or attacking civillians. They were accepted into the Alliance but on the condition they undergo standardised training and improve their act. Most players agreed to this and so deemed the day's efforts a success. All in all it was a great (if exhausting) day of gaming. It was really good to see so many players working together at once and sharing stories of their exploits. It looks like most people had fun which is the main point. Thanks are due to all the GMs who helped make the event work.
  6. I statted them up for a roleplaying event I'm helping run this weekend. Here's my attempt. Death Trooper [Rival] Brawn 3 Agility 4 Intellect 2 Cunning 3 Willpower 3 Presence 2 Soak 5 Wound Threshold 13 Defense 1/1 Skills: Discipline 1, Gunnery 2, Ranged (Heavy) 2, Ranged (Light) 2, Stealth 3, Vigilance 2 Equipment: Heavy Blaster rifle (Ranged [Heavy]; Damage 10, Critical 3,Range [Long], Stun setting), vibroknife (Melee, Damage 4, Critical 2, Engaged, Pierce 2, Vicious 1), reflec armour (+2 soak, +1 defense; when in darkness or deep shadow gain 2 Boost dice to all Stealth checks)
  7. You could play something that mixes Medic and something with the Bodyguard ability. All three AoR specs I can think of with it have some pretty good party boost abilities. I may recommend Vanguard however as it's got some pretty good combat ability of its own, making you the tank whose everyone's best friend but able to hold your own ground. Or maybe take Instructor to help push the rest of the party to their limits and beyond. It could make you a flexible and well regarded team member. Take Support as your Duty and you'll be able to regularly justify a few Duty Points rewards.
  8. Yes, there's an implicit assumption written into the rules which makes these sorts of encounters a lot easier. Vehicles can count as Minions too. Furthermore a crit on a vehicle only has to equal a vehicles armour value to count. If you hit a TIE Fighter with a Missile Tube or Light Repeater Blaster you should only need to score a crit to take it out. Same can apply for any other 'disposable vehicle'.
  9. I'm planning on running a one-shot in September set during the Horus Heresy, specifcially about the Imperial Fists. I've considered the issue and I overall prefer Dark Heresy's rules and find it easier to make a party that feels individual and era appropriate using it than purely Deathwatch. Therefore I've modded some rules slightly to allow play as an Imperial Fists Astatres. Bear in mind these rules will only be used in the context of everyone playing a Space Marine. Imperial Fists Rules (Applied instead of Home World) Characteristics Modifiers +Toughness, + Intelligence, -Fellowship Fate Threshold 3 (Emperor's Blessing 6+) Legion Bonus Siege Masters: The Armour Points granted by cover to the Imperial Fist's target counts as only half it's value. In addition the Armour Points granted by cover to an Imperial Fist is doubled so long as he remains stationary. Legion Aptitude Defense Wounds 15+1d5 Astartes Background Starting Skills Athletics, Awareness, Common Knowledge (War), Dodge, Forbidden Lore (Adeptus Astartes), Linguistics (Low Gothic), Navigation (Surface), Operate (Surface), Parry Starting Talents Ambidextrous, Bulging Biceps, Legion Weapon Training, Heightened Senses (Hearing, Sight), Nerves of Steel, Quick Draw, Resistance (Heat, Cold, Poison), Unarmed Warrior Starting Equipment Legionnaire Power Armour, Legionnaire Bolter or Legionnaire Bolt Pistol, Legionnaire combat knife, four magazines for starting weapon Background Bonus More Than Human: Gain the following Traits: Amphibious, Unnatural Strength (+4), Unnatural Toughness (+4) Do these seem reasonable?
  10. Hope this helps https://m.facebook.com/studentnationals/
  11. A technique I learned from the new Conan RPG is when players are hesitating or procrastinating flip or threaten to flip a Destiny Point over to the Dark Side. It really galvanises them.​
  12. Was that amount after basic expenses? Before. Rebellion has to make that money stretch.
  13. My players recieved a wage of 500 credits every month. Of course this was subject to availliility, with resources running scarce for the Alliance and just having a ragged supply chain. This was often weived, promised as undelivered backpay or replaced by barter. Occasionally when my players needed discretionary funds they'd make a few Negotiate checks to heckle and wheedle the money out of their superiors. When they reached officer ranks this theoretically reached 1,000 credits a month.
  14. A sensible idea; If you want to use Black Crusade directly, giving each player a half-decent Infamy score would work well, reflect each one being at least a Lieutenant or Line Captain with their own squads or resources. Helps avoid 'a ship with four dudes on it' feel. Yes, that scope of play seems a fair fit for the type of stories told in the Horus Heresy series. The focus does seem to be on senior officers of the Legions so players would likely end up in that sort of roles. To support this I'm looking at the Formations rules from Only War: Enemies of the Imperium. Officially a Formation can be formed from Elite level NPCs, much like the generic Battle-Brother stats from Black Crusade or the variety of Chaos Space Marine specialities from Only War as well. I'd probably give Space Marines their own faction specific rules like everyone else, most likely giving them a variation of the Orks special rule to represent Astatres heightened endurance. With this players could lead squads of four to nine Astartes easily enough and so put them in a position of relative importance.
  15. You've done some good work there Magnus. I would question some of those choices but overall very impressive. I am debating whether they need special rules as the extra layer of complication you mentioned is a big factor however it could act as a very enticing layer of customisation. For adaptation purposes I would give every Legion an Aptitude, I've got a strong idea of what they should all be. Your Shattered Legions suggestion is very intriguing as well. It acts as a perfect backbone for a campaign with a big, spectacular event that can act as cohesion for the party, alter further motivation and possibly even introduce personal nemeses. Beyond that there's room for multiple paths and can put more pressure on the players to make decisions as switch between hunter and prey with a lot of their allies and support greatly diminished. I have also considered running things like a troupe style game to start with, players choosing one main character each then players making a supporting cast for them, focusing on each in turn before bringing them together. This mimics the early narrative structure of the series and can build some personal stakes for players.
  16. Yeah, the focus would be on Space Marines. Playing as a mortal is just an option but anyone picking one would have to accept it is essentially hard mode. It's mostly there as there's some important non-Astartes characters and players may enjoy the roleplaying challenge of it. Particularly if your group does goes for a troupe play format.
  17. ​ I've been thinking about how to run Horus Heresy using the Warhammer 40k systems. Deathwatch is designed for Space Marines but is a little outdated now and lacks some flexibility when it comes to character building. Therefore I'd draw upon Black Crusade and Dark Heresy 2e to do it. 1) Character generation would roughly follow the Dark Heresy 2e template. The main thing used from Deathwatch would be Demeanours. Characters would have 100 points to spend on Characteristics which start at 30 base (or 25 if a - characteristic or 35 if a +) 2) First element would be replacing the Homeworld choice with a Legion. This would essentially be the same - 2 stats to boost an one to lower, starting Fate and Wounds, and a starting aptitude. I'd even consider every Legion having a minor special rule as well, eg. World Eaters gain the Brutal Charge (2) trait. This would be the hardest section to do as it would essentially require starting from scratch. 3) Standard background would be using the Space Marine starting template from Black Crusade. These rules are a bit more streamlined and match the most recent standard of the rules. Only major change to this stage would be removing the Forbidden Lore (Horus Heresy and the Long War) skill from starting skills. I would probably also grant players a choice of Weapon Skill or Ballistic Skill aptitude at this stage. 4) Final stage would essentially be using the unmodified Role choice. This feels broad enough and gives players freedom of choice. 5) Equipment choices would be taken from the Black Crusade or Deathwatch errata lists. Influence would be used. 6)Power Armour however could be selected from the list in Deathwatch: Rites of Battle, any armour between MkII and MkVI. No armour history as they would only be 200 years old at maximum and are less likely to be passed on. 7) Regular Dark Heresy character generation can be used for anyone else, eg, Rememberancers, Adepts, Astropaths and Iterators. 8) Everyone gets 1000xp to spend. 9) All combat rules, skill lists and Talents use Dark Heresy 2e. This includes the use of Aptitudes. Hordes from Black Crusade and Formations from Only War are pretty much essential. I would appreciate some feedback. I'd also consider trying my hand at making some Legion Templates but I'm wondering what special rules would be appropriate and balanced.​
  18. Or Anti-Vehicle Mines How do Mechanics based weapons work anyway while we're on the subject?
  19. If you're looking for an appropriate ship for players to comandeer fairly early in the campaign I'd recommend either a Vigil-class or CR90 corvette. Both are used by the Empire and are both in the Core rulebook. The Vigil is a little dubious in terms of current canon if you care about such thing, if you want to line up more than you could use a Arquittens-class light crusier. They are small enoguh to be feasable but still large enough to give players some options and limited power. If you want to give them a challenge then a Gozanti may be good. It's slow and more of a fleet support workhorse but has a tiny crew complement and large enough guns to hold its ground. In Lost Stars it looks like fresh out of the Academy cadets are given either command or placements on them. As for an 'in' for the players perhaps give them a leadership figure to look up to. Maybe a junior tutor or senior cadet who has dubious loyalties but a strong sympathy for the players, they could act as a point of unity and advice for the group. Plus they give extra drama if they're killed or removed at an appropriate time. Perhaps they are captured as part of a rearguard action and would give the players motivation to hunt for and rescue them. I know you've not got to it yet but Aftermath has a short chapter featuring young Imperial Academy cadets. Their bus gets pulled over by New Republic soldiers as its approaching the Academy and see that there's been a skirmish been fought at the Academy and that now most of the tutors and stormtroopers are dead. The cadets negotiate with the troopers who vouch for them to get transferred to a New Republic Academy on Chandrilla. That could act as a curveball to the players, particularly if the NR seem entirely hostile. In Lost Stars and Aftermath it's revealed that the Empire is stretched thin due to their losses and so most starships, including Star Destroyers, are undercrewed by mostly rookies. The New Republic is trying to capture as many as possible to give them an instant fleet. I ran a one shot during the Summer where the players were able to get the captain of the Star Destroyer to surrender at the Battle of Jakku.
  20. Vader is in the Rescue at Glare Peak adventure and interestingly he is not statted like other characters. Instead he acts more like a countdown, an unstoppable threat who its best to get out of the way. He arrives after a certain amount of encounters. Then he gets two move manuevers per turn. If he gets into Engaged range with a character they are immediately incapacitated. I'll probably use something similar in my Force and Destiny camapign.
  21. Looks like they're two separate ships with slightly different stats but they're both found in the same sidebar. The main difference is the Shuttle variant (TIE/sh) has a 1/1 Defence shield generator on board at the cost of reducing the passengers from 9 to 4.
  22. Made a slight error. I meant to refer to Competitive checks where the results of the rolls are compared to each other. Things like chases and initiative.
  23. I've been playing Star Wars Roleplaying for over a year now and have been enjoying the overall experience. However there seems to be some recurring queries which I can't seem to settle on an answer for. 1) Can designated uses of Boost and Setback dice be reversed? It seems consistant with how other dice are used in the game but there is no explicit mention of being able to do this. So many talents and gear effects are precisely worded enough to make me wonder if this is deliberate for game balance reasons. Eg) A Wampa gains 2 Boost dice to stealth tests in the snow. Could I translate that to the player adding two Setback dice to their roll? 2) Hull Points are worth ten points of personal scale damage. Does this need to be dealt all in one go or can it accumulate? Eg) A Blaster is fired at a speeder bike and deals six damage and then another five. Would this remove a Hull Point or would ten damage need to be inflicted in a single shot? 3) Can Advantages and Threat generates in contested rolls be spent for other uses or is it all spent determining results? Are they only spent in a direct tie or are they free to use in any way? Eg) An X-wing pursuing a TIE Fighter gets 2 success and three Advantages while the TIE only gets 2 successes and two Advantages. Would that give the X-wing three Advantages to spend or just one? Thanks for your time.
  24. My current campaign has a group of Jedi Younglings now on the run after Order 66 was sprung on them last session. I can see a little visit to Maz Kanta sometime in the future.
  25. If you're looking for a practical capital ship for a beginner party I'd look at the Cr-20 Light Cruiser. A small, well defined crew, a limited amount of big guns allowing you to hold up against other capital ships while still being a small Fry and its fairly modular allowing for flexibility in its missions. It's simple enough that it can help players practice before taking something more involved like an Assassin-class Corvette or a Nebulon-B.
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