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  1. I think there's some fans as well who are unused to having their world view challenged and are generally critically disengaged. It ends up with them subconsciously creating their own mythologies based on these pre-existing assumptions. So when something comes along and doesn't mesh with it they end up suffering discomfort and cognitive dissonance that they can't quite articulate. You can probably also factor in basic literary criticism education being deprioritised in a lot of places meaning that a lot of people focus only on surface details as that is all they're equipped to handle.
  2. I'm kind of the opposite. I feel like Johnson could home in on an overlooked corner, perhaps something more noir or spiritual. By comparison D&D strike me as a bit more clumsy and shown off most of their tricks. They may surprise me however. I'm sure we'll get plenty of material to mine out of any options.
  3. It was okay. As a stand alone film it moved along fairly breezily and had a few fun bits. The train heist was a stand out. I am pleased we got to be immersed in a largely overlooked aspect of the universe. However as a part of the Star Wars saga as a whole it felt a bit of a jarring note. The cinematography was a little too murky and washed out to really fit. On one hand that could push the style and genre trappings of the series but could be a step too far. It also details Han's arc across the saga as well by making him too idealistic early on. There were a few flashes of his ruthless scoundrel such as the sabacc matches but we could have done with more of that. The way of the movie treats all its female characters sits uncomfortably with me. There's a lot of tired tropes being deployed there that could have been avoided.
  4. I've been having fun working out non-conventional soundtracks for Star Wars games I'm running. They've mostly fallen into two categories. The first is a lot of synthwave and retrieve tracks. This can range from contemporary remixes of 80s pop with driving beats or classic John Carpenter tones. The other more experimental has been for my EotE game. It involves looking at what music was popular in 1977 which creates a down to earth grimy feeling. A lot of funk and soul with a bit of disco and country to back it up.
  5. If you really want to follow Lucas' lead anyway the correct term is laser-sword.
  6. Maybe if it does well we could see other miniseries like other arcs or novel adaptations.
  7. It's coming home! After a years long fan campaign LucasFilm have announced the return if the Clone Wars series, promising to finish the series. The little so far revealed includes finished footage from the left in-production Bad Batch arc and footage from the previously unseen Siege of Mandalore arc. Hopefuoky we'll get some of the other stories that were in production such as the Boba Fett arc ir the Dark Disciple storyline. We may even get an era book for the Clone Wars.
  8. Give them access to the Padawan Suvivor talent tree as a bonus and give them some XP to spend on it. They can easily get a 2nd FR if they want it plus give some really foundational talents like Temple Training or Reflect.
  9. I've been running some campaigns for people playing Jedi at the twilight of the Republic. Mechanically for a fully trained Knight I've been giving them: 150xp free to spend 100xp exclusively on Force Powers 150xp exclusively to spend on the Padawan Survivor talent tree (slightly modified) This has proved pretty satisfactory for them so far.
  10. What pre-made starships and vehicles are in it? Anything interesting like the long desired Pelta-class frigate?
  11. I ran a mega-game based on the concept once. There was thirty players spending a whole day plotting and scheming how to break a blockade with two dozen missions all putting the pieces into place. Ended up with a massive space battle with them finding a gap and calling Rebel fleet in while starting an uprising in the city the Moff was based. Lot of PCs died.
  12. I really need to finish up writing my adventures for this. I was one of the GMs, running the Republic faction specifically. I need to finish the second mission where players infiltrated an Imperial Gala to look for a high level mole. The third mission is missing entirely, it was a choice where you could either escort a senator to Rodia to gain allies or follow up rumours of a Jedi.
  13. Kashyyk has kings, clans and chieftains. Never been clarified if it's unified or not. Go with what's best for your campaign.
  14. They appear in the novels and Rebels very briefly. I hope their stats will be in Dawn of Rebellion. http://starwars.wikia.com/wiki/Auzituck_anti-slaver_gunship
  15. Most Wookiees on Kashyyk were enslaved by the Empire or escaped into the forests. After the rise of the Empire the Wookiee fleet scattered across the Galaxy. They prioritised fighting slavers and raiding facilities using slaves. The Empire marked them as high priority targets so few lasted until the Galactic Civil War. Some survived by pretending to be civilian freighters. They were unable to deploy more than a few gunships at the Liberation of Kashyyk.
  16. That's kind of the point. They're a stand in for one of the biggest threats in our society today- petulant manchildren with ambition greater than their competence. They got where they are through a sense of entitlement, privilege and the patronage of third parties willing to use them for their own end. They are driven by their insecurities and supported by their techno-fetishm, blind to their own flaws. Everyonein my generation knows a Kylo Ren. My country is ruled by General Huxes. They are among us and they are dangerously useless.
  17. Empire Strikes Back was called a franchise killer and now it's the only film in the series that respected critics aren't embarrassed to say they liked. The Phantom Menace and Attack of the Clones have been loathed for the best part of two decades now. Yet even they have their defenders and fans now. Clone Wars was constantly bombarded with requests for cancellation. Once it was cancelled the fanbase clamours for its return. The general public are fickle. There will still be flaws it in and people who still will not like it but given time once time erodes the memory of the fanfic in people's heads that it failed to match the furore will be forgotten.
  18. Yes, it's subtle but they were there. Which makes Yoda's line about Rey already having everything she needs from the books funnier and more important as he knew she had already stolen them. In context of the film and series as whole this is pretty awesome. It hints that the cycle can be broken with Rey being an entirely fresh start without the centuries of dogma and expectation which may have warped the original vision of the Jedi or the personal influence of a Master to rub off on her.
  19. Yes, I agree about this forum. People have been putting in more thought about it. Elsewhere however I've seen people bashing the movie for "plot holes" which are no such things if you think about them in the larger whole.
  20. I've seen people complaining about the Yoda cameo as being unnecessary fan service but it is critical to the point of the movie. It is the true passing of the torch, the literal ghost of the past turning up to admit their failure but also reassuring that things will be okay because the kids have got this. Who knew in 2017 we'd get the Yoda redemption arc.
  21. Also it saddens me that so much of what passes for criticism these days is little more than surface level nitpicking.
  22. That was probably one of the richest Star Wars movie yet, I can't remember the last time I felt so elated in the cinema before. It made a lot of daring choices, examining the series in ways that few have dare before. It is rich in themes which will probably keep me thinking for days. It's essentially about young people trying to understand themselves and break old toxic cycles with the older generation passing the torch on and admitting their own mistakes so that the next generation does not have to suffer. It is about freeing yourself from blind obedience to tradition but instead working out the best new way to go. It is about the weight of legacy and the power of legends. To find final victory the Galaxy do not need to destroy their enemies but overcome the flaws in themselves. It is about the power of Star Wars itself. It kind of disappoints me that the next installment will be directed by JJ Abrams again. He is overly focused on structure and plot detail instead of the deeper meanings.
  23. My wishlist of things I want to see statted up in the book: U-wings Mc75 Mon Cala cruiser Deathtroopers Hammerhead Corvette Wookiee gunship Imperial Light Cruiser Imperial Super Commando (although could just use Friends Like These stats) KX Enforcer Droids Imperial Sentry Droids Imperial Bulk Freighter Lasat AT-DP Pelta-class frigates Iakar It's a long shot but they all seem fairly cool things which could provide options for players and GMs to enrich the game. Some of these are well overdue with how common or popular they are. Particularly the small warships as they will fill a game friendly hole in the list we have just now.
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