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  1. There's a good chance we may get a Galactic Civil War era book or two. Probably focusing on stuff from the comics and such. Maybe do a few key characters stat blocks.
  2. I am new to the new edition of the game although I've got heavy experience with previous editions. This new one seems to be more flexible with focus and scope so it's got me wondering if we'll see a Way of the Daimyo style rules for having a position of responsibility. My players are interested in running villages and it's made me wonder how to pull this off.
  3. I've been running a street level Edge of the Empire game for over a year now. I've been only handing out 5xp or so a session. Most they got was 20 so once. I've found that limiting cash has more of an effect on stopping them being overpowered. I've made sure to keep them hungry meaning they'll go out of their way to earn money. They find XP satisfying with that style of game, it makes milestones feel more satisfying.
  4. Would the Padawan make a suitable apprentice for a player character?
  5. I assume they've been updated for a larger scale? Like does it have the option of fielding a Legion?
  6. Any new or reprinted mechanics like the squads and phalanxes in RotS? Mass Battle seems a possibility.
  7. I think this is probably a gap-filler to keep the line going while more involved projects are ongoing or upcoming. It's about time as we were seeing some bloat, it at least makes it easier for GMs to reference stuff that was scattered before. We'll probably get a starship book soon. I would like a rules compendium with updated and clarified core rules. Perhaps collect some of the other rules scattered around and fill in gaps. I imagine we'll see some era books soon, that looks the new main direction of the line. A Galactic Civil War book is very likely, adding stuff in from the books and comics. A sequel trilogy of book too once it's wrapped up and something for whatever the new films will be. Honestly there is so much doomsaying among the fanbase. If they don't release books it means they've dropped the line. If they release books it's a sign the line is ending.
  8. How are Range troopers handled? Are they Rivals or just minions? I got the impression they are a bit more independent than most other Shoretroopers.
  9. Poe's story arc over the course of the film is moving from just living and thinking in the moment as part of a larger whole to transitioning into a leadership position where he's got to be responsible for everyone else. By the end of it he truly understands his new place in the Resistance, I suspect by Episode 9 he'll have advanced to one of the main leadership positions and complete his journey. In effect he take the role of anti-hero. Someone we share sympathy for but his character traits puts him at odds between where he wants to be and what he needs to be. His big fulcrum is learning to put aside his personal desires for the good of the group.
  10. Hopefully the squad rules will be refined and expanded from those found in the AoR GM screen. They're very useful, particularly in this kind of story but it seems people on here want something a hair more susbstainial. They did expand mass combat rules from Onslaught at Arda 1 later so they could do it again.
  11. The same thing happened with the new She-Ra series. On launch day it had 100% critical score and 10% audience score because of review bombing. As of now audience score has been dragged up to over 70% with a lot of fandom buzz across multiple platforms.
  12. I kind of had the opposite problem earlier this year. I ended up getting a lot of ideas from the Last Jedi and my players were intrigued enough by the themes and concepts in the movie. We ended up starting a second campaign just to explore the concepts in the movie, particularly in regards to the Force and the Jedi Order. At the same time I ended up having quite a few people came to me interested in playing a game in the universe, finally getting Star Wars after being put off by the prequels. Foolishly I accepted and started another campaign for them. Needless to say it was a lot of work and I got a bit burned out GMing. At one point i was GMing 5 nights a week. Luckily some of the players took up the torch which helped me get back to a more manageable level. Although the most conceptually muddled of the Disney films there was enough inspiration in seeing Solo's take on the criminal underbelly that an Edge of the Empire game kind if spontaneously put itself together. I've made it once s fortnight to avoid burn out this time.
  13. I can foresee an era book or two for the Galactic Civil War. A lot of canon characters, coverage of some novels and Marvel comics and round out a few more species and ships.
  14. With the pivot in publishing strategy I could now see an Imperial supplement being release at some point as a general book like Dawn of Rebellion. Maybe have a few new Universal specs, a variety of stat blocks, GM guidance and some Imperial focused gear. There could even be some form of new subsystem to represent something Imperial focused.
  15. An important concept to remember is Fail Forwards. If it's essential to the plot the players succeed and a failure is rolled then have them succeed at a cost. Usually some resource like time or strain. I sometimes let players rerollif they roll a Triumph on a failure, usually after presenting them with the choice of that or potent but unexpected benefit.
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