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  1. JJ had planned to kill Poe off and only changed his mind in shooting which is why Poe has so little interaction with others in TFA. The actors were the ones pushing it as it felt a natural outgrowth of their acting choices. It would have been nice to have, something fresh in the franchise's movies, particularly in this media landscape. I think one of the biggest complaints I'd have about the new trilogy is that they don't know what to do with a lot of the new characters except Rey and Kylo. Finn gets side lined in two movies and Poe's character arc ends with TLJ. It waa particularly hard to see Rose get pushed to the background after being so great in TLJ. On other peoples points I think Kathleen Kennedy is probably the safest hands for the franchise just now. She will likely be weighing up options based on what works and doesn't as she's shown a willingness to experiment. She's shown largely an astutness with who to trust. Giving fans creators with proven track records like Filoni and Favreau space they need to do their own things. She gave Gareth Edwards the help he needed to develop his film, you can see where the emergency director helps. She yanked Treverrow, Trank and D&D when they were heard towards being liabilities so we dodged those bullets, neither of them have shown much understanding of their own work. She's reading Rian Johnson for his reliable work now with movies down the line, between TLJ and Knives Out he's proven he's a good talent for the stable. Biggest missteps for her were siding with the Kasdans over Lord and Miller for Solo. That ended up with a blander project. Bringing JJ back was logical but was from his track record going to be disatiafying. I'd also rate her indulgence of fan demand to be a weakness as it ends up with half baked films like Solo and TROS instead of allowing artistic vision giving people what they actually want instead of what they say they want. It's why I'm cynical about Kenobi. People need a higher artistic bar than Marvel. That's as much about churning out safe, homogenized product that gives you a free hit for the next one along the way. It only really pops when giving a director some free reign and letting their personality in liie with GotG or Thor Ragnarok. At worst you get tedious, self indulgence like Endgame.
  2. Zorii Bliss was a disappointing character. Expected maybe a mini boss or rival from the Fringe to complicate matters for our heroes. Someone to be dangerous flexible unlike the First Order. It seems her main function was to put a wedge between his potential relationship to Finn that the actors and a lot of the fans felt was natural. JJ Abrahams has a history of doing this, making sure to avoid any same sex relationships with his male heroes. Any way, have some art I did of her.
  3. Did you notice he didn't say a single thing after meeting Han Solo? Everything after that was carried just on his acting.
  4. Its easy to miss. The fleet was so big itself. It was near the back, I noticed it's silhouette sticking out. Wish the space battle was filmed clearer. Hardly anything got a clear focus in it. Woukd have appreciated some more close up pans like establishing shot of the Falcon, there seemed a lot of classics and new ships in there. Like I'm sure I saw an Alliance Assault Frigate in one shot. Guess we were spoiled by how well the battle in Rogue One did.
  5. Did anyone catch the cameos? John Williams was the bar tender on Kajimi. The Ghost and the Collosus turn up in the last battle. As does Wedge. Several of the Jedi voices were from the TV shows including Asokha.
  6. I agree. Could flesh out some stuff that's a little under written or left ambiguous. Like actually commit to social combat rules.
  7. Do people not remember the hatred of George Lucas? The poor reception of the prequels? The petition to get Clone Wars cancelled? How KotOR was torn apart by "true fans" for not following the comics? There was even a documentary about people's hatred for what George Lucas did with the prequels. There's always some fury about how Star Wars has died. It's hyperbole now. Sure, some people leave or naturally reach the end of their journey. But in the end the rage passes and people look back more clearly. Some people are picked up along the way, things initially hated end up being people's favourites. Its as much about the long game. The balance between filtering criticism and having artistic integrity. I know that the new prequel drew in a lot if new fans, connected with them in fresh ways. In a decades time the whole narrative will be different. A little perspective is always beneficial to have. Of course Star Wars may be at a new cultural crossroads. It has become almost like a modern mythology. It's influenced and pervaded so much of our media. At that stage does it stop being it's own thing? How does it stand out from those it's influenced? Does it reinvent itself? Its a complex question when you take into account it's the property of a corporation with so much cultural control.
  8. It would be good if this sort of contentwas in Starships and Speeders. Unlikely now though. I'd like a book that was a collection if various expanded rules. Either a straight collection of some stuff like effect tables published in other books or at least way a to fill some noticeable holes and clarify some points. Starship combat would be a big beneficiary.
  9. 1) There's rules for it in Suns of Fortune already. 2) He had the dagger for a while so probably knew the location and their intention and was able to head them off. 3) Looks like a cult he, pardon the pun, cultivated for some time even before his death. Probably gathered Imperial loyalists. Still seems a bit big without the First Orders help. Maybe he did have cloning 4) It a stupid sense of escalation. Wasn't even really needed for the stakes. JJ Abrahams has no sense if scale. 5) They probably shouldn't have brought the Emperor back. You coukd easily have just made it the First Order without having to add new bits on.
  10. Just got back from it and found it cowardly. There's some good elements in there and it moves rapidly. The second act is particularly fun. However it really falls apart in the third act. It drowns itself in too much fan service and tries to mollify the worst people instead of allowing to be it's own thing. A lot of major plot beats aren't given time to set in, introduces abd moved on too perfunctory. A lot of the symbolism rings hollow, hoping that recognition stands in for real emotion. It takes everything interesting about the Last Jedi and basically flattens it out. Particularly in regards to the character arcs of nearly everyone from the last movie, letting them drift on momentum. It places old ideas over new and so fumbles what they have. Don't even get me started on the compulsory heterosexuality. On the whole not the worst Star Wars but still ranking low. Like around the level of the worst prequels.
  11. I wouldn't mind seeing some guidance on crews and running starships. It feels an underwritten part of the rules. Even just two to four pages at the front or back to help clarify some issues. I doubt we'll see it due to space issues but it would be good. Maybe a revised edition could take it into account.
  12. There's a good chance we may get a Galactic Civil War era book or two. Probably focusing on stuff from the comics and such. Maybe do a few key characters stat blocks.
  13. I am new to the new edition of the game although I've got heavy experience with previous editions. This new one seems to be more flexible with focus and scope so it's got me wondering if we'll see a Way of the Daimyo style rules for having a position of responsibility. My players are interested in running villages and it's made me wonder how to pull this off.
  14. I've been running a street level Edge of the Empire game for over a year now. I've been only handing out 5xp or so a session. Most they got was 20 so once. I've found that limiting cash has more of an effect on stopping them being overpowered. I've made sure to keep them hungry meaning they'll go out of their way to earn money. They find XP satisfying with that style of game, it makes milestones feel more satisfying.
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