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  1. On our board there is a topic named Active Games that lists every active game, who runs it, and how many openings there are. It is readable by everyone, even if you have not registered on the site.
  2. Far Orbit always has openings, due to the nature of the game (a privateer frigate with hundreds of crew) but it's not a game for beginners, so I usually don't mention it here at FFG. I have a couple of other games I used to run, that died, but I could resurrect them or restart them from scratch, if there was enough interest. Our Active Games list reflects the current status of every game, and the old (inactive) games are still on the board and can be read.
  3. Saw that. I love it when folks follow directions. Thanks. There's a reply waiting for you whenever you log back in.
  4. Beyond the Rim has one opening remaining. Dirty Rotten Scoundrels is full. Uprising has at least two available spots.
  5. Saw that, thank you. Glad to have you! Feel free to ask questions about specific games in those games' OOC topics, or questions not specific to a particular game in the Senate forum.
  6. Yep. All sheets are posted online and visible by everyone who registers on the board. IIRC, non-registered guests cannot see the game forums. You have to register to lurk the games or to post in any of the various OOC threads. You have to commit to one or more games (and be upgraded to "Player" status by one of the two admins) to be able to post character concepts. Each game on our board has an IC forum, an OOC forum, a concepts forum, a forum for characters approved for play, and a forum for House Rules. Some games have additional forums (such as for player handouts).
  7. There are two camps on the FFG board: those that like generalist (so-called "rounded out") PCs and those that think specialists are better. I prefer specialists. I think that a 4-3 (or a 5) build is far better than one with a bunch of 3s. I like for the PCs to be better than most of the rival-grade NPCs they oppose. 3s won't do that. If you have 5-6 players you don't need generalists, and the party is better off with more focused characters. Generalists are best for groups where you only have 3-4 players. Also, from a roleplay perspective, a focused character feels "special". If there are other people in the group that can do the same thing that you can (which happens when 2-3 players all want to play Smugglers, for example) you don't stand out. You're just another warm body. The best advice I can give you is to go look at the games and see what everyone else is playing. Then decide what you want to do.
  8. I just remembered that Uprising is an AoR/EotE hybrid game, not pure EotE. Sorry about getting that wrong.
  9. Just visit the board, register as member, and then express your interest by posting in the OOC topics of whichever game(s) you're interested in.
  10. 1. A tech is a character whose primary attribute is Intellect. A pilot's primary is Agility. Very different careers, and the talent trees reflect that. Dirty Rotten Scoundrels needs a tech. It already has a top-notch pilot. The pilot owns an astromech, so we're not without technical ability. But a well-built PC is superior to a droid (mainly because the PC can have very useful talents). Uprising needs both a tech and a pilot. Preferably two different PCs, each focused on just one career. 2. I'm not the GM for Uprising. Duros Spacer (DeepSpacer on our board) is. I'm just a player in his game. I am the GM for Beyond the Rim, and I'm only the GM for Scoundrels because we lost our original GM and someone had to take over the game or else it would have folded. Most GMs, myself included, love creative backstories. The more creative the better. 3. PbP is easy to do. It just requires patience, because the pacing is by far slower than in a tabletop game. The games work best when players log in and post at least once a day. If they don't the game drags and players lose interest and drop out. PbP allows for very creative play, as you have all the time you want to think about what you want to do. Unlike at a gaming table where you have seconds, minutes at most, to decide what you're doing. There's no need to rush. You can make long, detailed posts. Preferably after taking care to spell/grammar check what you've written. If you want to take a few hours to make up your mind, you can do that. The only downside to PbP is that it (usually) takes some time for someone to respond to your question(s) or actions. We don't play on a virtual table (some online games do), and we don't use IRC or any other sort of instant messaging. Personally, I like the freedom to take my time and think things through, whether I'm the GM or a player.
  11. Happy New Year, folks! There are several PbPs at Friends and Nemeses in need of more players... Dirty Rotten Scoundrels has 2 openings (5th and 6th players). What we need most is a tech. We lost the player running that character, and it'd be best if someone would create a replacement so the role wasn't being run as an NPC. Dirty Rotten Scoundrels is currently in FFG's Long Arm of the Hutt adventure, soon to leave Ryloth (episode 1) and head to Geonosis (episode 2). The PCs are presently being briefed on what is expected of them, and what to expect, on Geonosis. Beyond the Rim has 2 openings (5th and 6th players). The game is the FFG adventure module (book) of the same name. Uprising has several openings. We need players who will actually show up (log in daily) and play. Most needed is a tech, and we could also use a pilot.
  12. A further complication is that there is no means to get said Cloud Car into the light freighter. You can't drive it up the too-small boarding ramp and you cannot fit it inside the even smaller freight loading platform.
  13. And the PDF was invented in 1993 or thereabouts. And 25 years later we're still stuck with those technologically obsolete contracts. I find it hard to believe that no one has revised those contracts written nearly 30 years ago.
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