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  1. Mirkon

    Leader Exposed!

    As above, that leader mini will die, but one of the other minis will get promoted. Swap that normal mini for the leader
  2. Mirkon

    New army building app

    This is a shame, know why ?
  3. Mirkon

    Yo FFG! Where’s the app at?!

  4. Mirkon

    Broken Range Ruler

    I've pinned one already, because I'd broken it. No issues since but yeah, they can be a bit fragile. I wouldn't bother treating them with kid gloves, pretty easy to fix with this method if it happens
  5. Mirkon

    Release Schedule????

    Snowies with a Flametrooper do a **** fine job, even if the flamer is never fired. Until the unit dies, it's a big threat. It can be used for area denial or managing threat. They get focused on pretty hard if they're nearby because of their brutal dmg output. You can park these guys in cover, watching an objective with a standby/aim tokens and dare infantry to come close. At range 1 with grenades and a flamer, against a full squad they can roll 11 black dice. In a perfect world they'd also have an aim from Veers for another re-roll. They can be behind hard LOS breaking cover. Speed 1 move out into the open, fire on a target with their Steady keyword, then move back into their cover. They have situations where they absolutely shine. They have their downfalls of course and if you don't want to run them, that's fine. It's just one tool in the toolbox
  6. Mirkon

    How many rerolls?

    Aim tokens allow you to reroll 2 dice. Precise increases the number of dice that can be rerolled. This number is the dice, not how many times you can re-roll. So roll in your attack, and spend an aim token. Choose how many dice you would like to re-roll, up to your limit (Aim(2) + Precise(x)). Pick up those dice and re-roll them. After that, you may spend another aim token to repeat that step. There is no restriction on how many times a die can be re-rolled.
  7. Mirkon

    So, what is the deal with Vader?

    And yet at the same time, I like to bait the opponent with Vader in the open with a dodge token. Last game he defended against 5 dice and reflected 3, suffering no wounds himself. He is a tempting target to shoot but hard to kill. Unless two Airspeeders swoop in with help. That hurts.
  8. Mirkon

    Disney Empire

    Goofy could be wookies ? I would love to play against this. Rather then declaring an attack against the stormtroopers on the wall, I can declare that I'm firing at Duck Sq.
  9. Mirkon

    800pts first match

    Moving them off objectives and then suppressing them from the saber throw is really effective
  10. Mirkon

    Veers troop and bike spam

    Range on Orders is 1-3, not 4. I'd probably drop one of the HH-12's for a DLT. That gives points to play with other things and if points are tight, drop one of the comms and set up that unit near Veers and the others can be the flankers.
  11. Mirkon

    Double AT-ST (dATST), Is this crazy?

    The points should be spent elsewhere but if it's a unit with a Heavy unit and extra trooper, it can be nice to have if the rest of the list has already been filled. Probably be better to spend the points on Grenades though
  12. Mirkon

    800pts first match

    True but Range 1 is longer then movement 1. Move towards the unit, Force Push them towards you, then move into melee and then Relentless will proc. I've found it difficult to use, but it helps enforce a bubble of denial around Vader that only Luke and Airspeeders seem to want to enter. By default I take Saber Throw and Reflexes. If I have the points I might throw in Push or Choke. You can always choke and throw a saber. Or Choke then move into Melee for an attack.
  13. Mirkon

    First Terrain

    ohhh, I love the posters. Did you buy these from somewhere or do you have a cheeky document you could upload ?
  14. Mirkon

    Rules query - Rerolls

    Nope, precise isn't it's own reroll, it boosts the effect of an aim token. He rolls 3 dice and gets all blanks. Spends the aim token to re-roll 3 dice. 2 from the token and +1 from Precise. Regardless of the new results, if he wants to reroll again, another Aim token would have to be spent
  15. Mirkon

    Alex Davy (lead designer) Q&A LIVE Tonight

    I'm hoping that it goes to 1000pts after wave 2. With more options a bit more breathing room would be good