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  1. I apologize for not reading your post correctly, however you can forgive me for thinking you were following along with the current topic asking for an apology and explanation for the app rather than hijacking a thread to add your own CS issues to the discussion. Might I suggest you contact Asmodee support instead of FFG?
  2. You do realize they posted the same apology in this very forum yes? Check the stickied thread.
  3. HWK-290s only have one modification slot in the builder, despite still listing two slots in the PDFs.
  4. If that were the case, then they wouldn't have been able to make the Imperial Assault app that they did, where you have a computer AI play the Imperials.
  5. Thanks! I've now (nearly) finished my Vault Dweller. Still need to paint a 13 on his back, but I'm going to do that with a yellow marker.
  6. The formatting is very weird, but I do not think you have to put caps from your own inventory. As it's just a counter, and it's something another player can fight you for and remove caps, I'd argue strongly that you're just supposed to take caps from the supply.
  7. DoctorHam


    Not to mention enemy spawns. With 5, enemies could easily be far less threatening.
  8. I'll start this off by saying I agree, though the BoS outcast could be either gender. Power Armor (thank all that is good) has never had a "female" variant with a more shapely form, and the BoS has never shown any qualms about having female paladins.
  9. Alright heck with it, I thought about making my own topic for a bit and now that I have two minis finished I think I can justify it! Here's my mostly-finished Ghoul and Super Mutant minis. Basing still TBD, and as I look at the super mutant I see some details I want to fix. Either way, I'm proud of these two.
  10. Yep, yep, just saw that in the rules reference and came back to edit my post. Wasn't fast enough though. I had completely ignored the ability of monsters to move onto facedown tiles before, I just assumed they couldn't path through them. Thanks guys, this helps a lot.
  11. I like that idea, honestly, but I'm confused over your reference to monster placement. When a tile is revealed, you place monsters on the space with the monster icon, right?
  12. I played a game this weekend with the Capitol Wasteland scenario, and I ran into a bit of an issue early on that I couldn't find an answer for in the rules: When a quest marker is placed on a facedown tile at the start of the game, or as a result of a quest, what space is that marker supposed to go on when the tile is explored? We ended up just saying that any space on that tile is valid to perform the quest action, but I'd appreciate confirmation of some sort.
  13. Debating between 13 and 21. Fallout 3 was my first foray into the series, but between that and New Vegas I was hooked on post-apocalypse settings for good. New Vegas was one I enjoyed a heck of a lot more for sure, but the Vault 21 jumpsuit you get there isn't as iconic as 13 or 101. Flip side is I never played Fallout 1 to completion. I'll probably wind up going with 13, though, just because it's more recognizable and pays better homage to the series as a whole.
  14. Great idea! Knowing FFG (and this is certainly not a dig at them) the caps will be cardboard. I'm usually a fan of their plethora of cardboard tokens, but in this case I like your idea better. Was already planning to drop everything to paint the minis when I do get the game, but now I'll have to start saving bottlecaps, too!
  15. Is there any chance it might be sold at Gencon, you think? I know they do early sales of some of their other lines at Gencon each year, but if I can get my hands on this bad boy I'd be delighted.
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