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  1. At least they won a great amount of money with the insurance... even more than selling what the containers contained
  2. Hello, just a question, can I use threats to activate the sunder quality of my lightsaber when I use my Parry talent? I think the rules doesn't say so but... Thanks
  3. The stats seems to be adequat considering this ship is so old! I think the stock version should have at least one dorsal turret. Otherwise I think it's pretty close to what I gave to my players. This was and is still their home ship. They just have a workbench installed for now.
  4. That remind me of the last trailer of season 4 Starwars Rebels, Ezra shooting a missile from his jetpack and destroying a TIE, all that while flying like a starfighter.
  5. Right.. I think Cheewie is the same size the speederbike if he prone
  6. Yep, old guide but still nice. Except I dunno how he would handle a CR90 with only a single turbolaser on top and a single one bottom.
  7. Ah soory I was sure the Wayfarer was smaller !
  8. In fact I think I gonna have to create a custom made Obligation. Thanks Savage I will probably follow you and do something similar
  9. Thanks Tramp Graphics
  10. Wow a sil 4 ship? Very strange as it is bigger than the Wayfarer, wich is sil 5. But that's probably a home made ship
  11. Hello, could you please give us the basic stats for the Dynamic freighter? As there is no official stats yet thanks
  12. He was one of the mad prisoners released at the same time of the fallen Jedi Rav Naraan. One of his slaves, corrupted by the dark side. Obsession seems really good, despite the fact that this kind of Obligation will probably never be reduced. Do you think that a clone might be considered a criminal by the Empire? Just for being a clone? All the other clones must have retired now. They would be around 50 years old like in Starwars Rebel. The character didn't age all those years in the stasis field.
  13. Hello, I need to introduce a new character to my campaign, but the party is relatively new, and they are about to finish the initial scenario from the FaD beginner game, so they are still on Spintir in the Temple. As they will probably finish the encounter against the fallen Jedi, I think the new player will be a clone trooper that was in stasis with the fallen Jedi. The group use Obligation, even the Jedi wannabe on top of Morality. So my problem is what kind of Obligation could I give to this new player? As a clone trooper, he is using the Bodyguard spec from EotE. Any help on a starting Obligation (10max) would be really appreciated. Thanks everyone
  14. Sorry wrong link ... Try this one !
  15. The fuel used to power the Ion engines is Rhydonium