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  1. As I am just at the same stage you are, I have read the rules recently and with a Mentor or a holocron the GM can reduce the cost of the basic power to 5 xp instead of 10. Just my 5 cents but sometimes 5xp is nice to save 😛
  2. I mus admit I didn't think about deflecting startfighter lasers yet lol. But yeah thanks for the tip 🙂
  3. I did a lot of testing. I don't want to deviate too much to the basic rules as I have not much experience with lightsabers yet. I will follow the majority and stick to the basic rules, with a little boost. Yes it will unbalance the game to the Jedis, but that's not an issue for my game. I think the ability to deflect a blaster shot should be linked to your lightsaber skill, and the talent barrel roll inspied me. After some testing it seems to fit my needs, so I will go like that. Deflect talent now reduce damage by 1 + deflect level + lightsaber skill. So if you intend to use a lightsaber you will hopefully have 1 rank, and with the first level of Deflect talent there will be no change. You will get better as you upgrade you lightsaber skill wich seems correct to me and still represent an investment. Eventually you will reach a maximum of 6+ Deflect lvl with a lightsaber skill of 5. Rest is unchanged. I did several tests solo and I like it. Thanks for your help.
  4. I am not sure if we speak the same language lol, I don't see where is the insult ?! calling you an adult ?! nvm
  5. Yep no worries, I was just pointing the limit of the system, but I will adapt the rules to my game, to make what Jedis are supposed to be. It just drives me crazy that an adult cannot understand that + and - are no dependent on the order, and the final result is the same. Again P-47 thanks for your moderation No need to discuss more, it seems the subject has been already discussed endlessly with solutions on previous threads.
  6. As a quick exemple, those 2 characters have the exact same training and mastery of the lightsaber combat : 2 ranks in lightsaber and 2 levels of Deflect talent. The first one is a human farmer 18 years old from a desert planet. Obviously his Brawn is 2 and he wears little armor (+1). Soak 3. The second one is a Whiphid (Keeping the Peace) with Brawn 5 and a modified Jedi armored robe (+3). Soak 8. Human get 10 + Brawn WT so the farmer will have 12, the Whiphid 12 + Brawn so 17. Now they take the same exact shot wich deal 19 damages (Droideka shot with 5 success). The farmer use deflect and reduce the damage to 12 (2 + 2lvl of Deflect + Soak3) and just fall to the ground as he didn't deflect a single shot...his wound threshold of 12 is reached in a single round... The Whiphid use deflect and reduce the damage to 7 (2 + 2lvl of Deflect + Soak8) and is barely scratched as his wound threshold is now just 7 out of 17 points... They have the same skill, same talents... but one has a higher Brawn. Just maths, not Starwars Edit : Daeglan it's fact I didnt write the rules, + and - in a formula can be handled in every order, in the end the result is the same... so I could even apply Brawn before Deflect the result is just the same... the damage is reduced by 2 + deflect ranks + soak or any order... my 7 year old boy already knows addition and substraction, so I am sure you can
  7. I know I know but the result is exactly the same... the formula for deflect is just : (2 + ranks in Deflect + Soak) wich is why I say the better your Brawn the better you deflect... To Ebak, thanks for this novel, but you didn't get the point, you have fun like you want with your players but me and my players want to play Starwars, not a game "balanced" where a Stormtrooper" can one shot a Jedi. I don't care about balance ! We want **** Jedis without 2 left hands that can reflect a **** blaster shot. We didn't even start our campaign that players just loled at the Reflect mechanic, and they just basically made the same conclusion than me, just max your Brawn. Parry could work as it is but not Deflect. I have to wait for the first game untill I find a solution, I am still testing solo
  8. I know the soak applies after, wich is even worst... you are supposed to deflect that blaster shot and at the end, the better your armor and brawn, the better you deflect... I usually don't see Jedis like Ashoka or Luke with big brawn and heavy armors.... This is even more stupid when you think about it but yeah ... I will try few games first to have a glance at the mechanic. To be honest, you want to be a bad *** Jedi, just max your Brawn anf get the better armor you can, the stronger you are the better you deflect shots .. Brawn is used for Lightsaber checks (untill you learn a Form), your soak (your Deflect and Parry aptitude as a result), your health points, and so much more
  9. Right, thanks to your replies I think I got your point of view. First the lenght of the round where a single roll might be several shots, and the talent himself that just mitigate some of the blasts... But sorry, this is definatly not so obvious at first glance. I will maybe make some tests before really starting to mess with lightsaber users. I will need to find a way to explain that to my players as best as you both did hehe, because for now the only discussion was something similar to my original post : "why a droideka built-in blaster is harder to deflect than a standard pistol blaster ..." Imagine me, what I was supposed to say lol. Anyway thanks again guyz
  10. Hello, as I said in another thread I am new to the Jedi rules, as I never had one on my table. Here come another problem for me with the reflect talent. For me, when a Jedi reflect a blaster shot, there is no difference between blaster shots. The problem is for exemple between a standard blaster shot wich is 6 damage (so minimum 7 with one success) and a Droideka built-in blaster wich is damage 12 (so minimum 13 with one success)... According my Starwars experience, and the first movie, Anakin and Ben had no more issue deflecting the Droideka shots than any other blaster shots... The problem is that all is about damage. This talent is less and less usefull as the opposent has a bigger gun. This will for sure push players or Npc to use bigger guns against Jedi. First scene of The Phantom Menace. As from Rise of the Separatist, Ben has Improved Reflect 4, wich allow him to reduce damage by 6... even with the minimum damage of the Droideka (13) and perfect lightsaber movements we can see in the movie (lol) that's 7 damage as a minimum. Still around 2 after soak reduction. It just point me right as I write this that even a Jedi will still be soak dependent, and thus will search to boost soak with big armors as well because of the Reflect mechanic So my question is, any one has ever think about a rule for all or nothing deflect like we see in the movies? and not just a nosense damage reduction that I cannot explain to my players. ? Thanks edit: I think I will just add the Deflect talent level as the Adversary talent. You have deflect 4 ? you upgrade 4 times the difficulty for blasters to shoot you.. less mechanics
  11. Nice, thanks P-47. 2 hard points is quite high I think. That's what I was searching and it is probably what they use in Clone Wars season 7. Cool And your house rules are good, I am looking at them and will maybe incorporate them 🙂 Unfortunatly lots of those attachments are from CotR and I am still finding a way to get a copy to really thinking about having a Mandalorian in my game 😕
  12. At least the stats yes, the fluff is always good 🙂 Thanks 🙂
  13. Ok but ofc Collapse of the Republic is just a legend and we can't find it anywhere on the planet since weeks 😞 I think it is illegal to get a screeshot of the attachment pages ?
  14. I am sorry to necro this thread, but I searched the forum and couldn't find a reference to the energy shield the Mandalorian are using in the last season of Clone Wars. Is this the same shield? and we see in the show that the Mando is blocking the flamethrower with it. Or is it an energy buckler from the same page of Keeping the Peace? Thanks
  15. Ok I should have missed the rule then thanks a bunch ! Edit : Ok page 175 : "lightsabers cannot be sundered" so 2 triumph are the only option yeah
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