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  1. Rosco74


    Jet pack rules are really bad, and we had a lot of discussion about it and how to rule them.
  2. Rosco74

    The Iron Blockade

    Very nice I am eager to see more. Well done
  3. Rosco74

    A Change to Linked?

    I remember the video game XWing vs TIE Fighter. The XWing had an option to fire all the 4 lasers at the same time, but the rate of fire was pretty low. Second option was to fire 2 lasers at the same time, then the next two etc, the rate of fire was faster. Last optin was to fire one laser at a time and then the next one, like a rotary machine gun canon. The rate of fire was very fast. Of course you had better chances to hit with the last option as you were spamming laser shots. The first option, firing a single volley of 4 laser shots did large amount of damage but you need better aiming skill ... I would like something similar and I am thinking about a game mechanic around it
  4. Rosco74

    Vests over armor.

    Or just consider adding another layer of armor just increase soak by 1 regardless or original value. Limit this if it is really accurate to be real
  5. Don't you think an object big enough like a huge asteroid or a huge capital ship can create gravity, even a small amount to attract bombs like in the V ? or even the VIII ?
  6. I never heard of a Wookiee space fleet. They sure have a great land army as we can see in the movies but a space fleet? maybe the comics refered it?
  7. Rosco74

    Starship Sensor Ranges

    Nice to see you around Sturn, again well done on that .. so amazing "must have" :-)
  8. Rosco74

    Starship Sensor Ranges

    I would better recommend this stuff : Link
  9. Can someone post the new rules from Genesys ? at least what changed regarding space combat, the new maneuver etc ? Thanks
  10. Rosco74

    Space and Hyper Space Travel

    Or probably Operational Costs from this post : Link to the original post
  11. Rosco74

    Cargo Hauling - Rewards

    I would check the old book "Tramp Freighter" from the D6 edition, wich you can find easily as it is free now.
  12. Hello, I was sure the squadron rules were an excellent addition to the game at first look. But more and more I think about it... There is too much flaws, it could be usefull but I think it was written in 4 minutes without any reflexion.. a shame, the creator had something but couldn't manage to achieve something consistent. First, the increase in silhouette by 1 point. This is the major point where the rules fail badly. In a space battle, fighters joining in a squad sign is like signing his death warrant. A fighter is silhouette 3, that means every capital ships except battleships (biggest stardestroyers) will hit you more easily. What's the point then? Only silhouette 8 or more won't have their difficulty decreased by your silhouette modification... here is some exemples to show you : Corellian corvette CR90 with their turbolasers : average difficulty like a fighter dogfight.... Frigate Nebulon B with 12 turbolasers : hard check but the 12 light laser cannons have now an average difficulty to shoot you.... Heavy cruiser Interdictor sil7 and 20 quad laser cannons : now a difficulty of hard (I consider the rules in EotE about anti fighter defenses)..... Now another concern, the evasive maneuvers formation. It does not even protect against Linked weapons, just from Blast and Auto-fire. There is maybe 2 ships in all books that use the Auto-fire property. Did they missed the Linked weapons? is this an error? The other formations are not really usefull at all in a space battle. I don't see any reasons to use squadron rules except for shielding a Nemesis, but even then, if your Nemesis die in a single round against the players, you failed way earlier when you designed the encounter or the nemesis himself. Did you ever use them and could you give your point of view? Thanks a lot
  13. Yes I am still looking for an answer to the initial question hehe
  14. Rosco74

    So, that new Last Jedi Trailer

    Those AT-M6s are 50% taller than standard AT-ATs it seems, nice beast :-)
  15. Rosco74

    Scrambling fighters

    You can find good rules to launch ships here : Check page 8