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  1. I know that’s why I specified that it is what the majority had concluded accordng the wording. You are right that in answered questions the Devs uses this very exemple, but like many other times they just say the opposite of what the core rule books says.. You know, they wrote the rules years ago, they probably don’t play anymore, and they wrote tons of other rules since, so.. but as I said, just interpretation, and for me it is clear, this force power is the only one that say « commit one die » instead of « commit one or more die »...
  2. You can definatly boost agility by 1 and brawn by 1 at the same time if your force rating is 2, but the rules were not intended to allow you to boost your brawn by 2, it is just interpretation. But as always your call, you can still apply any interpretation.
  3. On top of that I am pretty sure that we used to confirm several times that you cannot commit more than 1 die to increase your stats with the Enhance power. So with 2 in Brawn you cannot go beyond 3 anyway. Why you will ask? We stated on this forum that every force power except this very one says : « commit one or more » so this was intended to be unique, just « commit a force die. The user increases his Brawn by 1. » period. It is still specified that your maximum is 6 because you can still reach 6 in Brawn without this force power, then later learn it and try to be superman with 7.
  4. Is that possible that Correlian crédits are not the equivalent of Imperial crédits? maybe the 800 crédits is just Correlian crédits.. According Wookieepedia, the Corellian credit is a real and different Currency : http://starwars.wikia.com/wiki/Corellian_credit
  5. Jet pack rules are really bad, and we had a lot of discussion about it and how to rule them.
  6. Very nice I am eager to see more. Well done
  7. I remember the video game XWing vs TIE Fighter. The XWing had an option to fire all the 4 lasers at the same time, but the rate of fire was pretty low. Second option was to fire 2 lasers at the same time, then the next two etc, the rate of fire was faster. Last optin was to fire one laser at a time and then the next one, like a rotary machine gun canon. The rate of fire was very fast. Of course you had better chances to hit with the last option as you were spamming laser shots. The first option, firing a single volley of 4 laser shots did large amount of damage but you need better aiming skill ... I would like something similar and I am thinking about a game mechanic around it
  8. Or just consider adding another layer of armor just increase soak by 1 regardless or original value. Limit this if it is really accurate to be real
  9. Don't you think an object big enough like a huge asteroid or a huge capital ship can create gravity, even a small amount to attract bombs like in the V ? or even the VIII ?
  10. I never heard of a Wookiee space fleet. They sure have a great land army as we can see in the movies but a space fleet? maybe the comics refered it?
  11. Nice to see you around Sturn, again well done on that .. so amazing "must have" :-)
  12. I would better recommend this stuff : Link
  13. Can someone post the new rules from Genesys ? at least what changed regarding space combat, the new maneuver etc ? Thanks
  14. Or probably Operational Costs from this post : Link to the original post
  15. I would check the old book "Tramp Freighter" from the D6 edition, wich you can find easily as it is free now.
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