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  1. Hi there guys, My App developer is becoming Free next week and going to start 2.0. i still have 3 characters to complete, but i thought why she is building the code, i can finish the sketches. she will have 18 characters worth of implementation so it gives me some time. As i am building a blueprint for her to work off, I need some feed back of things that could be a bit more intuitive, or things that could be stream lined. If you want to download the app, just to give feedback you can here, or if you are current user, feedback is appreciated. Thanks
  2. you can also hold down on the kill track to pull up an assist box, to help with any assist kills you make
  3. thanks man, i did make a video demo of some of the features, it may be out of date now but here it is https://www.dropbox.com/s/1t9vsuehaopqgas/Demo Character Tracker.mp4?dl=0
  4. Hi there guys, I thought i would post the latest update to the Character App, I have just finished the Character Saska Teft. I have had a very few busy weeks, Due to buying a new house, and moving in to it. and A friend at work who passed. I wanted to let the 3-4 people following this project that im still going, and moving to update the app to 2.0 this year. Only 3 more characters left. Only one Big push left to get the characters done and the get the App ready for 2.0 on all devices. you can download the app here, and maybe help out the project get done faster as well. cheers for the community.
  5. ''Hicccup.... Hicccupp... and why does the website say not available?"
  6. Campaign player, and plan to keep playing and may do some skirmish games, with friends. Still will visit the forums for rules questions and what not. Still will work on the Hero Tracker Campaign app. just a few more character illustrations to come. sneak peak of Saska Teft
  7. Also, ill jump on this. My App is Still in development and working towards 2.0. release this year this will be for campaign play. kill trackers, illustrations and stats to track for your heroes
  8. Endor Digital expansion, neutral tokens represent ewoks?
  9. i think most of Weiss' missions are indoors
  10. looks great. love the interior paint job for the base. but are they not restricted to exterior for most missions.?
  11. I love the role play elements. i dont have the time to make a star wars campaign or do a DND campaign, but i love how imperial assault gives you a structure of a story and then i can inject some other narrative into it. I enjoyed getting into painting the miniatures. I love all the different randomness of stories and missions I love being able to create a companion app and have people enjoy their hero journey. Love the community and my game nights/days
  12. I agree, strict testing and maybe some voting. im happy to help with Art and Editing skills also.
  13. i think it would only be when you are on the character select screen, and want a bit more information before making a selesction. just a quick pop up of the card and information. i dont have BGG account, so if one of you fine chaps could PM me a link ill grab them
  14. Sound design, music, some of the visual designs are great. it is the context on which the exist and were conceived that baffles my mind, nonsensical, wasted opportunity garbage.
  15. cool, thanks for the feedback. i assume a large scale ground battle system for the clone wars, like how armada was scaled compared to xwing, would have worked with the hundreds of units for the clone era
  16. Nice work. love the front side, as a quick view. would love to implement this in my character tracker app
  17. I would just like a big new Campaign booklet for people who own all the Expansions. with new stories and adventures. im fine with the collection ending. its gotten way out of hand anyways.
  18. I feel, this is what Legion should have been all along, big battles in the clone wars era. even though i have no love for the prequels. it makes sense from the tabletop war game side. lots of units, lots of vehicles different clone painted battalions. do you think they were testing the success, with Galactic civil war stuff, and then once it had people hooked, drop the clone wars stuff.? i feel they would have been successful if they had only announced legion as clone wars era game
  19. just mark the regular deployment card with a red imperial token when you deploy, to represent the red band on the base. and just remind your players... simples
  20. thanks man, great ideas. the redrawing side missions, or finding secret hero side missions could be fun.
  21. Another Character completed image below, you can scroll through. Im getting ready for release of 2.0 of the imperial Assault Character tracker App. managed to hire another artist to help with the work load. you can check out more of his stuff here. hope you guys are enjoying the current app, have you been using it? has it be helpful or fun?
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