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  1. thanks man, migration to IOS is in progress. but thanks for the tip on PC or a webbrowser version. ill look into it
  2. Spidey NZ

    Character App Update. (images)

    fantastic, thanks so much i hope you enjoy the App
  3. Hi guys, The character App is Finally at a visually usable standard. I have updated the character tracker so all characters have images, though some will not change until i have created more finalised images by myself, or hire more artists to create them. I have created more kill tracking options, and an assist feature if you hold down on the kills. all stats are saved in a more detailed page in the options, that tracks, damage taken, strain take, times rested, times wounded/withdrawn and a kill death ratio. IOS is still in development and will be hopefully the next update. **you will need to uninstall the older version and download a new one as it is migrated to a new user.** you can download here https://www.mikeglasswell.com/app/ or here https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=dang.daniel.project.ames.ia_charactertracker just a reminder, that images will get created faster and updates will be quicker with the help of donations, right now this is self funded, and do not wish to put advertisments in a property i did not create. donations can be made here paypal and here https://www.mikeglasswell.com/app/ (can scroll through images below)
  4. Strain out Jarrod and take out JAX whenever you can. jarrod is a tank
  5. Spidey NZ

    Where is Yoda?

    im happy if he joins.... just no lightsaber please
  6. Spidey NZ

    Character App Update. (images)

    thanks man, i can have a look.
  7. Hey there guys. just another Character APP update that should be hitting next week. general bug fixes, new character images added and default images for all characters, some as place holders from the existing character art. im also adding a more extensive stat tracking page, kill/wounded ratio, assists, damage take etc. update should be happening next week and migrating it to a new play store account. keep an eye out. link to app here https://www.mikeglasswell.com/app/ donations can help updates come faster and help pay for more illustrators below new artwork for Shyla varad (can scroll through images)
  8. does that mean hand cards' that are deployed on the table? because holding power tokens and cards in your hand is going to be a pain. perhaps the word 'Hand'represents the cards you brought in as open groups... that way you could not power up a reserved card
  9. Spidey NZ

    Spoilers: What Can Solo Bring to IA?

    it was not very good. design wise though , it was good. so i suppose some varying troopers could make their way into IA
  10. Spidey NZ

    House Rules

    i have tried some ideas, if defending figure shares an edge with blocking terrain, gets a defense re-roll, or one block. the chances dont come up that often, some blocking terrian is sparse.... i could include impassable terrain too. i think a re-roll is a little fairer, so not a lot of camping
  11. Spidey NZ

    Hypothetical IA 2nd edition

    im just waiting for a campaign booklet, with some more campaigns for people that own all/most of the expansions.
  12. Spidey NZ

    Favorite House Rules

    the house rule, doesnt let them enter the space, but they can use up one of their push spaces into a blocking terrain causing one damage. Thematically slamming enemy into a wall or pillar
  13. relax. just play and paint with what you have. run another campaign. play some skirmish. let it be a surprise, rather than stressing yourself out. im happily running two campaigns. will play on the weekend. life is good. i wish for yours to be good also
  14. Spidey NZ

    How do we fix A New Threat and Fly Solo?

    give han his skirmish card. i have added that to my campaigns for han chewie and IG88
  15. Spidey NZ

    Favorite House Rules

    if a hero would push a unit. they can push them into blocking terrain (solid red line) it uses one movement space, if they do, it causes one damage to the enemy