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  1. Last weekend, we had the New Zealand Regional Imperial Skirmish tournament. we had 5 players and did a 3 round swiss format. I had 3 games, 2 victories to one loss and came second overall, I was running a Leia, Han, Ahsoka, Jyn, Hera, Gideon, C3PO, heroic effort list. the lists were a bit varied throughout. Wookie warrior and obi wan list Iggy and jabba, greedo, vinto, clawdite Jabba and shyla, with weequays and greedo, vinto Darth Vader and riots . I fought against the vader list first, and from experience i kept away from the dark lord, and went round taking out deployments and controlling objectives. managed to whittle down the forces and take the victory. Second match was against the Jabba ,Shyla List. it was on a coruscant map, with a controlling objective. Leia got one shot early on, and then han tried to take out greedo in one of the booths thematically , unfortunately my opponent knew how to postion and shoot han in the booth with out return fire. and he soon fell. the list crumbled soon after that. but Ahsokas hit and run tactics, managed to hold up against shyla and managed to kill vinto with a 'right back at ya' card. a took a loss in that match. i dont like 'on the lam.' Third match was against my friend who i got into the game, where shared my imperial assault sets and he was running Iggy and jabba. it was the rogue AI match with the moving objective. this map and mission worked in advantage of my fast movers, leia and jyn. they were whipping around the map, claiming nearly 4 points in a single activation, if they didnt attack. some good battles, and it was really close. 'on the lam' hurt me, and take initiative hurt him. potentially it was the game changer card.. a single card. though leia managed to do a an 8 ranged hit to kill a clawdite on a terminal. i managed to win that match by a few points. we all came top 8 which is good. it was a good little tournament, though the lack of players has forced us to stop investing in the kits. and any games or tournaments from here on out will be non-official.
  2. Spidey NZ

    Imperial assault artwork

    I have been in contact with a couple of the artists who have done imperial assault artwork, and one is also a friend of mine (he did the Induce rage artwork), I have been trying to get them to some art work for my Character Tracker App. most of the conclusions, is that yes, it will be a copywrite nightmare. i have had to send a couple of request forms to FFG, which put me onto Disney requests. and thats what im currently in the process of. waiting for a reply for usage for the original artists to rework some of their images.
  3. what reference did you use, sabine has lots of outfits, i cant pick one
  4. Spidey NZ

    Regionals list

    Hey guys, I have a Regionals tournament in New Zealand on sunday, and was wanting some list ideas, I just Got all the Tyrants of Lothal stuff and going to paint them all as quick as i can. i like to keep my lists pretty thematic, and not what everyone will be running, as i hate mirror matches my original list before getting Lothal was going to either be a vader and riots list, or an ahsoka, han and leia list, my friend will be running an IG88 hunter list I want to try something with Death troopers, and i think everyone will be doing a spectre cell list, so maybe avoid that. though it is very thematic
  5. Spidey NZ

    Campaign Tracker

    cool. my rebel players are using the the hero tracking app at the moment. it saves their XP and weapon choices, as well as a kill tracker which is an added bonus. *adding rebel credits might be something i Update in future I used cool grass' app up until HOTE and i have switched to the spreadsheet due to lack of cool grassy updates
  6. Spidey NZ

    Campaign Tracker

    This one is pretty good. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/u/1/d/1ERAM_Akq3bmFJxBDbhuccoUciwbToVh12Hqep28SWkg/edit?usp=sharing Im also upset at Coolgrass' campaign tracker Apps lack of updates, i have tried to get in contact with them and tried to fund the project. Also there is an individual Hero Character tracker App for you heroes Here https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=dang.daniel.project.ames.ia_charactertracker
  7. Spidey NZ

    Companion Rules Consistency

    they are considered figures though? i was trying to quick draw with jyn on a companion (Salacious Crumb), and we had a butt heads about it
  8. Thanks @cleardave , Im a big fan of the Redletter media ideas and also the 'What if the Prequels were good'Series, I especially like the idea of the clones being like the uruk hai from lord of the rings and spread throughout the galaxy, as an unstoppable ruthless force. palpatine rallies men and women into service as stormtroopers to fight back the monsters. As an animator in the industry i can say that design wise the films are strong and creative. only in part to the talented teams working on designs and concept work, other than that its a mess. rogue one was like icing with no cake, no substance. some people like a lot of icing, but i get sick of to much.
  9. the Designs for the prequels and the sound design are the only redeeming factors, they were designed by talented artists, inspired from the Original Trilogies. other than that, the Designs have a bad context on which they exist. messy, nonsensical plots, and lazy film making. the horrible idea of the clone wars, droids and photocopy people. a war of non consequence to life. i think it should be its own small scale ground battle game. that way i dont have to buy it and people can gobble up any branded star wars stuff.
  10. Spidey NZ

    So... Clone Wars Assault anyone?

    easy, they are bad ideas, films and a hot mess of ridiculous concepts. IA can expand that way, though it may just end some peoples IA journey, me included. that doesn't affect anyone else but myself. so you will be fine.
  11. Spidey NZ

    So... Clone Wars Assault anyone?

    Nope, not really, Hate the whole Clone wars and prequels. the clone wars it self is a horrible concept of how it came to be, far from what i imagined when Obi-wan spoke of it in a new hope. i always thought it would have suited an Armada type ground battle game. as it creeps into the game more (darth maul example) ill start to wind down my collection. no biggie i have lots of content to keep me satisfied
  12. make the AT-AT out of tiles and have it separate from the main mission map. have some Rebel mission tokens to act as a gate to the AT-AT tiles. the rebels could hijack it and have to re-wire it. the enemies could come in waves, like a return to hoth mission and you can make it fire like the turret in the first Return to hoth mission, but make it infinite range and it rolls 3 red dice with blast. the rebels have to stop the imps from destroying something on the map or the AT-AT itself. rebels can dis embark as they please, but somebody has to man the AT-AT to make it fire.
  13. thanks for the discussion, and the opponent has to use an activation to kill him, otherwise he becomes an annoyance
  14. oh... is he that bad? it was a close game