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  1. Core, Jabba, Hoth, Heart of the empire. the co-op app has all of the expansions
  2. same. Imperial Assault Character Tracker app 2.0 is still in developement.
  3. on my desk, next to my Dragon miniature
  4. Hi there Guys. my developer sent me a new UI design for the app. nice and crisp. we will be changing the skill check dice to coloured squares to help with quick association.
  5. thanks, thats what i thought. it will not happen again
  6. i was having a game yesterday, and it was a small skirmish battle involving one mon cal cruiser an xwing, and a super star destroyer. I was imperials the rebel player sent wedge to fight the battle, and played both wedges action cards. one in a million and target the destroyers. I know target destroyers is for the whole combat, but he insisted that one in a million happend also continuously, as it couldn't specify when combat ended. rather than arguing, i let him do it. we lost all of our ships in a stalemate. imperial worse off. any clear cut way to word this? as i could see his side, and i could see his. links to cards One in a million: Here Target the destroyers: cant find right now
  7. Ill keep working on the Character Tracker App 2.0 and i will continue you to play campaigns. experimenting working in some RP sessions at the rebel upgrade stage. making vendors, secrets and ways to find side mission cards
  8. recieved this email after making a suggestion ''Hi Mike, Thank you for your suggestion to add a button to randomize deployment groups. We will take this suggestion into consideration for future updates to the app. Thanks! Emma Emma Hunt Digital Operations Coordinator 1995 County Road B2 West Roseville, MN 55113 software@fantasyflightgames.com''
  9. and now the Mandalorian is far better than Fett. in terms of character progression, screen time and actually doing stuff, im going to replace all boba fett stuff with the Mando now
  10. yes please, a re-randomiser. i had wampas show up in the city. a thematic re-randomiser i would assume each tile piece would have a designation 'Snow_7b' stuff like that. make a line ''if there are no tiles present with snow designation, wampa cannot spawn''
  11. im in the process of getting a mini and making a card of mando
  12. these are all interesting suggestions. all i do, is if it is getting very close, cinematically close, i might sneakily change the round dial to the favour the rebels with another round. if it is really close, and i can feel the tension. sometimes we have that player who has already counted the squares and the actions for the next turn and realises there is no way of winning, makes things feel sour. so i may add a bit of flavour text at the end of round event that may push them forward or give them a bonus.
  13. hey guys, i have been having some break time from the studio, so i thought i would share some animation i made for the mandalorian. very simple stuff, to get ideas out there and always be creating. and another one based off a popular Vine Audio
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