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  1. the new ones are pretty bad too, disregarding a lot of the lore, and made this vast universe seem small
  2. mmmmm those leather Shoulder pads on the weequay. Breathtaking
  3. some folks have just been making the bases bigger for imperial assault models. to make them fit in legion. the latter releases for imperial assault started using 3D models rather than sculpts, Death Troopers, Thrawn, hondo. these are all much larger scale than early Imperial assault. Jyn odan and saska are tiny now
  4. Hey there Guys, Second to last character is complete, and my App Developer has started work on 2.0 it is coming together nicely. last character is CT-1701, looking forward to starting it. fun fact, Temuera Morrison (jango fett himself) popped into the studio the other day, I tried to get him to record some lines of Dialogue for CT-1701, but to no luck. he liked my Stormtrooper suit and said 'always a pleasure to meet a fellow clone trooper.' i also asked him some questions about the Mandalorian TV series. Anyway, here is some images for Murne Rin
  5. we always got top 8, which was nice
  6. ha ha, still bigger than any new Zealand national Tournament, would have loved that many players. most we have had is 5 players, even in its hay day. your talking to the second best player in all of New Zealand.
  7. felt like IA was swept under the rug.
  8. definitely, some colours and texture will age her up and hopefully darken the eyes
  9. Starting my Second to last character, thought i would share a sketch with you all. nearly completed all the characters.
  10. Drop them in some dettol for a couple of hours. and then scrub them with a toothbrush
  11. Sorastro's tutorials is what helped me take the leap into painting. his tutorial on stormtroopers is great
  12. Hey Guys. Just sending you an update to my Character Tracker App. working towards 2.0 release. only two more characters to go, any support is appreciated. im showing you my latest character, Ko-tun the Quartermaster.
  13. you still use your starting weapon. you just cant sell it in the app. after you have purchased from the armory. you can equip to your character with the following restrictions 2 weapons 1 armour 3 equipment
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