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  1. the sculpts are now being done in the computer, i believe the molds are 3D modeled and the minis are cast from that. perhaps a critical scale thing with how small they can print.
  2. then probably just more updates to that then
  3. Spidey NZ

    What's the deal with Drokkatta?

    really? the facial structure and the shape language clearly show female traits
  4. Im playing several campaigns, checking here for rules that might pop up during the game. having fun generally. good times. im only waiting for a big campaign booklet, with several different campaigns for people who own everything
  5. Spidey NZ

    What's the deal with Drokkatta?

    the shape language would be different as female and male animals. lions, lioness for example. shape of shoulders, jaw line, neck, pelvis. and the art seems to be designed around a male aesthetic. artists take these things on board when designing characters. and thats why i wanted to check with artist and the brief they got from FFG, as it looked male to me, based on what i know as an artist and what i look for. like i Said Curiosity, was all. Thanks for the discussion about this all, i Appreciate it. open to interpretation, is a fine conclusion for the players using the character.
  6. Spidey NZ

    What's the deal with Drokkatta?

    of course, it will not effect the gameplay. I meant for the design. of the model or character art. the shape language will communicate to the audience the type of character. I was trying to keep my art consistent with the art that has already been designed for imperial assault, which was a male wookie. there is a reason Jafar is designed differently to Aladdin in the Disney film. the shape language used in the design communicates to the audience that he is the villian.
  7. Spidey NZ

    What's the deal with Drokkatta?

    I was only curious from a design point of view, as im working on the Drokatta illustration for my APP at the moment. and there are design choices and shape language used to determine male and female. i only realised my alliance ranger sculpts had breasts after i had painted beards on some of them.
  8. Spidey NZ

    What's the deal with Drokkatta?

    I had a chat to the artist, and she said the brief given to her from FFG was for a Male Wookie. but she did say one of the first sculpts and prototype image reference she was given, was of a wookie in what looked like a coconut bra. direct quote below ''So yes, he supposes to be a male wookie, but I like the idea we couldn't know which gender he is, because we don't really care after all ! I think it came from the sculpt (not by me) of the grenade bandolier which strongly looks to me like a coconut bra. LOL ''
  9. Spidey NZ

    What's the deal with Drokkatta?

    Ill talk to the artist, and see what she got for the gender on the Illustration brief for Drokatta from FFG
  10. Spidey NZ

    What's the deal with Drokkatta?

    He is quite useful, and unchecked the thermal detonators he drops can chip damage your units over time. he has taken out several deployments of stormtroopers, in a turn. He has not been dealing well with spaced out death troopers though. I thought Drokatta is a Male. the image, and shape language dictate that he is male.
  11. Spidey NZ

    Wave 12 Wishlist

    i have a small house rule, figures that share an edge with impassible terrain (solid red line one) they can re-roll defense dice once
  12. Spidey NZ

    Played Jabba's Realm - got smashed

    good ol Mr Abilities graced your session. (missed abilities)
  13. Spidey NZ

    Time for a break...

  14. CT-1701's side mission. that is all i'll type