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  1. Hi I had a thought about creating a Hub world, that the heroes travel to inbetween missions. I was thinking of using a Skirmish playmat like Ancorhead Cantina or a jabbas palace. I already have been using the idea of Spaceship combat to try redrawing side missions. and that is working well. maybe it could be in cooperated. Though i need some ideas. this area, will be for purchasing weapons, and xp. (rebel upgrade stage) maybe even re-spec'ing your hero (for a cost) maybe you could do some gambling, (using attribute tests.) to get coin. or maybe even meet and talk to locals, to get certain side missions. or re selecting side missions. does it have a round limit? could i have enemy encounters? bar fights? stormtroopers storm the place? bounty hunter comes to claim? any ideas and discussion will be great. *the idea came to me, when my players were purchasing weapons in my campaign, and a weapon didnt come up for a hero, and they were pretty frustrated. so i said 'you can see this merchant is pretty slow, Diala (the jedi) roll your insight to try a mind trick on the store vendor. how ever many successes, i will draw an additional card. '' they rolled 3 successes and then their attitude changed. it was a fun bit of roleplaying and i want to try more of it.
  2. Spidey NZ

    Character App update (image) Biv

    thanks a lot man. the latest version will have to suffice for you until i migrate to new software and release 2.0. it still should be functional. though some character portraits will be default images.
  3. New Character Finished for the character tracker app. only a few left to go now and then i can fully update a 2.0 version on all platforms. Below are images to the Character Biv. if you are one of the very few people who plays this character, you will be treated to some great illustrations and re-purposed stormtrooper gear. scroll through the images to see all the armour and weapon permutations If you wish to download the app or check out my animation/illustration work, you can do here
  4. Spidey NZ

    Tress and CT Hero Discussion

    In my campaign at the moment, I have put a slight errata on Pin Them down based, on feedback on the forums. I put forward, that damage has to go through to the Enemy to trigger Pin them down, and that CT-1701 needs line of sight to the stunned characters. the game has been going well so far, it has been a 50/50 wins and losses so far. though he did just win his reward and buy an E-33. so wee will see in the next mission, what happens
  5. Spidey NZ

    Lothal - Sands of Seelos mission questions

    isnt it because, if the imperial would know which one they were in, they would send it to the other side of the map so it couldn't do any thing all game and could not be help. thats how i explained it to my team
  6. Spidey NZ

    Lothal - Sands of Seelos mission questions

    I loved this mission. very much Thematic and creative which i like a lot. it went really well for my mission. i managed to get the rebel walker down to 2 health, and managed to wound three heroes. they won in the end, but it was great fun, they loved the mechanics and be pushed forward to the cockpit by urgency really worked well. team comp was. Diala, Murne Rin, Ct-1701 and Tress Hacnua. some pics below
  7. Hey guys, just a quick update. another character was finished by an illustrator that i hired for the project. below is Jarrod kelvin the mechanical master. Im hiring a few more artists, to help get the characters done, only 4 characters left. im also getting the app ready for version 2.0 on all platforms. if you would like to download the App, you can Here Thanks for all following the progress. it has been a blast putting this together.
  8. interesting. was there only one other player
  9. is it possible, you will be facing nothing but spectre cell at regionals ?
  10. Hey there Guys. Im trying to blast through illustrations for the character App to make sure i can Update to a 2.0 for IOS and Android in the next coming months. working hard doing some illustrations and saving some money to pay for some illustrators to help and i wanted to update you all with some new images Jarrod Kelvin (can scroll through for some different outfits) And Biv linework. the Illustration that noone will see in the app, as i understand it as noone plays him. Again you can download the current app here and can donate here, to help with my App coders time and hiring some more illustrators.
  11. Spidey NZ

    What does Outer Rim mean for IA?

    Looks interesting, it would be cool to bust out my unused Xwing minis for the spaceships in outer rim. Im sort of glad IA might be slowing down. this Legends of the Alliance app may be an End cap to the game. and im happy that digital content could keep expanding the game in the story side of the game. was never really a Skirmisher, but loved playing some games. and came 2nd in the whole of New Zealand in Skirmish tournament. (was not very popular here) but i have always been campaigner through and through. i dont mind. was a good run. and i need to end cap it, othe wise i have to keep drawing more characters for my Character tracker app
  12. ha ha, thats why i modded mine
  13. cool, ill give it a try, might have some spare legion cards in the future
  14. Are the minis for legion 'way too big' for IA? i wouldn't mind alternate sculpts for bossk, sabine, MHD, gideon
  15. Spidey NZ

    Embrace Suffering

    and the imperial player is different to a regular hero? Murne Rin can use false orders and then use the imperial players class card Adaptive weapons? i assume hero class powers belong to the figure, so when using embrace suffering you can trigger the hero figures class powers. but when Murne Rin uses false orders, it only controls the deployment card, and everything on it attached or otherwise, and cannot use any imperial class cards?. is this correct? what is the difference between class cards for imperial and heroes.