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  1. have you tried any apps on the app store, or the google sheets campaign log. some can keep track of campaign and hero elements.
  2. Spidey NZ

    Humor and Drama in Campaigns

    great artwork, i have been trying to implement the different looking helmets into some of the artwork for my app. might make this one an official looking helmet
  3. Spidey NZ

    Companion Expansion(s)

    i 3D printed a J4X mini to use in the campaign.
  4. sorry, old photobucket posts.. here is a link to the instagram post
  5. Spidey NZ

    Your History with IA

    I finished collecting Xwing after the Decimator release. Then I Followed Imperial Assault when i saw some promo images of the grey minis and colourful dice. just waiting for its release. Got the game, I have always liked little skirmishes in the star wars universe, from all the old video games and legends stories. so this felt right at home. text all my interested mates and started back into mini painting with the help of Soastro. my buddies played the core campaign and had a blast, i forgot how tedious some of the book keeping was. though i did have a habit of writing down key events that happened so i could let my rebels relive their exciting moments at the end of the campaign. I started also hosting Campaigns at my local boardgame cafe and made some good friends that i am still in contact with to this day. it was always a blast, I DM'd a bit and played themeatically and really just played my love of star wars. i loved how excited my several different facebook campaign groups would react, when i would post new expansion reveals, and minis. I tried to keep up with campaign collections, was not that interested in skirmish in the early years. I picked up some expansions and Iconic heroes/ villians for the campaign. was not that interested in Bespin gambit. but someone gifted it to me later down the road, which i cant complain with. i have everything in my collection except the smuggler, wookie warriors and bantha rider. later i started using the apps for my campaign book keeping. (coolgrass your app was the best. RIP updates) i then decided that i wanted to draw illustrations of star wars at work, where i was an Animation Lecturer for a few years, so i started developing a companion app for the heroes to keep track of their heroes, while giving them a visual update to their characters progress. my love of imperial assualt has kept me working on the app, and i will continue to, until all illustrations are done. but it is a working version and im proud that i got to help make it. I got into skirmish around bespin gambit release i think, it was not super popular in New Zealand and always seeing the same 4 guys at tournaments. so i got to know some new people which was fun. I loved the skirmish games quick nature and the different battles is fun. Im not super competitive by nature so building the best list was never my goal, it was theme and emergent narratives from the skirmishes. At least i always came top 8 in all the tournaments, with player numbers being so low. I think in New Zealand we have stopped buying the tournament kits, as the entry price was to heavy for the 4 some times 5 of us. the last tournament was nationals....? maybe, and i came second. Overall im really happy with my experience, and have got my monies worth, aswell as a wealth of new experiences and memories. I am happy with the game ending now if it does, or is, i have enough stuff to keep playing campaigns, i dont really like having endless boxes piling up in the house. so it has to end sometime. i cant imagine 30 expansion boxes cluttering up the house. i just counted my 7 boxes in the corner of my room, filled with a tight organised system and it already seems too much. Im hoping for the digital space to continue, or a imperial player handbook with many other campaigns. or purchasing some fan made and bound campaign booklets. im going to intergrate my unused Xwing into imperial assault a bit more. also take a break from it, to play other games. it has been a great ride. it doesn't matter if it ends, it has been worth it to me.
  6. Hi there guys, update to the character tracker app is now live. All Tyrants of Lothal equipment and characters have been added, 'Locked crate' and 'missing key' is in the reward section. i have also finished illustrating another character. Drokatta, (images below) we have fixed some general bugs, and health errors. I have added a way to view the character power of the hero if you want to browse different heroes to use. I still have a few more illustrations to complete, but there are place holders in the meantime. over half way with illustrations. Donations can help with getting the images completed faster, as i can hire more and varied artists for images and its not just my art. Might not be a few updates for a while as my app developer had to move to another part of the country and i need to migrate the system to Game maker studio and find a new developer. Download App: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=dang.daniel.project.ames.ia_charactertracker Download app: https://www.mikeglasswell.com/app/ Cheers, and thanks for your patience for the 2 to 3 people still following this project.
  7. I always reshuffle and draw side missions, each time it is side mission picking time. im working on a mini game to allow the heroes to redraw side missions if they dont like whats on offer
  8. sorry mate, it is tempting, i just finished getting my final wood insert for my Imperial assault
  9. Spidey NZ

    Forced Missions ... no more?

    I had Davith pop up in his skirmish version on the Grand inquisitors mission as the hidden force user. the rebels got to play as him and he held off the inquisitor, they though Davith had died, but i made him come to the rescue with luke in Jabbas realm campaign
  10. Spidey NZ

    Imperial Assault Space combat (photos)

    cool, will try to put one together
  11. Spidey NZ

    Forced Missions ... no more?

    for the rebellion james?
  12. Spidey NZ

    Forced Missions ... no more?

    if my heroes lose a finale mission of a campaign and want to use the same characters again in another campaign, i make the do the captured forced mission, to escape prison. or you can start your campaigns off with a forced mission instead of a tutorial mission, then go straight into the first campaign mission.
  13. Spidey NZ

    Imperial Assault Space combat (photos)

    i have a lot of ships. though wanted to start very small scale. even though i did concept two ships boarding.
  14. Spidey NZ

    Imperial Assault Space combat (photos)

    maybe the number of TIES is always the Same, but the Health of the Ties changes with the current mission threat level. Threat 2 = 2 health . threat 3=3 health etc
  15. Spidey NZ

    Imperial Assault Space combat (photos)

    they fly to another sector, (redraw cards) and encounter an imperial patrol