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  1. I'd be interested to see that deck dpb. I have considered both.
  2. eJyn Maz Upgrade (14 10 ) x2 Con Artist () x2 Cunning () x2 Fast Hands x2 Holdout Blaster () x2 Lone Operative () x2 Maz's Goggles () x2 Second Chance Support (1 ) x1 Infamous Event (15 ) x2 Cheat x2 Electroshock x2 Let The Wookiee Win x2 Loth-Cat and Mouse x2 Negotiate x2 Rebel x1 Scavenge x2 Unpredictable Command Center That's where I have my deck currently sitting. Going to play a round or two tonight hopefully. Any thoughts?
  3. Sorry I don't understand the reference to con artist going up regardless of which die hits special? Is this just in reference to the amount of focus you'll see?
  4. Same list as you showed on Sunday? Any hints, process or guidelines you use playing? Are you focusing on turning jyns dice to mill or just letting what rolls happen. I assume you usually roll jyn then maz? What are the starting hands you look for? I'm going to put mine together tonight and give it a go. Cheers.
  5. I think there is a lot of groupthink with regards to mill in general to be honest. Tried having some discussions about mill and it just gets shot down and Un-optimal and "can't keep up".
  6. Thanks a heap folks! What cards would you consider optimal? I mean what are the key cards your looking for in the deck?
  7. I'm really interested in trying out a Mill deck and would love to see your deck list if you didn't mind sharing it.
  8. This looks like it will be a great expansion. A medium carrier for imps with a squadron focused Admiral is a dream come true.
  9. My source at least plays both. But the information he is getting from the distributor may indeed be flawed.
  10. I'd suggest that the stock is still currently with distributors here in Aus. For all we know it only docked today and still needs to be distributed. I am also surprised that it seemingly didn't go to America before coming here. I thought that was standard practice. If it is on the ground here I am also curious about such a delayed release.... I don't think they have not shown all cards when they preview a ship before? Could we be seeing rogue one art/characters?
  11. 2 fighter articles, arqutienns, missing cards from pelta?
  12. First hand from my local store. They all got updated in Aus this morning. It's not even a secret. They are publicly announcing it on facebook etc and making launch event tourney plans for that weekend.
  13. Release date for wave 5 is the 22nd of Dec. Stock is already in the country.
  14. Well I just preordored my wave 5 and CC. Hopefully I'll see it in the next month. I want to get some games in before my local regionals in Feb!
  15. I'd like to support this as well. The 2 ideas I see laid out is the following just for clarity. 1) there should be a top 4/8 at national and top 8 at world level tournaments. 2) the top cut should be a points based cut starting fresh to encourage competitive engagement and not resulting in marginal results and lacklustre games.
  16. Am I alone in considering that any player who plays armada regularly is going to be getting a copy of the campaign anyway? Just for objectives and squadrons at the very least? Therefore you can split it up anyway you want to. 4 players and 3 players if you have 7 etc. Also notice they gave a new objective card leak in the store kit picture?
  17. I am looking forward to using 2-3 of them, demolisher and rogue fighters or gozanti & fighters. A nice imperial swarm list. Aquittens to peel shields, demolisher for killing blow.
  18. What happens when that ship dies? Do the extra fighters also die as a breach of rules At that point they have already been carried into the field of battle and deployed. Just make the trigger during deployment.
  19. This is my thought as well. Unique upgrade card (usable by both factions) makes all anti ship batteries on the ship reduced by 1, allows "x" extra points to be used on squadrons beyond the 33%. So you can only use it once in your fleet. It reduces the effectiveness of the ship it goes on, increases how many fighters you can take in your list overall. Maybe a support team or offensive retro fit slot?
  20. I just want more imperial medium sized ships really. Vsd just lacks flair,its too generalist. The interdictor is fun. But I want a specialised brawler. Squad 0-1,command 2-3, Eng 3, punching hard, manueverable. Defensive retrofit.
  21. Still 2 hrs of hope yeah? Also. Why am I still awake at 1am checking for Armada articles. **** you ffg and your cardiplasticrack.
  22. I want to see more medium sized ships, maybe a cheaper imperial large base ship (any dedicated carriers at ISD size?). I think there will be epic play for armada as well. I fully expect the ships to be around the same size as the cr90/raider from x wing. I'd prefer them to be a bit smaller though honestly. Make it 1.5x sized base as the large base. Then it can still conceivably manoeuvre alright on a 6x3ft table with the current manoeuvre tool. But I want epic sized ships to be splash releases, not part of the normal wave cycle. I'd much rather focus on "standard" size for the next 6-10 ships.
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