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  1. Good thing the Dark Side doesn't necessarily have anything to do with being evil (not the Lightside, good), huh? The Darkside is acting against the will of the Force. Yes, often that consists of patently evil actions (like murder, and on down to lieing). But we also know you can do things that are pretty indisputably evil (like indiscriminately killing 10s or 100s(?) of thousands of people on a military base), without moral consequence, if it was the will of the Force. Like any time a PC takes a lesser Conflict-worthy action (lieing, stealing, murder), and rolls a 10 on their Morality roll. That's the Cosmic Force saying, "Thanks. That's what I wanted to happen." For whatever unknowable reason. The Force is ok with that evil. Just like it was ok with it when Luke indiscriminately killed everyone on the Death Star. What the Will of the Force (aka the Cosmic Force) can never abide by, is someone making the Force do what it doesn't want to do. Which is what using dark pips is, and what the Darkside is. So, just because your PC doesn't do explicitly evil things doesn't mean they can't or shouldn't be Darkside. They are consistently disregarding the Will of the Force, and that's what the Darkside truly IS.
  2. Must say, I'm quite impressed with the complete not-giving-a-****edness of the mods.
  3. emsquared

    Creating Inquisitors

    No. George Lucas will come to your house and force you to change the name of your dog to something of HIS choosing if you do. *shudders* Seriously, nothing obeys the Career/Spec system except players. You do what you need to, to make a good story. The main thing you need to be wary of is, don't give your Inquisitors any items/gear that you're not okay with your players having (ie really good armor and weapons, etc.). And don't try to pull off the "lone baddy" encounter. Action economy deficit will kill you.
  4. emsquared

    Creating Inquisitors

    Look to Force Powers and Supreme Talents. Have a "specialist" at Influence, that mind-controls Innocents and sends them screaming at the PCs. Or Suppress, who is very effective at shutting down their Powers. Or an extremely mobile (Enhance, and 2 Initiative Slots) Inquisitor who uses Saber Throw, a lot. Heavily ranked Terrify. The Scathing Tirade chain. The list goes on. But do not bother to "level them up" like a PC. At most just get an idea of what is possble with ~1000 XP RE: Soak and Defense and Characteristics and bog-standard Talents like Parry/Reflect (of note, I would recommend giving all Inquisitors the Improved versions of those Talents at a minimum), Sense Danger, the Force Is My Ally, a few ranks of Second Wind, etc. and figure out your own "baseline" Inquisitor. Then just tack on the specific Supreme Talents and Powers (including Inquisitor-only "Upgrades") that you need to make them feel special.
  5. What makes you think this should be a Species, and not a Career or Spec? Aren't the Witches explicitly human? No offense, @Stormbourne, but aren't you also kind of known for posting broken Homebrew stuff here? Seems like there is little worth considering here, for someone looking to observe either canon fiction elements and/or the game's mechanical conventions...
  6. emsquared

    Getting the Most from Two Sabers

    Have you ever seen one of those massage canes?
  7. emsquared

    Getting the Most from Two Sabers

    Yup, this is the benefit to dual wielding. It's actually pretty effective. Guard Shoto w/ a modded Curved Hilt, modded Lorridian Gem... Pick your flavor of choice for damage.
  8. Dude. The Force Power trees in that link have Conjure and Endure. So get your fork and spoon. Holy fecklessness, Batman... And sorry, but I'm not gonna show you how to find the dozens of free PDF editors out there that can smoosh them into a single PDF for you...
  9. Same place they always are... (second link)
  10. lol, and you apparently need to look up power gaming in the dictionary. For someone who knows what everyone thinks and wants, you sure do a crap job of explaining it. This convo has deviated too far from being even vaguely related to the OPs inquiry. I'll bow out in respect of that.
  11. Oh geez, I can't believe I've been doing it wrong this whole time! So that lecture only applies to the GM, huh? Roleplaying for the players is about beating the game/GM? That's your implication. That blurb is ignorant of the fact that it's a collaborative storytelling experience. The thing you're leaving out here of course is it's just as much the Players responsibility to tell a fun story as the GMs. And that the GM has just as much right to enjoy what's going on as any given player. AND that a single player is fully capable of ruining the fun of other players by completely dominating any particular encounter, because they've built their character specifically for that one thing, because they think they can control what their PC has to do at all times. Well, sorry, that's not this game. Lots of players want to do cool things in combat, but not everyone wants to build a combat monster. Can be tough when you have a mix to let those other folks shine in combat. What do you do? You flip a Destiny Point and split the party thru some plot device (air lock, NPC demands, whatever is convenient), now that combat power gamer is in the "stealth" part of the mission, or the social. And you've "paid" them for it with metacurrency. Not cheated them. And you can have a fun combat encounter for the "normies". Or use that stack of Threats the combat monster just rolled to shutdown an Attachment, and you've thrown a wrench in they're One Thing of Awesomeness. It's not permanent, it just makes them have to improvise for one second (heaven forbid! having to do something different is no fun!), and guess what they can do it to you sometime. Meanwhile, the normies can feel like they contribute this fight (that sucks, letting other ppl do "your thing", I know). Or use that Despair to have those B.A. cyberlegs you had installed (for no reason except to get that Agility boost) malfunction. Enjoy swinging your Lightsaber from the ground this battle! Meanwhile the non saber spec guys can enjoy a battle. The list goes on. This is a narrative system. I discuss campaign themes and tones and goals with my players. And given that, if you bring some munchkin thing to the table, the GM has the tools to keep things interesting with this system. And they should. If you can't handle having your One Thing meddled with every once in awhile... well, just glad I game with the ppl I do. Who neither power game, nor get butt hurt when everything doesn't go exactly the way they built their PCs to do things (some would call that "giving players challenges that they must overcome").
  12. It may sound like that to you, but "building threats" (that's what I love about this system you don't have to build anything, it can all be allowed to emerge thru play) to discourage power gaming plays exactly like using the narrative tools that are built into this system, that enable a GM to keep the players on their toes (ie discourage power gaming), with mechanical reciprocity.
  13. Ah, yes, cuz there is zero incidence of convenient plot devices leading to either character defeat, or success, in the Star Wars universe. It all has an absolute integrity and consistency that is never violated. Wrong. I've described "building threats" to discourage a type of power gaming that is widely known to be able to negatively impact the enjoyment of the entire table. Addressing an issue created by an Adversarial Play-style makes one an Adversarial GM?! Oh no! You've divided by zero! NOOoooo...... Taking the ball and going home. Always the mark of someone who had a good argument.
  14. lol, unfortunately for you that single Talent is not at all important to such a designation. There's a whole context here that demonstrates you're wrong. And yea, with certain GMs, power gaming certainly "works". And with others, well you get embarrassed.
  15. Wrong. And it all goes back to engaging in the "arms race". You dump melee spec, upon melee spec, upon melee spec, and you've said to your GM "you can't melee me anymore", and while that may be correct, it means you've created a character with a half-dozen other glaring weaknesses, and thereby an ineffectual character.