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  1. Yea? You start play as a toddler in KotOR? No. You don't. If you're taken as a child, you're probably still waiting for your first murder for years and years. While they encourage competition, they also want to see what a given individual's potential is before they discard them, or allow them to be diacarded. Never played KotOR, but have read tOR novels. Take Dessel (Darth Bane), innate Force User, never trained in the Force, but used it inherently via the Darkside. This is made clear by how his inner monologue is narrated. Granted he was no peach by the time we met him, but it's made clear he was just an angry kid that grew up to an angry dude, and my point is the Darkside at its core is your relation to the Force.
  2. I don't disagree. But take every child ripped from their families to train at the Sith Academy in the time of the Old Republic. Those kids probably never did anything evil (until they did) for a looong time (until they could be trusted with evil Sith doin's). They were just trained by the Sith that to use the Force you have to make it do what you want and fuel it with anger. They were by definition "Darkside", but probably never did an evil thing that registered strongly in the "Morality Chart" for years and years. So where does that leave us with the mechanics we're presented with here? Well, those kids in training are of course fueling the Force every day, all day with their anger and fear, and so you can see where they "combat" the "Lightside buoyancy" by ample Force Use thru dark pips. What about erstwhile Darkside Anti-heroes? At the very basic level we have common sense GMing, right? Don't roll the d10 unless the player/PC has had to make significant moral choices in play. Ok. What about the Darksider that practices restraint, isn't Chaotic Stupid, and avoids moral naughtiness, just doing "normal" stuff while he's getting to his end-game? Well, if he's already Darkside he's got a looong way to go on the Chart from zero (or wherever they start at) to 70. And when they get to their end-game, if they're a "true" Darksider, it's probably going to bring them back to their Darkness. But beyond that if they're not making the choices, "along the road", to not be a murder-hobo based off of moral reasons (i.e. they're making the choice for "business reasons"), is it a game-mechanics "Moral Choice"? Without having thought too deeply into, it seems to me there's an argument to say "No, that doesn't qualify as a Moral Conflict (since it's not, it's not a choice at all) and so doesn't warrant a Morality roll." Then, finally, what about our Batmans, or that Darksider that only does bad things to bad people cause they did bad things to him? This is the guy that this Morality system was designed for, IMO. This system, I have found, does really well at examining the struggle of "Jedi Morality" (as we know it from the media). This guy doesn't think of themself as a Darksider/bad guy, right? That doesn't matter, what matters is the Cosmic Force - the Will of the Force. In the game Morality mechanics, this is the d10, right? How can you do "bad things" yet still possibly progress toward Paragon (or vice versa). If the d10 is the Cosmic/Will of the Force, then every Force User is an agent of the Force, whether they know it/want to be or not. The Force is acting through them (or trying to) whether they know it/want to or not. Then we can see the Darkside is not about any Morality internal to the PC or absokute to the world, but rather to the Force. It means to a certain degree (how high you rolled on that d10), even if you're doing "bad things", something in there was something the Force "wanted" you to do. So then it becomes very easy to see, that guy isn't a Darksider at all, unless the Force determines he is.
  3. Just gonna throw it out there that "the Darkside", in and of itself, has nothing to do with what you do, morally. It just means you use anger, and pain, and other strong emotions to make the Force do what you want (rather than being at peace with what the Force "wants"). It just means your relationship with the Force is one of domination - not harmony. You can be a Darkside User and never do a "bad" thing ever. Like, what even is supposed to be being discussed here?
  4. emsquared

    Jedi Star prep/recruitment thread

    Interested in both playing and GMing, however I don't think I could manage it on these forums. Would you ever consider starting it up at Gamersplane? You get a self-contained, dedicated forum for your game (no intermingling/searching for your threads amongst other threads in the "feed"). Which easily facilitates more threads than just IC and OOC (like an IC "Resource" thread with a running log of IC knowledge, reference images, maps, etc., an OOC Resource thread to post Triumph/Despair/Advantage/Threat expenditure guides in, or crafting rules, etc. for if/when you have a player with out access to those resources, a thread dedicated to the Destiny Pool so you don't have to rely on the GM to track it "off-screen" or search back through threads to find the count, whatever "thread infrastructure" you could want/imagine really). In-forum character sheets (no need to go to a 2nd website to manage your N/PCs). In-post avatars for your N/PCs (separate from your user avatar, facilitating different "looks" for your different N/PCs). In-post swrpg dice roller (no going to a 3RD site to make/get your roll). I guess after having been there for a few years now (with multiple multi-year games, 2 of which are swrpg) I just can't imagine "making it work" at a non-dedicated PbP site like this anymore, especially knowing there's such an amazing one like GP out there...
  5. emsquared

    Draw Closer Opposed check?

    So, a couple things here: A Jedi can exploit falling damage without flying. Even getting damage in, in the same round with a Hurl (of the NPC against a high ceiling), a properly upgraded Bind, or Talents that allow you Force Power use as a Maneuver (granted both are possibly less damaging/sustainable, but are also easier in some cases). So if my Player wants to buy a jetpack, and invest the xp and effort into make this cheese his "thing"... whatever. I have tools to address cheese as GM. If they're not wearing a jetpack, how are they managing it? Because "flying" via Move would require an action every round. And if they're on a vehicle, then that's just one of the many potential benefits of conducting personal-scale combat from a vehicle. As for addressing the cheese, this narrative system allows the GM tremendous latitude in addressing something like this. So first, this kind of attack (while flying/out of your "element", could be the same penalties for attacking underwater or in vacuum) should be more Difficult. Manifested here specifically I'd say via a couple Upgrades to attack Difficulty and Setbacks (2, minimum?). Donovan beat me to the Conflict portion, but this is a blatant power-grab through the Force, GM would be fully within their rights to assign Conflict for this action (warning the Player beforehand of course). Finally, I don't really care if the PCs are doing this unless it's against an Adversary, right? Minions are there to get embarrassed in this fashion. And Asversaries have ALL KINDS of ways to protect themselves against this, including the Talent that decreases fall damage, an out of turn Force Power Talent, turning this tactic back on the PCs ("Really dude? You wanna go there? Oooook...."), and of course Destiny Points. I still think this seems like another big nothing amongst all the other potential cheese out there.
  6. emsquared

    Draw Closer Opposed check?

    Draw Closer nearly brings a Lightsaber User up to the power level of an optimized Ranged Attack Force User, right? Ranged attackers of course already have the range - no check ever needed - and they can dish out easily as much damage if not a lot more with certain mods and Talents (albeit no Breach, of course). Is it really that big of a deal?
  7. emsquared

    Nature oriented force traditions

    In the Bane Trilogy, there is a character, Force-Sensitive, a healer, granola-hippie-nature dude, called Caleb. That guy seems very much (well, exactly, really) like what you're looking for, but he's not a part of any tradition. At least not one thats ever described identified or hinted at. Not all - indeed probably most? - Force sensitives out there in the Galaxy are not a part of any organized "tradition". There are ways to learn and use the Force other than from someone else. Do you really need a "Tradition"? If so, it's a whole friggin' Galaxy. Make one up.
  8. emsquared

    Survey: Favorite Lightsaber Build

    Soresu Defender. You can take the "right hand path" and get every single good thing about the tree - such as Parry 4+Reflect 3, Imp. Parry+Imp. Reflect, and a couple Grits - which is tops among any I think, all without touching the stuff you may not want (Soresu Technique and dependant Talents) for whatever else your build does (another LS Spec w/ synergy for your main stat? Force Wizardry? You can do whatever and still be very survivable with an LS). Defensive Stance isn't ideal, but has saved my Soresu from likely Crits if not death on many occasions. In my experience it's very easy to do damage, not only with a Lightsaber but, by any (or many) means in this game. The hard part is surviving to the next round. And you can't beat Soresu for that.
  9. emsquared

    My Homebrewed Crunch

    Great! Let me know how they work for you if/when ya do.
  10. emsquared

    The first time player

    Glad to hear it went well! I think the obvious answer is; Once the players get on the extraction chopper and lift off, it's revealed that the pilot was concealing a bite wound! He zombifies, the chopper crashes (with a PC having to make a check to stop it from being catastrophic?), and BAM, there in a new part of the world with a new challenge to face! Youve maybe seen the thread, but to help extend the "life" of a campaign, I've put together a set of houserules. Check 'em out to help give your game some more girth.
  11. Why does being a Bendu practitioner warrant any special mechanical benefits at all? The benefit of being Bendu by my estimation is that you have more flexibility. You can use the Darkside (easy power) with little worry, and you're not restricted to being "Lawful Stupid" when the baddies use the law against you. There's nothing I'm aware of in the fiction that indicates Bendus gain any benefit in the Force for being such a praticioner either (granted I've never watched any of Rebels... >.<), so where's this coming from? If you want to have a REAL Bendu-focused game, set it on Tython. Tython is (was?) a Bendu Nexus, and when I did this (set a campaign on Bendu), I just had it so that so long as you were between 30 and 70, you gained a +1 Force Rating. There's some real inspiration to stay "balanced".
  12. Perhaps worth mentioning (or perhaps not) that you can commit the die outside of Structured Play, in which case it should require nothing more than a statement from the player. And if the player says "If I'm not doing anything else with my Powers, I always have my Enhance (or Sense, or whatever) up.", then they don't have to take/spend any Actions to continue to have the effect if things later enter Structured Play.
  13. emsquared

    Play By Post group wanted

    There are a couple Genesys games going at Gamersplane, which has a built in dice roller (for the swrpg but it's the same thing...), and built in character sheet (again for swrpg but again the same). No going to 3 different sites to play/run your game. If you're interested in a site built for PBP (you get your own forum).
  14. Gotta agree with @HistoryGuy. Change nothing. What you're talking about doing is not how the Force works. And indeed flies in the face of and is counter-productive to effectively using the Morality/Conflict mechanics. If they only use it to Heal it's because that's a choice, a choice they should be rewarded for via the Morality mechanics when they DONT hurt people with it. You're trying to change this game like it's a d20, but it is a very different ethos, and you're completely missing that with your proposition.
  15. emsquared

    The first time player

    Oh boy. So. Let's start at the start. You have gotten your hands on a roleplaying game. Right? A roleplaying game is, at its core, a social event. Something to be participated in with multiple people all at once. Furthermore, it is a collaborative storytelling (social) experience. Everyone should participate to help make the story interesting and dramatic. As the GM, think of yourself as the "clockmaker". You places all the gears ahead of time that will make the clock move, you wind the clock up, but then you let it go. You put some interesting "gears" (events, locations, people, etc.) in place for the story, and you set the stage - but you let the players determine where the story goes. You are just the arbiter of the in-game "reality". It is not your story, as GM. It is everyone's story who sits down to play. You should encourage your players to do bold, dramatic, interesting, and hilarious things. Because bold, dramatic, interesting and hilarious things are what make a good social gathering, right? And the best way to encourage them to do those sorts of things, is by allowing those efforts to have bold, dramatic, interesting, and hilarious results. Note: this does not mean that you have to let the characters succeed at everything they do - when they fail a roll they fail a roll. But it does mean that you do not punish the players for trying those sorts of things. The hard part is finding a way so that when they fail (a dice roll) that it still causes something dramatic and interesting to happen in the story. Failure should complicate things, not create dead ends. You should try to always say "Yes", if your player wants to do something. If your instinct is to say "No", instead have them roll the dice. Now. This roleplaying game that you've stumbled upon is more deadly than most, AND pretty free-form. It's very easy for the players to take and accumulate damage. And there are not a lot of rules to let you know how various in-game actions "should" (or could) be handled by the dice, or other game mechanics. Which I guess is just a way for me to say, don't be discouraged if things get off to a rocky start. Focus on having fun, and allowing your players to create an interesting and dramatic story (instead of, say, an "authentic" zombie apocalypse story). As for general GMing resources, I'd say YouTube probably has a bunch of stuff out there for you. Good luck!