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  1. Oh, child. You think this forum is actively modded? You haven't been here long have you.
  2. I don't disagree with this sentiment, but the same dude apparently made previous revelations based on purported insider knowledge that proved true. Also...
  3. Like, I realize Lucasfilm has a lot of sub-divisions, but I find it hard to believe they would be spearheading the development of a project/product-line that wasn't destined for some sort of screen.
  4. Aside from it's blatant rip-off and rehashing of prior tropes and plot, I didn't hate Force Awakens. And while the Last Jedi had almost no redeeming qualities from what I can remember (I feel like I must've blocked most of it out cuz I couldn't even tell someone what the plot was if they asked), I really didn't mind Rise of Skywalker after it got past the space-Burning Man festival on Pasaana... y'know if you ignore the whole Emperor 40K-thing, and abandonment of previously developed plot, etc. But this... https://movieweb.com/star-wars-rumor-reset-sequel-trilogy-disney/ ... this seem's a little extreme doesn't it? Granted it's completely unsubstantiated rumor but... Is the best way to try to fix your crapping-of-the-bed, and redeem the trust of your core fanbase, to just move the whole room out into the alley and try to convince ppl not to look back there? Seems kind of a weird thing to do, that also just wouldn't work. You can't put the fart back in the cupped-hand. I wasn't as excited about the High Republic as I could have been about a time period further back in the timeline, but I definitely think it was the right idea to just move on from the Skywalker-realm of the IP. Anyone else see this? Any Rebels experts see any validity in the theory? What was this Veil of the Force thing all about? Would you want to see someone else take a crack at a Sequel(s)? Or is that not even an implication of this theory, given that the mouse has already announced the moving on into tHR?
  5. For large, durable "environmental fixtures" like this, I use a port of the Sunder rules, IF it's a Personal Scale weapon being used on an analogously Personal Scale sized fixture (door, small generator/turbine). If it's a Vehicular weapon v. Personal Scale fixture, it's probably just gone if they hit it. If it's a very large/"Vehicular Scale" environmental fixture (like, a whole structure), then I just apply Sunder principles at the Vehicular scale (and Personal Scale weapons, except explosives/Breach/being able to do 10s of damage, do nothing). So, in doing things this way, the damage being done by the weapon is basically irrelavent, so long as they net damage (using a completely arbitrary Soak value, but usually 10/1 Armor for metal/plasteel-clad Personal Scale fixtures). If they net damage, then they can spend 2 Advantage or 1 Triumph to Sunder the object 1 level, or 2 Triumph to do it in, in one shot. Smaller scale fixtures, like, just a holo-terminal or door controls or whatever, I'll just require a singular appropriate expenditure of narrative symbols to destroy it in one go. Blasting door controls to open or close a door is a standard here, and I'll just do 2 Advantage (or Threat) to achieve that.
  6. So that's just some summarized language pulled from the Force Influence Power and presented poorly/inaccurately. Those are actually 2 separate uses of the Influence Power. The Influence Power, basic activation of the Power (with a Strength upgrade): And the Influence Power, Control Upgrade: Activating the first/basic use is just one check - a Force Power check. Elaiza would roll her Force Rating in Force dice, and use the pups to cause Strain. So, 3 of the white dice. UNLESS she's using it against a PC, OR a named Rival or Nemesis. In which case, the rules dictate that any Force Power check should be an opposed check, with Discipline v. Discipline being the default. Activating the second use of the Power, ALWAYS requires both a Force Power check (which, again, is just the Force Dice and spending the requisite pips), AND an opposed Discipline vs. Discipline check, even to effect a Minion/Minion Group.
  7. @krlock_201 created a new and updated link in the OP. Thanks for the heads up on the broken link!
  8. @P-47 Thunderbolt, so what is the "why" behind the idea? What is the reason or need? Is it basically just to give Players a "sure thing" way to get a greatly desired mod installed? Like, I get that sentiment. I've been burned more than once by modding checks, i.e. those rolls where you get piles and piles of Advantage but no net success on a YYGGPP roll... Super-infuriating. But I think the better way to do it, if they/you want a sure thing, is to just make them pay an NPC to do it (or go on a "quest" for the NPC so that they'll do it). That's what I've given players as an option to guaranteed get it done. Or as @whafrog mentioned, give them options and let them do the leg work to really stack the check. Again it can incorporate adventuring hooks to get that set up, whatever. I've given players options like: 1: Take your time? +1 Boost 2: Buy or find a schematic? +1 Boost 3: Access to Gear - like, Weapon Maintenance Kit (X), Verpine Bond Gauntlets, etc.? Those total +3 Boosts!! 4: Access to a high quality shop or facility? Upgrade the check. Maybe twice, even? 5: A Skilled Assist from an NPC? Whatever you want it to be... a 5 Intellect Droid? A 4 Mechanics ugnaught? Major mechanical boosts there. And good opportunities to create roleplay and narrative and adventure hooks too. "Sure I'll help you. What'll you do for me?" Basically, I just think there's always better options to give players a sure thing over asking them to spend XP to get it. But having it as an option? I mean, why not, I guess? I guess it could be good for a character that just... doesn't have anything else they want to spend XP on?
  9. I mean really the only consideration for trading Battle Med's ability to affect living things for droids-only is gonna be your level of concern/respect for Star Wars lore. If it doesn't bother your soul to let the Force affect the minds of mechanical constructs, then by all means proceed, because if anything it's a weakening/narrowing of the Power's range of effect UNLESS you're playing as a Separatist unit with B1s and Droideka's everywhere around you. Even then it's probably just a lateral move... You may have to exempt droid-brain ships from the range of effect on some technicality, but that's about the only complication I could see there. RE: the Pathfinder Spec and Talents, it is very outdoorsy themed of course, and so that's particularly what would make me want to do a revamped tech version. Beyond that though, droids are more common and more acceptable to have with you basically anywhere in Galactic Society than random creatures. So there is some power-creep there in just porting that Talent over to droid-only. I've done the Animal Bond thing, and a big restriction on the awesomeness of that Talent was I couldn't ride my Rancor anywhere without ppl whining at me, "Waaah, your rancor is gonna eat my kid! Waaah! Get it out of here!" 🙄 (just kidding, I didn't ever get a rancor, but that was my goal, game ended before I could get to FR 6). But you see my point, it's very easy as a GM to say, "You can't bring your Nexu in here." and to thereby narratively restrict the Talent's usefulness in that way. You're gonna have a hard time restricting a droid from going everywhere with your PC, unless that droid is loaded out with obvious weapons and armor or something. And furthermore, whereas creatures generally get more powerful as you get a larger Silhouette, with droids there's no correlation there. If you can find or build an awesome Sil 1 droid, to Bond with, you're gonna have an awesome companion early on in play and for the entire length of the campaign. That's another point of power-creep to be aware of... Maybe it's significant, maybe not. But those were two "limiters" I identified in playing a PC with Animal Bond that wouldn't apply to "Droid Bond". And as for re-skinning the narrative of the mechanics for something like Harm or Unleash, yea, go wild. That's part of the massive allure of this system's approach to Force Powers, the non-specificity of it's fluff overlaying the mechanics. Again, good luck!
  10. Yea that makes sense. Basically starting from a place of mount/animal companion rules. That gets me thinking, for a Force sensitive tech user... There's some interesting analogues that could be drawn from the Pathfinder chain of Talents like Animal Empathy, Animal Bond (+Improved AB), and Mental Bond ... You could develop a set like that around droids/remotes. This all makes me want to create a Force Techno-savant Spec...
  11. In light of this "development" it would probably make the most sense for your player to just go HEAVY into Manipulate. Her focus would shift from controlling drones with the Force, to: enhancing her Mechanics and Computer Skills with the Force, so that she may crafting and modifying/enhance drones really well... Under that paradigm, you could look to the Computers Skill as a kind of analogue for commanding and buffing them. I don't have Special Modifications, so I'm not too well versed on the advanced droid rules. But to my knowledge, there aren't really any rules for the remote "piloting" of a droid/remote/drone like a Rigger might do in Shadowrun, or something. So what I'd envisioning doing if I were her, as a part of my character's "play cycle", would be to ask for a Computers check prior to deploying a droid or remote. For combat, or recon, or whatever it's "Directive" is. I'd say, "I want to update this droid/remote's Directive with more specific commands and details, for this specific task/mission." And roll the Computers check, assuming the GM allows it. Then use the (hopefully available) narrative symbols - Advantage, Triumph - to create some kind of mechanical or narrative benefit for the thing. If it's taking action/making checks immediately, that could be as simple as passing it Boost(s), or upgrading it's next check, or whatever. Or it could be a highly narrative thing to work out with the GM: "For those two Advantage, can I issue a specific set of commands once in the next encounter?", "For that Triumph, can I assume control of it for the entire encounter?", so on... Basically, it's a cool concept. As GM, I'd want to work with my player to do something cool with it. And all of those suggestions above would fall within the realm of just using RAW adaptively. Heck, you could even develop "jumped-in" droid/remote/drone piloting rules. Maybe gear or cyberware to support (and counter) it? Anyway, as for the actual build, in truth, the concept, if executed as above, would probably be best pulled off by a non-Force user. The concept as above really comes down to Skills and Talents, and so non-Force users just have more XP for that stuff. But ignoring that fact! ... Well, it's hard for me to make a Force User now that doesn't start with Padawan, so I'd still recommend that, if it's an option (use Well Rounded to make Computers and Gunnery Career Skills). And if Padawan doesn't fit in the campaign, then probably Artisan. Heck, under Artisan, maybe you could even spin the "Imbue Item" Talent, to confer complete control over the "item"/remote for as long as the Force die is committed as the "improvement"? They could then control as many drones as they had Force Rating die to commit. Spin the narrative as a constant modification of the droids code/Directive. I dunno... If you're gonna do that with Imbue Item, though, why wouldn't you just do it for Battle Med. So maybe that doesn't work... But anyway, pretty much the same build as above 4 Intellect, but maybe 3 in Agility for the Piloting and Gunnery/Ranged, instead? Again, go for that Force Rating Talent to get FR2. Dump as much XP as you want into Manipulate, though probably drilling down to the Mechanics and Computer control upgrade... I dunno, probably gonna be on you, GM, to find a way to make it work and be cool/useful. Droids and remotes are expensive, and usually not that great at stuff for the affordable ones. So I don't think you're gonna break anything by working with your player here. The challenge will just be finding something that isn't too far outside what is already there in the mechanics and lore of Star Wars. Crafting-focused PCs are fun, and can really be a great boon to the group. Really they can contribute to significant power-creep in long term play. A Manipulate specialist is something I've had on my list of character types to play for a long time, so I don't think your player can go wrong just by seeing what comes of it anyway. Even if she can't quite do ALL the things. Good luck!
  12. Yea, you're totally right. Was too focused on the end-goal. Overlooked silly little details, like "droids are immune to mind affecting Force powers"
  13. Manipulate can be used to augment Mechanics checks (with automatic success and advantage), which can facilitate her creating/crafting and enhancing any craftable, which would allow her to add modifications and Hard Points to things she crafts. That same power can be used to "heal" vehicles/droids and drones with Wound/Strain Thresholds. There's probably some good Mechanics/crafting Talents out there too in mechanically-inclined Force Specs. Battle Mediation can be used to buff and guide/direct/send orders to "friendly targets", which would include allied drones, IMO. But I think that's as close as you'll get to "controlling" drones with the Force. Summoning creatures from nothing, specifically, would be Conjure with the Mastery upgrade. The power calls out "creatures" though, so not drones. I personally wouldn't see an issue with allowing a replica of a drone, though, it just wouldn't have any of it's non-physical drone-like/mechanical capabilities that weren't replicable by the Conjure adders. Agree with others, this is just a narrative flavoring of Protect/Unleash, or Harm, which can be used to siphon life from your target to heal yourself. Just pointing out here, there is no such thing as a Force Power called "Push". That would be the Move Power (or a weird flavoring and properly upgraded Bind). Sounds like the two Powers at the core of her "Technomancer" concept are Manipulate and Battle Mediation. Assuming a human start, and the +10 XP for 50 Morality, with her starting XP she could spend 100 of it on boosting Intellect to 4 and Presence to 3. That would set get up to be a passable Computers/Mechanic person, and to get some use out of Battle Med. If she starts with the Padawn Spec, she can spend the remaining 20 XP from chargen to work toward the Force Rating Talent. With her 75 "in-play" she can spend 20 of that too get her Force Rating 2. Then if she purchases Manipulate with her "in-play" XP AND can get the Mentor Discount, she can get to the Mechanics Control upgrade (left side) for 20 XP. If she purchases Battle Meditation with her "in-play" XP AND can get the Mentor Discount, she can get to the basic power and the Range upgrade that leads into the "give commands" Control upgrade for 25 XP. She'd have 10 XP left over to do whatever with. Skill rank (s), Force Power upgrade(s) - like putting another Range Band in Battle Mediation, another basic Power, whatever. She would be able to craft things pretty well (start on a custom drone? modify drones, craft weapons and armor, repair ships, heal droids, whatever). She could Slice (with the proper gear: Slider Gear and Data Spike). She could use Battle Mediation to buff and command up to 3 drones (or other friendlies). Sound close to what she wants?
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