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    Parry & Reflect vs Lightsaber Throw

    Straw Man after straw man. Disingenuous false premises, one after another. Obviously scathing tirade et al. are not ranged attacks. @TheShard, you're disingenuosly treating this system like a traditional rpg, where the mechanics are physics. You want to do this, you have to roll that. You do that in the narrative, you have to roll this. FFGs Star Wars is a narrative system, which adheres to neither of those tenants. You can use the same mechanic one round after another and achieve two different things in the narrative, OR do the same thing one round after another in the narrative, and use a different mechanic each time. Part of that flexibility certainly includes exclusion of mechanics based on fictional positioning (such is at discussion here), but consider the following facts. *redacted portion of premise for further argument* 😣 Fact 1. The devs explicitly included language to exclude certain attacks (of the nature that we speak) from the effect of Imp. Reflect (ie actual reflection, rather than simple ablation). Fact 2. They did not include this same language in the basic Talent. They were obviously aware of the potential exclusions to the Talent based on fictional positioning, but they're not there in the basic Talent. This is an explicit inclusion of those types of attacks in the effects of the basic, ablative Talent. Reflect ablates sound, blast, fire, lightning, etc. damage. The flavor can be whatever you want, but you're ignoring RAW and cheating your players to do otherwise.
  2. Archaeologist is a super weird spec... A hard fail at making an Indiana Jones archetype? Too bad he's already rebuilt, would have suggested using Investigator to keep a similar character concept/the same character, but to actually be useful. So long as someone's paying the party (well) though, why would they switch paths? Bring the PC back (and keep them involved in the same story line) by having the main Antagonist capture the former-PC. They're all tied to him you said right? Meanwhile BBEG is coercing the former-PC into helping the Empire?
  3. emsquared

    Is Heal/Harm the Best Force Talent?

    Not to derail the thread (tho it seems like the core issue/mechanic has been addressed), but in answer to the title question, I'd say: No. Not even close. Heal/Harm basically does two things. Move can do one of those things (do damage), AND it can replicate aspects of many other Powers (Enhance: Leap, Bind, Alter), albeit not always as effectively. But also it has the tremendous various utility applications of simple telekinesis, including the powerful "Pull from Mountings", and "Fine Manipulation" upgrades. Its just so dang versatile... Influence being a close second, IMO, if your GM isn't super restrictive on the Power.
  4. emsquared

    Parry & Reflect vs Lightsaber Throw

    Yeah, I get it. There's an exception for everything, except the one thing that makes you wrong. I know how minds like yours operate. It's okay, I'll run my games how I want (RAW and RAI), and you'll run yours with made up head canon.
  5. emsquared

    Parry & Reflect vs Lightsaber Throw

    That's a lovely cherry picking of an image, but I don't think I need to post a picture of how the emperor's lightning fans out for you to know Force Lightning doesn't travel in a straight line either. Not to mention Stun shots, which are fully reflectable, yet non-linear.
  6. emsquared

    Parry & Reflect vs Lightsaber Throw

    How do you absorb Force Lightning with a Lightsaber? You channel it into it with the Force? Why doesn't that work with other energies? Well it does, but it does different things with different energies (like reflects them). Both kinetic, and thermal? Yes. Oh, but not sound. That's the energy that it does nothing with. Oh... k...
  7. emsquared

    Parry & Reflect vs Lightsaber Throw

    Sure. Just as I would allow the check against the one or two other sonic weapons that exist. Flavor it as plugging their ears. It's the mechanic. It can be flavored in a variety of ways, as agreed and established by virtually everyone. Why would such an attack be any different?
  8. Don't just do this outright. Illicit a statement from the player (or rp from his PC) to figure out how the character feels about it. ie Ask him "Does this make you angry?me", If yes, then have them make a Discipline check to avoid Conflict. You could convert Threats on the check to Strain as you normally can on any check, but don't just give them Strain "because". Use the mechanics. They can do everything you want to do, but in a way that's not a cheap-shot. It's a very powerful narrative system. So the easiest way to use Conflict is to make "Conflict-worthy Actions" be the easy way for your PCs to get their mission objectives done. Whether that's using Dark pips to make the Force Power trigger (and therefore having use of the Force create an "easy way") OR whether that's having lieing, stealing, coercion, property destruction, torture, and murder be short-cuts to success. In your specific circumstance I would recommend the following scenario: Have him/the party witness the mutiny as it's taking place. Have them witness the execution of the commander and 2 of his closest subordinates, by the troopers. But have it happen from a vantage point where they are concealed. The easy way vs. hard way choice becomes: EASY, They do not stop the execution, they ALL receive 3 Conflict (1 for each murder the didn't stop), and maybe your ex-mil PC flies off the handle, and you have him do the Discipline check to avoid more Conflict. But the PCs by letting it happen, do not alert the facility to their presence, and can therefore go on to complete their objectives more easily. HARD - they step out of concealment to stop the executions, if they initiate combat that's still 1 Conflict a piece, if they don't (if they wait for the troopers to open fire) they don't even get that. BUT now the facility is on alert and it's much harder to get their full mission done. It is important - always - as a part of a functioning Morality mechanic, that you as GM allow the use of Force Powers to do awesome things, so that the PCs always are tempted to trigger those Dark pips. The results of using the Force had to be better than using a similar skill, otherwise, why risk the Conflict.
  9. emsquared

    Conflict question.

    If you want your campaign to have "Jedi morality" themes, then, yes, you really do have to actively try provide such moral choices. The easiest way that I've found to do this is make accomplishing any given mission a choice between "an easy way" and "a hard way". Where the "easy way" is by employing one or more Conflict-worthy actions (coercion, lieing, stealing, initiating combat, murder, etc.). The hard way could involve more steps, take longer, be more expensive, and/or lead to plot complications, and so. Also, allow the use of the Force to achieve fantastic results. You want the use of Dark Pips to be a temptation, so you have to have the use of the Force be a constant temptation. If you're not to interested in exploring morality as a big theme of your campaign, then don't worry about it, play your game "as normal" and your PCs will drift to Paragon's, or just ignore the morality scale as a mechanic. I would also throw it out there that if your sessions are on the shorter side (2-3 hrs?), or if you want your PCs to struggle with the Darkside as the canon might lead us to believe they should, dont roll the d10 at the end of every session, instead do every 2. In my campaigns, unless someone is actively trying to become a Lightside Paragon or Darksider, it seems like they generally linger around the 50 - 60 area, or they creep up slowly if they are playing the archetypical hero but still using Darkside pips when they want.
  10. emsquared

    Shadowrun Conversion Thoughts

    Agreed with @adairhammer. I've never seen anyone burn Egde except to not die, and allowing PCs to burn "Edge Points" in Genesys - which is a 100% renewable resource - you will never have PCs ever worried about dying. If you just want to create a "Super Story Point" effect, sure, go for it, I really don't care.
  11. I guess I was looking at Force conversions. The threads are there, but any of them that had external documents, the documents seem to be gone...?
  12. Everyone that's doing 'em gettin' C&Ded or what?
  13. First of all, PCs always get to resist the Power. And unless he has a bunch of Manitude upgrades, he wouldn't be able to do anything unless he catches you alone. As to your questions: - No. You absolutely do not know you're being influenced when you're under the effects of the power. - The majority concensus seems to be (and I agree with it): No. You do not automatically know you were influenced after the power wears off. - IMO, you will realize you were influenced if you're confronted with the facts of the scenario. - IMO, absolutely, Threat, Despair, and/or a Destiny Point could all be spent to change the effectiveness of the successful power check once it's wore off.
  14. emsquared

    Yet Another Conflict tweak!

    As per usual, I fail to see how merely shifting the spot where the gamesmanship occurs is a better option than just handling Dark/Lightsidedness 100% narratively, if the vanilla Morality system isn't working for you.
  15. emsquared

    Initiative Slots during combat

    You don't even need letters, just use the decimal system... 2.3, 1.0, 0.4, to replicate your examples using decimal.