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  1. I too know someone with dissociative personality disorder. And I would generally agree that not only "gamifying", but possibly trivializing and/or glorifying something that is absolutely debilitating, even traumatic, for ppl who actually suffer from it is... not a kind or empathetic thing to do. Is your player required to be kind, mindful, or empathetic of everyone? No, of course not. They should be able to express their PC however they want, so long as it is not damaging to the other ppl immediately affected. But you, and your player should know it is not kind, considerate, or empathetic to appropriate something like that. I would urge you/them to examine whether that is really necessary to execute/portray the character concept, or is it just a misguided attempt to make the character "unique", (or as others have suggested, gain some sort of mechanical advantage) that could in fact be achieved in some other way? If you/they can answer the question: "Why do you want to do this?" And the answer is genuinely, "To try to gain some greater understanding, and/or create a greater awareness of the actual disorder?", then maybe it's okay. If not, then maybe they should re-evaluate what they're doing.
  2. I've never ran a campaign that adhered completely (or maybe even not mostly) to the canon. So if that's a part of your fear, throw it into the wind. Make the Galaxy your own. As mentioned, Star Wars is just as much about fantasy as D&D is. It's space opera, by default. Big personalities, good vs evil, high flying heroics. That said, the system supports a wide range of story types and feels. My first game in Edge of the Empire was basically a Star Wars take on cyberpunk - gritty, crime, fighting against galacti-corps. Then we played a war-drama. Now we're doing a very cerebral game that focuses on the fringe elements of the Force, and what IS the Light and Darkside. Have fun! But beware, you may never want to pick up a D20 again after witnessing the power of the Narrative Dice System.
  3. If anyone is still reading this thread and manages to get past all the fan-theorizing and fictive debate, it's worth noting: There is precedent for getting the ability to use Telepathy/sending thoughts, via Talent. Mental Bond Just so happens this reinforces a "bond theory"for it's use, but... Yea. So between that fact and the overlap that would unavoidably happen in a full Telepathy Power with other Powers like Influence, Sense, and Battle Meditation, it's clear this should not be a Force Power thing. At most a Talent. At least a Destiny Point (between ppl with a "bond"?).
  4. Luke calling to Leia/Leia sensing Luke is pretty clearly just a narrative skinning of Seek, not Telepathy. Luke happened to be calling out, sure, that's good cinema, but he didn't use a Power, Leia activated latent Seek. Obi is literally one with the Force, when he whispers sweet nothings to Luke, that is not Telepathy. That is being a literal entity of the Force. What other OT instances are there? I'm no scholar of the PT, but can't picture when it was used there. Help? And the NT is just a bunch of stupid crap, so... Er, uh, I mean, uh... a worthy and cohesive continuation, so... Long story short, there is no Telepathy. No "sending" messages. You can read thoughts, and thereby "send" thoughts to ppl who you know can read them, but I see no basis in the canon that necessitates or even really warrants a Telepathy Power. I could see a Talent for it. Or Species ability. And certainly spending a DP I'd go for on a dramatic one-off basis. But beyond that? Nah.
  5. We have played it as: yes, the equipment stays with them. And, no, they do not have to spend Destiny to use it again. It's there. It's been created. You limit the value of an item which they're allowed to "produce". But yea, 1 Destiny Point is worth 100 cred or less in my book. Sure. Especially if it keeps the story movinf forward, and gives me the opportunity to pull more devious crap. What's the point of being that stingy?
  6. Yea, vanilla Force system booking for me, with a PC at 600+ earned-xp was... what, 6 or 7 lines of hand-written text/sentences less than probably 15 words each. To use something well tested, balanced, fun, quickly playable, and universally understood by players of the system. The proposal(s) here? You must: memorize and understand new terms, memorize and understand new mechanics, have/or memorize new table for the 5+ different ways to spend the 5 different narrative symbols - for any given power, utilize a system of unknown balance with regards to both power usage/effects and the Morality system, create new/adjust existing Talents, list goes on... Use the vanilla system first before you determine you must use something else. You're not being smart or insightful to do otherwise, you're just being ignorant (of the vanilla system).
  7. One of the many reasons I love this system. All 3 of them are a reasonable way to explain the narrative of the canon fiction. All 3 can easily be represented in the mechanics.
  8. Waiiiit a second, you're telling me, you don't think things like acid-tentacle summoning, from-orbit skydiving, physical alteration of electrical/computer systems, consciousness-transfer, literal complete regeneration of the flesh, and animation of inanimate/dead things were not originally envisioned in the conceptualization of the Force?! Heresy, sir!
  9. I personally like the Vanilla Force mechanics. They're very simple, elegant, and flexible, AND capture the lore well. So none of this has any value to me (nor to I think most people) UNLESS it is a system that unifies it with Genesys. Because there's no reason to make an entirely new system that isn't unified with Genesys, UNLESS; it's simpler, more elegant, and more "fun" (subjective, I know). And what you describe doesn't come close to doing any of that. It's no simpler, introducing all kinds of new stuff. Certainly not as elegantly incorporating everything that the present system does, Light/Dark, committing, wide range of Powers, balance, etc. And as for Genesys, there's no precedent for Characteristics governing the capabilities of Skills/serving as a "gatekeeper". Creating new Characteristics is also a no-go for me, to consider something "unified" with Genesys (new Skills, fine, new Characteristic, no - opens to big of a can of worms). And you seem to be making up new terminology and concepts, adding crunch every where. Yuck. Just my 2 cred, of course. But, good luck.
  10. When Genesys first came out ppl were trying to figure out how to convert the Force to the Genesys magic system all over the place, and they were doing "everything" (by which I mean, it seemed ppl were mostly fixated on trying to convert WEG Star Wars Force mechanics into FFGs Force, then trying to convert that into Genesys magic). But, I did then and still do think this: a new Skill per what was previously a Power, is the best way. It both adheres closest to the original FFG XP-sink/power-scale "model", and yet adheres closest to Genesys' existing magic skills while maintaining that XP-sink/power scale. From there it's "just" a matter of balancing how Successes and Advantage and Triumph can be spent. It certainly isn't perfect, presenting primarily some particular problems around "instantaneous prodigies" in single Powers/Skills, in a way that's just not possible under the current mechanic (and doesn't line up well with Star Wars lore), because Genesys has no precedent for tieing functionality (basically, Control Upgrades) to Ranks in a Skill, so often you might just need a good linked-Characteristic to mostly master the Power. But I think then creating some Talents around the Skills, as "gatekeepers"/Control Upgrades, would make it a very good conversion.
  11. Wait. I thought that was the new no-gluten, vegan line of mini-lunch packets from Kraft... ... I keed, I keed. I recognize some ppl do have legitimate dietary restrictions out there...
  12. ... suffering. Which leads to anger. Which, of course, leads to the Darkside. (FTFY)
  13. Lot of good advice so far (Knight-level start, NPC allies to supplement skill set, put up plot shifts and challenges due to failure not dead-ends or roadblocks), I've found this system to be great for low-player-count games. One of the big reasons why, IMO, is the flexibility of the Strain Threshold. This health track allows you to make any sort of challenge as potentially dramatic and high stakes as combat, cuz anything that's challenging/worth a roll can reasonably cause Strain and can therefore "take the PC out" of the scene/challenge. Which doesn't have to mean they go unconscious, it just means that things become too much, they're overwhelmed, they can't meaningfully act anymore until they get a chance to recover. They can have "lost" the encounter, whatever it is: social, mechanical, exploration, whatever, but they can still maintain narrative control of their PC afterward. Unlike with combat, where if you exceed your Wounds, you're unconscious and at the mercy of the GM/the GM has to come up with some fiat why the one PC doesn't die. So use lots of non-combat challenges, and use those to target Strain. Thereby putting the PC and their goals at stake, but not their life. Also, use rolls sparingly. This system is highly exploitable, via the narrative symbols, when you allow the player to roll for things that shouldn't really be rolled for, AND/OR when you allow roll after roll to try to accomplish the same goal. So: evaluate carefully whether any given situation actually warrants a roll (or if you should just allow whatever it is to succeed), and then only allow one roll. At which point the situation must change significantly before you let them roll again.
  14. The Gamersplane play-by-post forum has a large and active FFG Star Wars community (currently at least 11 Narrative Dice system games going). It has everything you could want in an asynchronous, text-based RP site: In-post Narrative Dice roller (no having to go to a second site and link rolls etc.) In-forum character sheets (no having to go to a THIRD site for that). Character-specific avatars (instead of just user account avatar, small but surprisingly meaningful addition for many). Of course it had all the standard form macros for images, and lining and things, but also had in-post private notes, spoilers, and bunches of other handy functionality. Great great place to get that extra F&D fix in at. I've been a part of several multi-year games there.
  15. What you (should) have learned from this is; the green dice are more important than the yellow dice, for overall success. Try running this simulation with a PC that has just 4 Brawn, no skill die.
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