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  1. Thanks! I agree with you on the "engine" aspect. It does take some building; but once built, this thing gets MEAN. It will definitely have a satisfying construction to it on that end.
  2. Morning, all. https://www.keyforgegame.com/deck-details/8758dbde-9612-4b81-8a7f-0fb30dbae601 Here's a link to my [only] deck. I'm curious as to what other players might think of it, and any strategies you might have in mind... There's quite a heavy focus on creatures, obviously, and one of the more pressing strategies is to have damaged Brobnar dudes so that you can use the Obelisk to keep your opponent from forging keys. Another combo seems to be using Three Fates to off Truebaru (and anyone else unlucky enough to be on the board, I guess) to gain some aember. The deck struggles a bit with stunning and board-wipes, but I'm not altogether convinced it's as bad as the ADHD rating would have me believe. Played properly, you can get a lot of reaping and healing done in single turns with all them critters. Not to mention the Remiel synergy and first turn Ember Imp.
  3. It's in the just-released Punishing One preview: Bah yeah I JUST saw it. Apologies.
  4. Where is this Rage EPT you speak of?? Am I missing something?
  5. Love those filthy little A-Wings. It is so satisfying to drop the big guys with a well-timed Procket, or even with a 3-dice R1. Awesome.
  6. If I could afford this, I would run it forever. Fake it 'til you can make it (aka Proxy) Ya can't proxy three A-Wings there, good sir
  7. If I could afford this, I would run it forever.
  8. Please recount the details of your Gemmer Sojan conquests, I am very intrigued.
  9. Playing the other day, a friend of mine rolled his Turr Phennir straight up to my Wild Space Fringer who rolled four hits off of an HLC, and he rolled blanks. First combat exchange. It was just so...sad.
  10. Kyle isn't always best on Keyan, partly because you won't use that Focus due to your stress functioning in its place! Advanced Sensors and PTL are a better pairing.
  11. I fiddled with this last night coupled with Solo and WOW Farlander is nuuuuuuuts. You can keep the two of them so tight because of Farlander's maneuverability and beat targets with eight attack dice, free stress focus treats, and Solo's rerolls. Awesome.
  12. I always, always want to use Etahn, but he kind of tanks with just one other ship taking advantage of his skill (as well as always having someone in your firing arc who the one other pilot is able to hit). He flourishes in larger squads (particularly Epic, I've heard). I'm not above tossing him in there with Dash to capitalize on his ability, but it may not really pay off in the end.
  13. I am planning on getting the YT-2400 here in a few days, and partnering him with Poe was something I was considering...excited to see someone else was thinking about it!
  14. Haha I just did a random squad and I was given Nera Dantels with the B-Wing/E2 Mod and no Crew card. So that's hilariously awesome.
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