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  1. Sorry GriffinGuy24 is his username but i just call him GriffinGuy on the forums.
  2. The scion rpg community has a member named GriffinGuy that studies mesoamerican lore and has done a few good supplements. You might want to give him a try.
  3. Does anybody have a good software recommendation for converting normal photos into zombie pictures? I'm looking for a variety of different images to round out my "cast" of zombies.
  4. On a more serious note how long do you think all that would take (zombie plague takes 4 years, but the dead rising only takes 2)?
  5. Assuming that books don't have cross-complatiblity issues my apocalypse track is probably going to be zombie pandamic, then rangarok, then the dead rise from their graves, followed by the stars coming right at the best (i.e. worst) possible time; and then R'lyeh finally declares itself a nation (it's a polticial satire).
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