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  1. Has nobody posted a response with the word "meh" in it yet?? HOW IS THIS POSSIBLE?! Usually takes less than 10.
  2. We never roll or take effects for passing through the astroid we previously landed on the last turn.
  3. I did a 150 list once that was all of the available (at the time) original Bounty Hunters. It was IG88(B), Boba, and Bossk. All fully loaded with whatever was the hotness of the day. It was **** on wheels.
  4. "Ship is DOA....or broken...whichever. For x amount of points I would rather just put blah blah out there. Now I'm burnt out on the game" Something like that.
  5. I get why people put the mangler cannon on Bossk, but I've never felt he needed it nor have I missed not having it. He crushes just fine without it
  6. I support this list... whatever it is. I've flown 3 and ideally I try to get the opponents caught in a circular conga-line , so my ships are constantly banking or stopping in the mess. Is it tough to pull off and can it be beaten? Yes...but you're flying 4 shuttles, dammit.
  7. This is always my Rey list: YT-1300: •Rey (58) •Millennium Falcon (HotR) (1) Expertise (4) •Finn (5) •Kanan Jarrus (3) ARC-170: •Norra Wexley (41) Vectored Thrusters (2) Alliance Overhaul (0) Push the Limit (3) •C-3PO (3) •R2-D2 (4) Total: 99/100 I love this Norra in the end game. The trap is not forcing a joust due to Rey and Finn and remembering you have a turret. It doesn't have the sizzle of Rey/Jan but it can also be pretty fun.
  8. The only creeping I see is that toxic negativity the plagues the message boards of every thing that I've ever played. Friggin superlatives, panic, and postmortum and the base cards haven't even been printed yet, let alone put on a table.
  9. Glad everyone is getting along , but it made the podcast awkward and I stopped listening to this one. Started to border on relentless.
  10. Never saw anything that said OL was a woman. For some reason I picture Echo and Whisper as either women or androdgynous men.. think Tolkein-esque elves.
  11. I like Norra w/ PTL C3po and r2d2 and title...maybe vector thrusters too. Conventional wisdom says the Rey goes down quick usually....but that Norra hits like a truck and is a nightmare in endgame
  12. Ha Oops. The shuttle looked pegless. I'm a fan of flying a shuttle on 4 pegs, super obnoxius-like.
  13. Ha. Why am I irrationally annoyed by ships on bases without pegs?
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