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  1. I just heard back from FFG on this question: I stand corrected.
  2. I agree; it's an unusual situation, but I'd err on the side of openness and read the Rebels the entire triggered section before making them resolve anything that requires a decision.
  3. Thank god. I would have house ruled that anyway, but I'm glad FFG nipped that in the bud.
  4. I would guess people recommend EBT because they appear for free in several RtH missions, so its nice to have their figures instead of the tokens. Also (minor spoiler for the end of the RtH introductory mission):
  5. It comes down to you and your playgroup. I think we've established that there is no rule that *explicitly* states how Blast interacts with doors, but the closest analogue is the rule for Large figures which very clearly states that Blast does not apply to the target of the attack, even if the target occupies multiple spaces. So if you really want to rules lawyer it, technically, the rules-as-written are ambiguous on this point. But in terms of rules-as-intended, I see absolutely no argument for allowing an attack on a door to also Blast that same door. It's a silly technicality that would absolutely not fly among my playgroup. But your group's sensibilities may differ.
  6. If the primary target is a door, I would rule that you cannot also Blast that same door for extra damage. I can't think of a specific rule about it, but I would consider it analogous to attacking a Large figure (which also occupies more than one space), and the rules do say explicitly that you cannot shoot a Large figure in one space and Blast that same figure in another of its spaces. However, if you're targeting a figure standing adjacent to the door, then yes you could Blast the door. Likewise if you're targeting the door, you could Blast a figure standing adjacent to the door. Just remember that only the spaces which share an edge with a door are adjacent to the door, even though the door is also considered to occupy those spaces.
  7. Saska and Biv both seem really underwhelming to me. I'd probably rate them as the worst 2 out of all of them. Diala has amazing utility, but I'd probably put her at #2 behind Fenn. Tactical Movement is just insanely useful for a mere 1xp, and the rest of his deck is also solid. If he gets the new Blast attachment for Blast 2 early in the campaign, he's borderline overpowered. Verena and Loku also rank pretty highly for me -- Verena is a beast at wiping out larger numbers of weaker units even when they spread out to play around Fenn's blast, and Loku's mark can add up to very significant bonus damage over the course of many attacks against a harder target. Gideon rounds out my top 5. He's not particularly fun to play, but since he barely needs any credit investment whatsoever (just maybe some armor at some point), his Masterstroke is an enormously useful force-multiplier for the Rebels' limited cash resources.
  8. Yes, Mak still needs line-of-sight to his target in order to make a shot, and other figures in the way would block that line-of-sight unless they have some other ability to allow it, which they shouldn't have access to at the beginning of a campaign. The way his Ambush can be triggered is either when he's 4+ away from the target so his "Covert" makes him invisible to the target, or when he's shooting from a corner between two other figures or some other unusual situation where he can still trace line-of-sight out, but the target can't trace line-of-sight back to him.
  9. As far as I can see, Overdrive only grants an extra action, but says nothing about changing the rules of attacking. So, since HKs don't have any exemption to the one attack rule (the way E-Webs or IG-88 does, for example), they could not attack twice, even with Overdrive.
  10. I had the same experience. This is one of the cases where the Rebels are expected to know that they should never, ever, under any circumstances, trigger an event (progressing the mission, opening a door, etc) with their second action. If they make that single mistake in this mission, the Imperial gets a very strong bonus deployment in a very tactically advantageous position and can almost certainly take two of the three terminals before the Rebels have any opportunity to react. From there it's just a matter of wounding any nearby Rebels to get the last terminal (which the Imperial's very strong bonus deployments sure help with), and the Imperial even has 3 whole rounds to accomplish that before the Rebels can gain any benefit from guarding it. If the Rebels progress the mission with a first action, I can kind of sort of maybe see them pulling out at least a tie, if not a win. But if their only mistake in the entire mission is to upload with no actions remaining (and insufficient strain to get in range of the other terminals), they can more or less concede; the only remaining question is whether the Imperial can get the third terminal on that same round for the 12/12 blowout, or whether the Rebels can hang onto it to deny the Imperial that final bonus tier.
  11. Some kind of laser pointer or laser guide seems like it might be handy, but in practice I've never had too much trouble. It helps a lot to just identify what the major obstacle is between you and the target, and "count off" the angle to that obstacle corner -- i.e. 3 up, 2 over. That makes it easy to continue that pattern to see where that line passes near the target, which should usually make it clear whether two corners of the target are within your "visible arc" or not.
  12. Actually, those special interrupt actions such as "take one action after each hero activation" do count as mini-activations for purposes of Quick Draw etc. I asked FFG about this awhile back: And the response: As to the other question, the campaign guide instructs the Imperial to read out any new triggers as they arise, but *not* to include any other options that were not chosen. So it sounds like you played it correctly by announcing your chosen effect each time, but not announcing what your other options were.
  13. Well, to be fair, I don't know anyone who thinks Han or Chewie is *ever* a worthwhile ally for campaign Rebels because of their high cost, and even Luke is borderline at 10 threat. I agree that Leia ordering herself to get two 3-die attacks and two class card exhaustions per round is probably too strong for 8 threat, but if we assume that's an oversight and she shouldn't be able to order herself, then I'm not sure she's overpowered at 8. She's absolutely stronger than Luke, Han and Chewie, but frankly she ought to be, because they're pretty *under*powered for their threat cost.
  14. It's hard to understand your diagram, but no, I think the distance would be 2. You still can't "count spaces" directly through a wall, but you can count diagonally out and then back in around the wall, even if Trick Shot let you trace line-of-sight because by some other route.
  15. The card text looks pretty clear to me: Perform a move would mean the move action, so if you were only moving via strain or Tactical Movement or something else, then you could not trigger Adrenaline Injector.
  16. I stand corrected. So yeah, this combination is maybe a little more potent than I gave IL credit for. Given that it's still 7xp worth of stuff on a single group, I'm still not convinced it would be too OP; I'd have to see it in action compared to similarly skilled-up and equipped Rebels. But two extra attacks every round is nothing to sneeze at to be sure.
  17. It doesn't matter that it's a special action, you still can't use a "special action attack" and a "regular action attack" on the same activation as a non-hero.
  18. I'm not sure that would be allowed, actually. As I recall the technical limitation is that a non-hero "may only use one of its actions to attack", and you could argue that using XO with LBE in play is "using an action to attack" (after ordering someone else to attack out of turn), and would thus be forbidden if you had already used your first action on a regular attack. It's a little murky, though.
  19. Seems legal. I thought you might forget the "exhaust" on the attachments and have them both Executive Order eachother, but as long as you only use each attachment's special on one figure per round, I think it's legal. Just note that you've only gained one full figure's worth of actions (the two figures get a total of three moves and three attacks), while still having only two figure's worth of HP, so these shenanigans will only last until the Rebels focus fire one of them down. And since you're putting 7xp worth of class cards into a single group, they have a very high incentive to do just that, and they will also have probably 6-7xp worth of abilities to help them do it. So I'm not sure it's all that imbalanced, really.
  20. Yeah, the new Blast attachment (was that TS? or RtH? can't remember) was a neat idea, but doesn't seem well thought out in combination with Fenn. Giving someone else access to Blast 1 is worth X credits, but upgrading Fenn's Blast 1 to Blast 2 that early in the campaign is *way* more potent.
  21. I believe according to the rules as written, there is nothing that requires the "counting spaces" that determines range/accuracy to follow the same route as the line-of-sight. So Trick Shot lets you establish line-of-sight from someplace else, but you'd still "count spaces" from Jyn's own position to the target, by whatever the shortest path is.
  22. Yeah, it definitely feels like an oversight. I'll probably house rule it as such, but as of now, I think it's technically allowed.
  23. Based on the wording of her special action ability, it does seem plausible that she could use it on herself to order herself to attack a second time, triggering her surge each time.
  24. I think it's four attacks. It's definitely only three. There are two in the group and ordinarily each one can only attack once; the special action can let one of them order the other to attack a second time, but the special action explicitly says it can only be used once per group per round, so the other cannot also use that ability. Two normal + one bonus = three per round.
  25. I assume that the face-down Imperial deployment card in the Agent Blaise preview is his campaign version, since the visible card is skirmish-only. Do we know anything yet about his campaign special abilities?
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