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  1. Hey ya'll ! I'm still powering through my last IA commission, wanted to share with you the miniatures I completed last week. Currently working on Snow troopers. The Princess: Echo Base Troopers: Dengar and the Smuggler: Smuggler Detail: Dengar Close up: Much love my peoples.. I'll be sharing more, as I have a heap to get through. Worth noting these are painted to a Tabletop standard, a lot of cut corners. I'm open to questions if anyone has any. Malev
  2. Excellent ! I love the nmm techniques on the Assassin droids, the browns/bronzes look really nice. Great job over all on everything. Malev
  3. Hey my fellow meatbags. I splashed up the Assassin Droids last night and wanted to share with you the star of the group: HK-47. Thanks for looking, Much peace, Malev
  4. Nah my broda, I tend to only paint sculpted details for IA models. I still sometimes have nightmares about Dialas hand/head wraps.. These are commissions painted to a notch above tabletop standard. Much peace, Malev
  5. Peace my FFG brodas and sistas. Wanted to share with you the latest splashing on some IA:Minis. I have a hugeeeee lot on my workbench to paint for multiple IA sets. But I've painted most everything once or twice, except for the Hoth miniatures. I decided to take a stab at them, let me know your thoughts. Thanks for looking. Much peace, Malev
  6. good eye !! Honestly, it was only then when I was looking at that massively blown up image did i think "huh i didn't shade those intakes.." owell.. the exchange has been made and all is happy. I'll def keep an eye on that for the future. and also, a secret ! No masking tape. It does require a stead hand, but the trick is to start with the slim side of the wing, and not the top. Since they do trail to the backside of the wing, it's smaller surface allows for easier placement for which to drag the longer strokes across the top of the length of the wing: Once those are there, then the orange panel laid over the top will hide them. (provided one thins paints effectively). Thanks everyone for the kind words, I'm stoked to read them ! Bonus picture showing the grey panel on the other side: Much peace, Malev
  7. Thanks everyone for the kind words. I'm humbled.. But don't ever stop painting ! Let the splashing(of paint) commence! Here is a less in your face uber high contrast image... (also resized for message boards) Much peace, Malev
  8. Peace everyone - As you are, I too am well aware of the influx of Black One repaints.. but, regardless. I can't help but share things I enjoy, with people whom I think might also enjoy even if briefly. This was done on commission for a local. Thanks for looking. Much Peace, Malev
  9. Greatly appreciate you. Thanks for the words ! Here are the 'family' shots of the entire job. I'm still working on how to get better photos, it's all very thrown together for the time being. I've got another full set to get down on, plus the Hoth stuff for this particular client. Can't wait ! Thanks all for looking. Much peace, Malev
  10. Great work ! The white you've painted looks incredibly clean. It's a tough color to work with, you've done well. For the dark stripe across the brow, simply look at some Storm Trooper images, the band that goes above their eyes is "supposed to" be black. See: Yours are white. It's an extremely small nitpick.. I missed it two on my initial 9 I did from the coreset.. oops. Much peace, Malev
  11. Thanks everyone for the likes and kind words. Even saw Sorastro on the like list ! oh boy ! I'm glad that you noticed that too.. I shared it with some Wargamers and that was about the only thing I ever heard back. It's nice to know that those details are universally important. I don't have a picture, but i treated the barrel after feed back. Thanks ! I will edit a picture of the back in to this reply, thanks for looking. Back image: Much peace, Malev
  12. Peace everyone, first off sorry for the massive photos. I need to get a little nicer with the resizing.. I wanted to share my General Weiss, painted on commission for a large IA set. Was really a fun model to paint, and after painting the original one from the core, i certainly suggest that you never glue your at-st.. (maaaybe the legs) I think in the end breaking it down can be extremely useful. And detail shot of the base. Appreciate you taking a peek, happy painting and gaming everyone. Malev
  13. Hey ya'll. Wondering if anyone has had any experience with BattleSystems? I'm wondering if you could convert square per square equivalent maps using the mat and terrain. The scale on some of the furniture seems right, but Descents tiles are printed rather small - and some of them feature a mixture of outdoors and indoors environments. Eitherway, I've been eyeing both their sci fi set, and fantasy set for awhile now for use with IA and Descent. Much Peace, Malev
  14. The part that really is the kicker for me.. is that regardless of the fact that the newly written rules say 'entirety', .. that would mean that FFG is making ships that come with upgrades for that ship, that the ship cannot ever use. (again, using the Raiders 'AFT' vs 'AFT section' in my thinking). Doesn't that just seem odd? (I am in agreement as this will need to be changed in the FAQ, but i do think it's a bit silly for it to be required). Also, what if Adv. Was put in because Advanced was too long? Anyone consider the graphic design part of the card layouts? I can almost imagine a scene taking place where one of the Devs talks to the Graphic design guy, points him to this thread and is like: "Look at what your Feng-shui caused". *returns to lurking* Malev
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