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  1. It's got that sticky feeling, Oh, that sticky feeling, It's got that sticky feeling, And I can't play on, I've left my finger print on, No-oh-oh.
  2. This is another of my least favorite SW ships, it just doesn't look like it's in the right universe. But this paint job....beyond beautiful.
  3. Or use Lahmian Medium on a tiny brush, and use it to 'reactivate' the Nuln Oil in the center of each panel. It will lift off the excess Nuln Oil leaving it being in the panel gaps. Leave some Nuln Oil at the edges of the panels to represent aging/wear.
  4. This is one of my least favorite of the SW ships, it just doesn't look like it belongs. What you've done, makes it fit right in.
  5. Wow, look at you getting the first post all organized and sexy looking.
  6. I remember many many moons (that's no moon it's a gaming quote!!) ago, when we were playing the WEG Starwars rpg (first and still the best!), we were having a battle between our heavily modded yt-1300 (arn't they all?!), and a small (for a capital ship) Imperial prisoner transport ship. We were trying to break out a rebel scientist who had been caught by the Imps. As we were on an intercept course with the Imps, we ionized their controls. And...they ionized ours. Result? We collided with their ship. Our light (heavily modified) freighter plowed through the Imps capital (though lightly built as it wasn't designed for combat at all) ship, totally destroying the Imps ship!! The yt-1300 made it out through the other side, but a meter shorter.... Luckily, my character (who owned and also was the pilot of the yt-1300) made a stupidly high skill roll (capital ship repair roll from memory), and 'knew' which prisoner cell our target would be in. Another amazingly high roll followed and I located said prisoner cell, and used our tractor beam and pulled it into our hold. When asked by the other characters how I knew what cell the target was in, I just said it was something that happened a long time ago, don't worry about it! We rescued our target, though they were very battered, bruised, and very, very confused!!
  7. Go old school and use wax crayon.
  8. Someone really needs to give this thing the hot rod treatment. Black, with flames down the sides.
  9. As for washing/cleaning my paint brushes, I use the tears of my enemies. I find that most satisfying
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