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  1. That is one slick paint job. Would it be possible to get a side shot so we can see the detail in yellow clearer? 😉
  2. I've been using Holcroft Flow Medium this year, and I'm loving it. It's not gaming specific, you can get it (or other brand) in any good art store. I think from memory it cost me around $20 AUD for a 250ml bottle. I bought some small needle nose dropper bottles and put some flow medium in those. That way you can measure out a more precise amount. And yes it works well with model paints. I mainly use Vallejo paints, but also have a number of Citadel and even older Humbrol paints. Seems to work with all those paints ok. Been using about two drops or so with my paint, and that seems to be the right amount most of the time. But like Macross said, every paint/colour/mimiature and even day/humidity can play havoc with thinning paints at times. Add more if you're more aiming for a wash/glaze. I've also put in some kicker for ca glues in the little dropper bottles as well. This works a treat, instead of spraying your entire figure, hand, and your table with kicker, you can apply the kicker exactly where you need it. Only thing is that these bottles don't seem to be able to keep the kicker from evaporating, so only put a little in when you need to use it. Otherwise it's a waste of kicker, and that could be expensive.
  3. Because they probably don't want to undersell themselves. The same stores tend to sell decal sheets. Selling the blank pages would then be taking away sales from themselves. Kind of like how you never see oyamaru/bluestuff for sale in hobby stores that support miniature gaming.
  4. Ok, now you can go away! We can't have so many dang skilled painters around here. Making me feel insecure. lol
  5. *insert all kinds of Wow! noises here*
  6. Ohh, now someone has to paint a TIE in a tye die scheme! So obvious, yet I have not seen a single one!
  7. Impressive. Most impressive. I spot a life boat in there.
  8. Chainsaw. With diamond tip chain. Using avgas.
  9. Must admit, I only found this out last year myself.
  10. Coat D'arms was the previous paint manufacturer for Citadel.
  11. It's got that sticky feeling, Oh, that sticky feeling, It's got that sticky feeling, And I can't play on, I've left my finger print on, No-oh-oh.
  12. This is another of my least favorite SW ships, it just doesn't look like it's in the right universe. But this paint job....beyond beautiful.
  13. Or use Lahmian Medium on a tiny brush, and use it to 'reactivate' the Nuln Oil in the center of each panel. It will lift off the excess Nuln Oil leaving it being in the panel gaps. Leave some Nuln Oil at the edges of the panels to represent aging/wear.
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