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  1. CyCo

    Showcase: T65 X-wing

    You really captured the Kenner feel with this one.
  2. CyCo

    Mon Cal Corvette

    And the cg hasn't aged well either.
  3. CyCo

    Showcase: T-70 X-Wing

    You, Sir, are bonkers. My kind of bonkers.
  4. Dear fraking lord!! How many hours and how much filament went into this?!? You sir, are certifiably, delightfully insane.
  5. In that case, I'm going to have to go over there and lurk a bit on their forums.
  6. CyCo

    Showcase: IG-2000

    That is one of my favorites of your conversions Barry.
  7. I know of Gaslands. I used to play Dark Future back in the day. Still have 2 full sets, and a ton of matchbox/hotwheel cars, either modified, or waiting for being modified/painted. I still buy the occasional car, even though I haven't played it in ages. lol
  8. Perfect!! So, whatcha going to build next??
  9. CyCo

    Showcase: Y-wing

    Awesome work!!
  10. Bazza! Please come back my old bean. We've been missing your talent terribly I must say.
  11. No. Not fair. You can't do good videos as well!!!
  12. Dude! I thought your scratch build was great, but these illo's are so nice and clean. Awesome! How did you do these??
  13. Wow, bloody awesome. You know the Snowmans trailer was briefly the Walking Dead? Season 7, ep 10. 8]