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  1. Okay, I just need to clarify some rules. I've played four games, and they all ended with a "meh" feeling. Like we didn't really accomplish anything. 1) Do the special objectives on the scenario cards apply to the whole map, or just to each player's side of the map? Like, say you get a VP for occupying 3 mountain tiles at the end of your turn, would these tiles need to be on your side of the map, or can they be anywhere? 2) Same thing with the banner tiles. Do you get VP for occupying the banners on your side of the map, or only the banners on your enemy's side? The rules do not specify this, so I assume you get VP for occupying your own banner tiles. However I find this very weird, because then all we tend to do in a game is sit on our positions and wait. There's almost no incentive to attack... or am I missing something? Thank you!
  2. I don't understand it either, and I also don't get this explanation. Why discard the card once you level up? Also, I thought the "Crisis" cards were supposed to be discarded immediately after reading them.
  3. I'd really like to get an official answer from FF regarding the loss of attributes below the starting value. The wording in the instructions is somewhat contradictory, and there is nothing on the Flagship scenario that underlines the exceptional nature of this rule. Something like "exceptionnaly, in this scenario, a player can lose attributes below his starting values". I've seen a poster on another forum mention that the text in the Character Anatomy section feels like a leftover from the prototype; I totally agree that the "can't go below starting values" rule just doesn't fit with the rest ofthe information in the manual. FYI, I own the French version and it totally stood out for me as well, so something is definitely wrong with this rule.
  4. I'm having a problem with the Scenario Builder: I can save all my scenarios just fine (the green popup says the scenario has been successfully saved on the server), and when I log out and log back in again all my changes are there. So far so good, but I can't publish anything : when I try, a red popup says that the scenario cannot be published because of a server error, and that I should try again. I've been trying since last night and still nothing, however everything else works fine. Edit: I had no publishing issue until last night.
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