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  1. I like this change, cutting into that stat efficiency that they had while retaining a uniqueness to the list. Zeb won't be as dominate of a damage dealer without a double +1dmg attack, and Ezra's defense won't be quite as ridiculous as it was. This will definitely let other lists compete against them on more even footing. I agree with cnemmick that Spectre could still be viable at upper levels of play.
  2. Excellent, great update! I love the skirmish list presentation and I am probably going to be using that quite a bit.
  3. Feeding frenzy is interesting as an idea and could help with his damage output, but Zillo definitely has a place in this pierce heavy meta. I usually leave terro and my dewbacks not upgraded as I tend to use them as body blockers and mobile cover. That looks like a fun list Cyklop. Terro/Thrawn/Blaise almost screams at me to take some Riots for more strain and attacking the command deck further, but I would have to think on it a bit on how to keep your activations up. I love Data theft, but I want to ask what you mean to accomplish with it? Trooper lists aren't as common these days, which cards are you planning on stealing? Intel Leak might be the better choice, and it doesn't cost an action. I'm also a huge fan of New Orders, but you have 4 leaders that probably want to be doing something else with their actions. Do you have a plan there?
  4. I've been running BT in a droid list against spectre for a month or so. He will usually put through about 4 damage onto a spectre figure with his rainbow dice, and nothing or 1 damage with his barrage rockets. He usually dies after 2 attacks, sometimes 3 if you are lucky. In my games he tends to be the first figure to die. That could be me leaving him a little further out to draw fire away from other figures, but people also love shooting BT, because if you don't shoot him his attacks can add up quickly. The regional I went to last month had a Riot swarm, Ig/Hunters, IG/Smugglers, and 8-9 activation Han/Smugglers as the most common lists.
  5. I have been working on building a strain list and I can’t decide if Under Duress is worth putting into it. To that end I have been trying to organize my thoughts about Under Duress, and have been asking myself some questions about it. I figured I should get some community thoughts on those questions as well. 1. Will people always take the damage instead of losing 2 command cards? With the exception of that damage killing a figure. 2. Slightly Tangential to the above. How much damage is needed to be worth 2 deployment points? 2a. How much damage would be needed if you were already at 7-8 activations and didn’t need another rJawa? 3. Does having Under Duress improve strain command cards, or actually hinder them because people will take damage and not burn their deck? 4. Would you use Under Duress as a “bluff” to have people take more damage, without specializing your command deck towards strain? (I put quotes around bluff, as figures like IG would still take advantage of it.) 5. How many points of a command deck should I put towards strain vs other effects? My own answers to my questions. 1. I think very few people would drop the command cards and would instead take the damage. Command cards win games. 2. For 2 deployment points and losing an activation I’m feeling like 4-6 damage might start to be worth it. 2a. If I already had enough activations maybe 3-4 damage. 3. I’m really unsure about this, I think this question is where I’m struggling the most. I guess it depends on if the person is saving their command cards and choosing damage instead when they take a strain. 4. I could see the bluff working, but only if people were afraid of the strain. 5. I’m also really torn on this, but I’m thinking 7 command points wouldn’t be unreasonable to spend in a strain based list. Any further thoughts or idea would be helpful as well.
  6. The LoLcats do have pounce, so its deployment zone +3 squares. Might not help with pummel but the rest would be fine. Also now I'm going to have to try that in a list.
  7. Thanks for the response, it was a lot longer than I expected. I'm loving it so far as a builder. If I notice anything else I will let you know. I might have a "quick" fix for the card text. I'll send you a PM.
  8. When using your Command Card filter I notice that it only searches the card trait section, so when you are looking for cards that are really for a specific trait it will miss a few. For example: Reinforcements for troopers. Here are a few that I can think of that the search misses for other traits as well: Covering Fire Overdrive Reinforcements Call the Vanguard Emergency Aid Prepared for Battle Repair Provoke Ferocity Rebel Graffiti( can't search sabine's name) Planning Officers Training
  9. There is tons of stuff from Rogue One/ Solo that would be great, but for stuff that we have basically already passed over I would love to see: Scout troopers Lo-Bot(rebel/merc, either if you have lando?) Bib-Fortuna
  10. @cbuss With Motivation on Leia, it is possible to keep kotun out of line of sight on your opponent’s turn, then on leia’s turn move kotun into line of sight with the motivation movement point followed up by a leia/kotun shot. Its not used every round as a trick, but its fun to keep shuffling figures into line of sight to share a shot with leia. Or moving a figure out if the way so that she can get line of sight. Im itching to try leia, kotun and CT-1701 together when the new set comes out.
  11. Thats a fun list. I tend to like pairing Leia with another long range shooter so that they can hit at a distance while having shorter ranged units prevent them from being rushed. Recently I have been running Leia + Motivation and Ko-tun together. Haveing both figures move into line of sight is great.
  12. I'm a bit excited for Escalating Hostility. Possibly removing 6 cards from a command deck is great. Time to start trying out the strain lists again! Sabine looks great. Especially that juicy +1 damage +1 Blast surge on a Hunter. Time to break out explosive armaments and give her some extra surges.
  13. I'm going to have to actively try not to have Rule by Fear, Zillo and Doubt in my imperial lists; or maybe just give in and accept my imperial lists will be 37 points. I think my favorite of this set of cards is Dying Lunge, more help for slower melee figures is great.
  14. Also for a while Elite Sabs were played with Targeting computer for rerolls which helped as well.
  15. I'm not sure they will ever touch them again as they have been "fixed." Further changes could lead to more confusion with players who don't play often. Then there were all of the reprints of the cards in the new versions of core boxes. So there are a lot of people out there without the "old" versions. All of that said, I would love to see the royal guards come back enough that they saw play. I still see people run a set of Elite Sabs every so often for objective running/blast/stun. Un-nerfing the Blast 4 would have to be looked at carefully as that is a lot of damage potential. The reg sabs should stay nerfed. Getting pierce 4 on them was absolutely broken for their cost.
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