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  1. Half-right is not as bad as being completely wrong! Thanks for correcting me.
  2. Wasnt that used in the Clone Wars and then again only again under Thrawn? You often see Vader in his meditation chamber on The Executor in the movies. I believe it is assumed he is trying to perceive the future but he could easily be practicing battle meditation as well.
  3. The ability of certain force sensitive individuals included "Battle Meditation". This allowed the force user to reach out and supply passive benefits to their allies or, demoralize the enemy. More here. I can easily see a mechanic for this in Armada =D
  4. I was uncertain about the assault fish before, but now I'm really digging it!
  5. You have gone right over my head with the acronyms cruiser2710...
  6. A friend of mine is working on cards for many of these ships http://www.boardgamegeek.com/thread/1354606/custom-ship-cards-looking-input , but the more options the better... I love all you guys! Keep it up gentlemen!
  7. Will you be designing custom bases for them too? You probably won't want to replicate FF's bases due to copyright but something custom might work =D Edit: Also, I am a big fan of this design for the modified CR90 FarStar: http://starwars.wikia.com/wiki/FarStar I'd love to pick up one of those eventually!
  8. Q ship transports with fighter docks inside the cargo containers. That's no Rebel supply convoy!
  9. I want to see an upgrade or character at some point to have an ability that has some form of battle meditation. The ability some force users have to increase the effectiveness of their own units and/or decrease the effectiveness of their opponents.
  10. Hey! I am currently in Los Alamos, but I occasionally make it to Active Imagination for Infinity on Sundays. Is that what you meant by AI? This week is a little odd for me, but I might be able to make it.
  11. Looking for players in The Land of Entrapment!
  12. Just got it! As of 4:53 PM mountain time.
  13. How did you get it if they only just got the items in stock? 0_o I will have to check my mail after work. I preordered in February and I haven't gotten any notification yet...
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