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  1. Good to hear! I’m going to try to pace myself with Legion but I’ve never been good at it. :)
  2. I'm one of the many who have acquired Legion over the holidays but I'm not unfamiliar with FFG games. Does this game follow suit with some other games where I might need to buy some expansions to get certain upgrade cards even if I don't plan on using the unit they come with? It's not a huge deal, I'm just curious.
  3. I have a feeling that the majority of the time, you'll be using Wraiths to move through small terrain pieces and shift through small units while in combat.
  4. So I wonder if the "Death's Grasp" condition is considered a bane. Doesn't sound like it is.
  5. Seems like the key would be to try and drop those two Carrion Lancers as fast as possible. What is he shielding with the Carrion Lancers? Archers or the Reanimates?
  6. A lot will depend on your local meta too.
  7. I think you're going to find that to be very situational. Not only will you have games where banes are non-existant, you're going to have times where units are out of position or they have so many banes stacked up that you can't remove enough of them. Also, since the special action is on the modifier, I think any attacks will go off before the banes can be removed.
  8. Yep, I'll be there. Got my ticket to the tournament as well.
  9. The more and more I read, the more I think that I'm woefully unprepared for the tournament. I keep changing my list around and doubting myself and reading about stuff that I need to account for. I'm ready to just say "screw it" and go out there and have some fun. Who else here is playing in the Friday tournament?
  10. After seeing that cracked earth, I'm mad that I didn't do that.
  11. Yea, either have the option to stun during melee or get the increased defense. But not have the special action on the main dial at all.
  12. I think a single Rune Golem for this purpose would be the most effective. Not to derail the OP's thread but I would have thought having a red special action on the modifier would be reasonable.
  13. Thematically it sounds pretty awesome. I'd be in favor of it if there was a way to balance it out. Initiative 3 seems a little quick for Rune Golem to hurl a big ol' boulder at you though. Not to mention that ranged stun has a potential to break a lot of unit abilities. Perhaps this is something that a named Rune Golem character could have. That way you don't see whole armies of rock throwing Rune Golems.
  14. Hmm. I haven't seen this happen yet. If both players know the charging distance necessary to charge and you know what initiative they move on, it should just be a matter of who has the turn dial that turn and gets to go first in case of a tie. However I have had instances where I thought I was going to receive an early charge from Raven Tabards so I dialed up an attack only to have them rally or reform. I kinda know where you're coming from with the sitting back and waiting tactic though. I primarily see it with Daqan players with Hawthorne where they like to sit back for a turn or two and build up inspirations tokens. Waiqar players have been known to do the same when they have upgrades that need to be readied later on (Tempered Steel, Fortuna's Dice, etc). It can be a crap shoot sometimes. In my last game against Daqan, my opponent had Hawthorne and I thought for sure that he was going to sit back for at least a turn and buff up. Instead he came at me fast and hard with his cavalry and Rune Golems and totally caught me off guard. Perhaps cavalry is the answer? Come at them with a straight 4 march with a +1 defense on the modifier and you can probably avoid a lot of missile fire. Waiqar will get their cavalry soon enough but until then they can do something similar with Carrion Lancers.
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