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  1. First of all THANK YOU!! secondly , I'm sure this has been discussed but what's the recommended paper stock that seems to be the sweet spot for these beauties? Thanks again , awesome work!
  2. Still waiting from MM =( not entirely their fault or seems my package was misplaced , our carrier is a real life version of Auto the bus driver. I'm giving unto Friday , if I don't have it by then I will risk divorce and buy it from the comic shop next town over. Lol glad to see such positive feed back though , can't wait! !
  3. So their site says my order shipped. But it was shipped UPS , I called last week and paid for priority mail. So I ask them , they say oh yeah it was shipped priority mail and gave me a tracking number. The tracking number was created on the 18th, when I track it out just shows that the label was created. Even though they updated me to shipped , I don't think they've actually shipped it yet.... I'm really disappointed in their service. I know they aren't ripping me off but it has such a sketchy Feel to it.....
  4. Yeah, this will be the last order I place with them. At least the last time I pre order anyhting. when I called last week and was more or less told they process the timed shipments first. So I upgraded to priority mail. Then today I was told they hadn't received shipment yet. And they process pre orders based off of when they were placed. So which is it? Then I'm seeing (just like xwing w6) the infamous "I pre ordered ten minutes ago and just got my shipping email" I don't mind waiting , well actually I do lol. But if you're not shipping on day one , then why up sale shipping?
  5. I called MM to cancel them out of my pre order , didn't want a pack of dice delaying my core. The guy on the phone made a remake to the effect of "Probably a wise choice"
  6. Xwing Falcons and Firesprays are off the boat =) shipping now. Maybe Armada soon also =)
  7. I noticed the IA dice pack , that was On The Boat yesterday is now In Stores. Hopefully we'll see this kind of status change with our Armada cores. =D I have far too much time on my hands when I'm on Med Leave lol!
  8. As we all suspected. MMs notification system jumped the gun. My order status went from pre order to ready to ship to complete ...... back to preorder =) They must have caught the mistake as they were shipping out my S&V goodies. Anyway , just thought I'd provide an update.
  9. Keltz

    MM Preorders

    Miniature Market is a fantastic site. They are prepared to fill all orders. I'm sure there's a rhyme/reason to how they do it. Could be that they just go down a list to update the orderer's shipping page, for example. I don't know for sure. I have bought from them several times (lwith 1/4th or so with preorders) and never had an issue with them. Well, one time a part of my order didn't ship, and they immediately reshipped it free of charge once I told them. I don't consider that an issue with the the speed that they fixed it. They are my favorite site to order from, and are very fast shippers. Thanks for the reassurance , I'm sure they'll take care of me. The waiting just sucks. Plus I have the misfortune of living in southern California so shipping will take another week lol.
  10. Keltz

    MM Preorders

    I'm new to this company but chose to pre order through them on a recommendation from a buddy. Is this kind of IRS'esque randomness normal from them? It seems like they weren't entirely prepared to fill all their preorders...I hope this is not the norm from them as they are also holding my cash for Armada....=(
  11. Not sure I've done this properly. I'm happy to turn over the group to someone more experienced once he/she arrives. But for now here's one for Southern California You May Fire When Ready https://m.facebook.com/groups/606934136109073?ref=m_notif&notif_t=group_added_to_group&actorid=1829662839 Hopefully we get enough people we'll have to start making smaller regional groups. But for now this should help.
  12. Would be cool but stuff like that doesn't usually happen to me lol. My money is on them shipping the non pre order items. .then double charging me shipping when Armada drops lol but I'll keep everyone posted =)
  13. Pre ordered on MM , and I'm sure it's a glitch but it went from "Pre-Order, Processing" to "Ready To Ship" a few hours ago....
  14. I think pretty much everything except A's , B's , The Firespray , The Falcon , Tie Bombs and Interceptors.
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