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  1. This is actually an interesting point.... I think the red boost WOULD work with Advanced Sensors. Advanced Sensors prevent you from performing another action during your activation. Virago takes place during the end phase, which is after the Activation (and subsequent Engagement) phase(s) have concluded. You wouldn't be able to do it if you boosted during your advanced sensors, since it still falls under "only 1 attempt per action per round" rule, but if you barrel rolled, you're good to go. Of course, you miss out on the linked calculate in that case (or rather the red calculate would lock out the red boost).
  2. I don’t really like the Reaper over a Lambda (wow what a world), but Fernoth with Vader, Tua, Juke and Stealth Device seems quite hardy. Reduce damage by 1, one guaranteed evade against targets without greens, and a second defensive die with an evade token.
  3. Did Virago pay for itself? I usually don’t consider 8 points worth it for a shield device, so paying 2 more for the end phase red boost seems a bit much (since you’ve likely boosted and/or performed a linked action previously?). I don’t know if you wouldn’t be much better served with proton bombs, trajectory simulator and predator on IG88. Or instead of the escape craft, use the points to fit in a HWK, to either strip green tokens or reduce rival aces to initiative 0. I do love me some star viper though, I wish we just had another 4+ named pilot (since Xizor sucks IMO), so I can run three of them.
  4. I'm surprised that no one has mentioned overload pulse with the Dominator. With 5 blue dice, you are very likely to get that critical even without Screed. Add a gunnery team and you exhaust two enemy ships per turn while throwing out up to 14 dice total. I'm going to pair her with an ISD2 with Avenger, Gunnery Team, and SW-7 ion batteries. So no using defense tokens that have been exhausted by the Dominator, and every blue accuracy result translates to another hit.
  5. I do hope FFG makes a foray into reviving Battlefleet Gothic.
  6. Yes, the game already has a defined "small ship" category, and that's the Corvette and Neb-B. Falcons/Decimators would need a different category, but should probably still come out of the squadron budget.
  7. Ah, lol, now I see it. Maybe they are playing an attrition campaign and the Rebel is preserving his forces by ceding the territory without losing any resources. Or what if when you leave the board edge, you come out on the opposite board edge (you are fighting right above the atmosphere of a planet), so those Rebels are about to assram the hell out of those Imperials!
  8. That's meant to be an example of using minefields to control opponent's deployment and movement to force a favorable strategy. Yes, it's a little over the top, but again, it is meant to be an example. We just found out stationary targets get no defenses, so maybe ones moving at very fast rates get extra ones. With Mon Mothma on the table, potentially the swifter rebel force could blow past the Victories while soaking the worst of enemy fire (they don't have to worry about the TIEs) and pump shots into their arse while they slowly try to come about.
  9. It is to make it easier to put together your armies, as well as calculate victory points at the end, without having to consult a manual. FFG has a different way of balancing rather than screwing around with point costs, such as releasing upgrade cards (some of which modify point cost) or other models that have synergy with the under-performing ones. Please don't turn this into a GW game.
  10. Do they even have boarding engagements in Star Wars (boarding in this case meaning attacking a fully functional and crewed ship with intent of taking it over)? My understanding was the ships just trade blows until one ship has no shields or engines, then they just saunter over and take the thing. So all the people snidely pointing out Vader's casual stroll through the rebel ship in Episode IV aren't really talking about the boarding actions being discussed here. Now if FFG revives Battlefleet Gothic, boarding torpedoes for everyone!
  11. This is good, because otherwise bombers are useless. They are designed to be small ships that capital-class payloads while being vulnerable to their peers. From the demo games I've seen, fighters use Hit and Accuracy results, and ignore everything else (including crits) when attacking fighters.
  12. As for the original prints being destroyed, reconstruction is still possible: http://arstechnica.com/business/2010/05/star-wars/1/ Of course, 20th Century Fox owns rights to A New Hope in perpetuity, so they would either have to sell it to Disney or work out some sort of deal. There are also all sorts of licensing contracts and the like in place for the special editions, etc. so we will probably have the third trilogy all out and in theaters before we see any original prints of the first one.
  13. That is actually an interesting observation. I watched one of the documentaries about the making of the Phantom Menace, and I noted that whenever Lucas would walk in on a department to check up on them, everyone was stock still and terrified-looking. You would expect these guys to love their jobs... wow, I work at Lucas Arts! I get to interact with George Lucas! Respectful since he's the boss? Sure. Starstruck since he's Lucas? Maybe. But no, they were all terrified. Gives some insight into his management approach. Same thing when they watched the first cut. No one was excited about the work they just completed, no one was even looking at the crapfest on the screen, they were all tense as hell and staring at George. When he made some off-hand "maybe we tried to do to much" remark or something along those lines, most of them looked ready to faint. He bought into his own hype, and allowed for no input in any aspect of the operation. Hence we get the new trilogy. I think even he realized by the third movie that "crap, this was supposed to be about Vader's fall to the Dark Side, not stupid races and political discourse and goofy robots!" and proceeded to rush all of Anakin's character development into 10 minutes of screen time. "I want to be a Jedi hero!"... 30 seconds later... "I be murderinz deez childrenz!" I mean, I guess we shouldn't have been surprised. This is the man that considered Empire Strikes Back as the worst of the Star Wars films (i.e. the only one he didn't direct and barely produced and had the least amount of input on the script), when it's probably better than all of the rest of the films combined. I follow the school of Patton Oswald. If I had a time machine, the first thing I would do is go back and murder George Lucas with a shovel.
  14. Watched the video... does Vader have any gravitas anymore? Pretty sure Lucas killed that.if you have seen the Clone Wars animation you would know Star Wars had been wrestled away from Lucas' hands and has been reborn as good. I mean the Clone Wars as way better than Episode 1-3. The Rebels is being done by the same crew that did Clone Wars so I do have high hopes.Also after Lucas sold the copy rights he has been removed from any story writing for anything Star Wars. (Thank God! We may have thought Anakin's actor was the worst decision but do you remember Indiana Jones and the Crystal Skull? Just imagine Episode 7 being done after that. Try not to have nightmares tonight.) Clone Wars was only okay. I enjoyed the first Samurai Jack-esque season, but the follow-ups were average at best. Anakin is a whiny, annoying brat in any of his incarnations. I am enjoying Rebels so far. I do have high hopes with the Disney-driven Star Wars (not that I am a huge fan of Disney, but they could have given the series to Uwe Boll and still been better off after Lucas). I do hope they release the bluerays of the original films without all the stupid crap Lucas has added over the years.
  15. Most intricate, awful April fools day in the history of ever... All an insidious plot to drive us into the grasp of the Dark Side. Let your anger consume you!
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