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  1. Its pretty much dead in the water. The IP belongs to Games Workshop but the game itself (mechanics etc.) belong to Fantasy Flight. Unless the two start working together again, then this game has reached the end of its life.
  2. mitchjmiller

    Coin Caps

    Great idea! Can imagine the game gets a lot noisier with these, but surely no worse than dice. Probably adds a nice feel to them as well I imagine? Pity my copy of Runebound doesn't see enough play to warrant capping my tokens.
  3. Yep, no surprise here. I'll be more surprised when something replaces it as his #1.
  4. Can't argue against it being average and bland too much, but it's not the worst. I'd say it's just a little paper thin, which it kind of has to be to have all the characters playable and all the villains reusable. But to be honest I'm a little sick of the same theme and characters and creatures and world being slapped onto all these new games. A bit of variety would be nice sometimes which is why I liked WQ:ACG. A game with great mechanics but in a different setting. Nothing really against the Terrinoth setting, I just think I've seen too much of it and it just doesn't really excite me that much anymore.
  5. Think this forum could do with a "custom content" sub forum to encourge more stuff like this. If FFG do drop the game for whatever reason, it would be great to have a community willing to build content for the game.
  6. It's nice to see older games getting some love alright. It does shine a bit of hope that Rune Age will get some more love. I agree that the game is pretty well rounded now, but the more variety the better I say! The current six races are good, but some more mercenaries and scenarios would be a great addition. Especially a new scenario with some unique mechanics just to freshen it up a bit. Would say a small box expansion would be nice. Maybe not POD as they seems to have issues with matching card quality, but even a small expansion would mean a whole lot!
  7. In the rules it states: Passing If you do not wish to perform a combat action, you may pass. If you pass, you cannot perform any more combat actions during this round of combat, but you can still spend {shield} symbols. So in essence you can just choose to do nothing that round to avoid damage, and then at the start of the next round recast all your tokens. This is pretty much what you were saying but just being a bit more specific.
  8. Hey Guys, While browsing the forums I had an interesting thought! What if it was possible to create RtL maps through the quest vault! It would be a very interesting idea and blow open the potential for custom content! I'd imagine there would be a few limitations when it comes to building maps and whatnot, but I don't think the current Quest Vault interface is far off creating the maps! It would just need implementation of controlling monster groups and added flavour text to events and items/objective tokens. After that, monster activations could be pseudo randomised (as they appear to be in the app itself). To build on that further, the ability to manage special monster groups would be a nice to have, but I feel this would be delving further into actual campaign building that the Quest Vault would be able to support currently... What do you guys think? Would you say porting Quest Vault over to RtL be desirable and possible?
  9. Just received mine there yesterday. I'd also have to agree about the card quality being pretty bad. They mention on their site that they aren't linen finished, which they aren't and that's fine because it was expected. But the cut edges are very rough, almost as if they were cut with a blunt edge. Some of the edges aren't straight either. The card stock is also a completely different colour to the others so they stand out like a sore thumb in the box. These POD cards really wouldn't work for any card that would need to be shuffled in with the core game's cards; but at least these ones don't need to. Haven't gotten to play with the heroes just yet, but said I'd leave my comments about the card quality as well.
  10. You have to remember that the boxed expansions are their own self-contained product. They include their own complete campaign based on the traditional way to play Descent with an Overlord. Road to Legend is also an expansion of sorts, that has its own self contained campaign and unlike previous expansions; allows you to optionally incorporate content from other expansions. This in of itself is great! But just because you choose to play solely with the app doesn't mean you should expect the boxed expansions to provide an extensive amount of content for it. They are their own product that luckily can be incorporated somewhat into the app. Not to say I wouldn't be happy to see RtL complete campaigns based on each expansion; but I do think its a high and unreasonable expectation. Hero/Monster packs are a good alternative to adding content to RtL as they are cheaper and don't contain much campaign related content of their own.
  11. I love when aggro posts instantly get shot down
  12. That's is the most reasonable delivery price to the EU from the US I've ever seen! Knowing Ireland though they'll be stingy and hold it and charge me the €2 customs on it. Ordered anyway
  13. That said, it's kind of a known thing that FFG don't interact with the forums a lot. Whether that means they don't see posts like this, I'm not sure. Just wondering if there's a medium outside the forums that might put Rune Age a bit more into FFG's spotlight? I know Runebound is one of their latest releases and I own it myself, but I'd much prefer a Rune Age expansion over that personally
  14. So many people hating on Spiritspeaker. Vigor is amazing! Throw that skill on Elder Mok and you've got a pretty beefy character that just all round improves the team.
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