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  1. XTC is starting in a hour! I'm hyped as ****! There will be 3 streamers: dion, loken55 something and legion Krakow!
  2. On average 2.0 is more complicated than 1.0 was, but 1.0 had a couple of lists that spiked far above the average. Things like 4 clt jedi with sense and saese are getting closer to that thought
  3. Not being forced to move in formation is a concept many players fail or refuse to grasp. Sometimes is for legitimate concern: one downside of approaching from different angles is that you are somewhat risking to not have all guns on the target on the first engage, other times is because you are playing with stuff like biggs or howlrunner and you are pretty much forced to stay in formation if you want to use the points spent on those ability. More often than not thought, people play in formation out of habit and because they are afraid of manouvering. Biggsless rebel beef was the perfect example of such behavior, I had great time in the mirror just because I wasn't scared of spreading up my ships and attack from 2 angles. And I used to be one of those people always playing in formation, mostly because I always felt I was risking to not properly focusing fire otherwise. Then, after losing countless games against the eventual winner of the Italian sos, I realized it was an overvalued fear and started to smash the mirrors (up until the point my ten numb managed to completely blank out 3 r1 with focus shots in a raw, but that is another sad story). Ofc Bio's pictures are unrealistic example of games between decent players, but they are there to give you the idea of the concept, or at least I believe so Please guy keep playing formation even when you don't need it
  4. I would like to see regen not gaining back half-points, but even with such a thing I beleive we are missing the problem which is force and stressless double repositioning on high ps ships with great dials. As I said previously, Anakin is cancerlike level of crazy goodness, I'm definetly not looking forward to the next 6 months of hunting him in various 200 points Anakin list
  5. I bet you are: with so many 5As around I would love to have you as a sparring partner too
  6. XTC lists are out! http://www.starfightersitalia.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/08/XTC-19_lists_final-2.pdf @yankees what do you think about team USA? Are Manzano, tippet, Yun and nuckles (plus the added Italian, this year we are in so many teams, I'm playing with Scotland as a literal last minute replacement lol) ready to export democracy in the old continent? @GreenDragoonI noticed there is a team Swiss at this XTC, I was excited you might have been there but since the Swiss aren't bringing 5As I suppose you won't...
  7. Seeing this juggler entry brings back lots of nice memories: it was my lowest point of xwing enjoyment ever, palpa aces were running rampant and skill intensive evade autothruster palpatine was frustrating as **** but then I played Dan hars corran Wes biggs list and I had a blast! Won my first regional with that and got to the top8 of a sos and a national. I really miss Wes (and old corran...)
  8. What are you guys going to play at gencon? I need list to copy for the European.
  9. iirc tomorrow is the deadline for sending the XTC lists and probably they will be public soon after, that would be an interesting insight on the worldwide meta, including USA this time if I'm not mistaken. It will be heavily skewed by the tournament being team based, but I'm excited to see what so many different country will consider good enough to be played by their national team
  10. Afterburners are nice on qd and they make her more ace-like (although for those points there's the option of adding a shield upgrade. One of my local player had some success combing composure with Afterburners to intentionally fail and entering in the first round of combat with full mod which is a nice deterrent on shooting on her. I'm not particularly a fan of this setup but it does work. BD is also very good for his points, I prefer him rather than tavson in a 3 ships list because it allows for hate kylo and some upgrades on QD Oh I didn't consider it on assault gunboats, maybe autoblaster isn't entirely useless
  11. I didn't watch the stream, did he concede? From what I'm hearing he just thought the game was over as soon as the console fire rolled hit, in which case it's judge job to ensure the proper game state is respected
  12. I have great hopes on the after action @GreenDragoon report of the event, hopefully he's not too distracted by the hyperspace side event and will provide us info about the top. So far, from the little I gathered from the stream, the top something at least has one Rey 2 t70, one Jendon Vynder Vader and one Wat 7 drones swarm Autoblasters are there because you are part of the confused react challenge right?
  13. @ThinkingBis not entirely wrong: generally speaking, aces going to time is mostly 1.0 legacy. Out of 22 games of rebel beef I played between Swiss and top over 2 sos and a HS trial, I went to time thrice: 2 times in a beef semi mirror and once against quad phantoms. The usual 2.0 ace can't arcdodge AND modify, thus if you just point at them at one point they die. The issue is related to aces with force, aka kylo and jedis
  14. To think that one of 2.0 target was to make the game simpler...
  15. It's not even just a miniature games thing: soccer is full of inaccuracies, even post VAR, yet it's the most played and followed competitive game in the world. Even computer Esports like league of legends have their share of game changing bugs Precision to stick on its own rules/mechanics isn't necessary for something to be competitive, we have plenty of example of imprecise competitive games
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