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  1. As title suggests, pattern analyzer Nien does a red manuver over debris ending up with a enemy ship in arc range 1. Does he get 1 action, 2 actions or no action? And ends up with no stress or 1 stress? Apologies if this has been asked already. Search hasn't been very helpful.
  2. Thanks man you are doing superb work.
  3. That was brilliant. I can not agree anymore about people complaining if they see a nerf coming to their favourite ship, which alone makes this idea bad. Also I liked how you put emergent behaviour in interacting x wing cards in a programming context. I have two reservations though. First it should never be done for unreleased content and I was not suggesting that. Secondly new players might be kept away from it by labelling/hiding it appropriately. All in all for time being I guess there are no easy solutions. Thanks for the replies guys.
  4. Right I agree, players cant make it public but it just might be viable from FFG's side. Also I didn't mean any playtesting from upcoming waves but from errata and faq for already released content. Thanks for your comment.
  5. hmm I have my doubts that it might not work out well. Why do you think so?
  6. Can the playtester forums be made available for viewing only? So not every one can comment but most of the community is aware of possible changes that might happen.
  7. Well full health Poe got obliterated in one round of firing there is a "punch"
  8. Fair enough, that sounds reasonable. Thanks WWHSD.
  9. Apologies if this has been cleared before. Here is the scenario Poe equipped with pattern analyzer reveals green 3 forward and lands in range one of r3a2 snap shot Nien Nunb. Does he get his action or not? Snap Shot : "After an enemy ship executes a maneuver, you may perform this attack against that ship. Attack: Attack 1 ship. You cannot modify your attack dice and cannot attack again this phase." Pattern Analyzer: "When executing a maneuver, you may resolve the "Check Pilot Stress" step after the "Perform Action" step (instead of before that step)." Execute maneuver is divided in 3 steps a) Move ship, b) Check Pilot Stress, c) Clean Up Then we get to Perform Action step. So my question is does PA breaks the Execute maneuver and Poe can perform action before snapshot activates? Thanks.
  10. abhi23iiser

    T65 a New Hope

    Similarly a title that allows you to take the action header on astromech as a free action. A bit like experimental interface but better (not unique, no stress penalty, no giving up modification slot). Currently we have 3 astromechs R7-T1, R2-F2, and R5-D8 with action header none of which see any play. I think this might be good for all 3 X, E and T-70. Now only things that we need to avoid breaking are Biggs, Corran and Poe wit their current combinations. Biggs generally is seen with either R4-D6 or R2-D2(more adventurous pilots) so damage reduction or regen so clearly R2-F2 might be a great choice but it still requires an action albeit free so stress and bumping should be able to overcome it. R5-D8 is just another regen and weaker than R2-D2 may be comparable to R5-P9 in its effectiveness. Both Poe and Corran rely heavily on regen R5-P9 or R2-D2 and I don't see either of them switching to any of these 3. Though I see 4 green dice Corran or 3 dice autothruster Poe as tough cookies to crack but I would sure welcome the variety that will bring to play styles. I see these most useful as a tool to bring all X, E or T-70 all named squads. Action efficiency will make generics as well as named pilots much more attractive as jousting backbone of rebels.
  11. My group came up with house rule to consider the PS of normal ties to be one less than the average of the rebel group instead of PS 1. It made predator useful in early missions specially for thinning the herds how ever as players gained PS predator became less useful which encouraged players to come up with more interesting and often superior combinations.
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