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  1. The reference to Headhunters had me in fanboy nirvana. I first encountered them a long time ago...in the 90s reading West End Games' Star Wars Sourcebook. A great nod to the past, along with the Arrestor.
  2. Hi, enjoying this storied campaign. Its got a realustic sense of Star Wars drama to it. Battle games are so much extra fun with context.
  3. Hi I liked Solo and saw it again during the week and have to say I enjoyed it even more second time round. I absorbed more of the music, characters and background activity this time round, e.g. I caught the brief appearance of the Arrestor cruiser in the propaganda movie. The backround Imperial Army combat scenes on Minban are especially interesting (far more armour fighting and dying than i noticed first time) and thinking i may need to convert some of my micro machine Imperial fleet-troopers to regular army. If anyone is put off seeing on the big screen due to poor reviews, I would recommend giving it a go. Most of my fellow Star Wars friends have given it a thumbs up and I notice Starburst magazine's reviewer expected an average movie but gave a high mark. *Spoiler * ps While there is not much that could feed into Star Wars naval lore/games, it is cool that the plot indirectly ties into the birth of the Alliance Fleet, regards fuel supplies *End spoiler.*
  4. Thanks for sharing. I am looking forward to getting the Mon Cal story arc in graphic novel format. Looks like there are exciting scenario ideas there. Long live the Rebellion!
  5. Alas, the otherwise fascinating "Dk Solo - The Official Guide" does not give any details of these background ships.
  6. Good luck to all playing. I am flying in the morning to the Gaming Expo next door with a friend but hope pop in to see sone of the action.
  7. Hi, glad you raised this topic. I would really like to see Armada emulate Star Trek Attack Wing and include a new scenario with every ship pack. I only started playing STAW after SWA and was pleasantly surprised at the scenario contents variety, replayabilty and fun. Between movies, books, comics, cartoons, roleplay guides and computer games, Star Wars has a galaxy of scenarios to recreate. I would love to see story driven scenarios released (as opposed to very abstract objective mission). For me it would also help improve the vslue for money of what are expensive models (in my country anyway).
  8. As NebulonB said, there is much awesome artwork. I would gladly pay for a book that compiles FFGs Star Wars art across the RPG, X-wing, Legion, Armada, etc. Their art is outstanding and inspirational. I bought Age of Rebellion for the rich illustrations alone, as they illuminate and expand the Star Wars universe so vividly.
  9. Hi, the Imperial Army have been referenced for years in SW lore like West End Games and the more recent Imperial Handbook and I was thrilled to see them finally brought to the cinematic lore. They are a very plausible elenent in the mix of Imperial military resources. 40k has Imperial Guard and Space Marines, SW has Imperial Army and Storntrooper Corp. The first provides the bulk of planetary garrison forces, the second provide the elite assault troops, rapid reaction forcez or security for the Emperor's most critical facilities. The Stormtroopers are regarded as been more loyal, with better morale and training. Imperial Army can include planetary conscripts with implications for performance ("what am i doing on Minban???' but they will have a full array of army support units. There were 25mm figures for them in the 1990s and hopefully they will join the forces of Legion.
  10. I like the design of those smaller Mon Cal ships. They remind me of stingrays and have a fitting organic look. Good to see writers/artists expanding the boundaries of the Star Wats galaxy in an imaginative but fateful way.
  11. Hello Artifixprime, I am only back late from a trip the day before but might make it down to Wicklow. I am just wondering what the format is and how formal it is: i have only played solo or casual games with friends, using custom scenarios rather than the standard competion format.
  12. My Dreadnaught (type I) will be arriving from Mel's shipyards very soon: VERY EXCITED ☺️. Such an iconic Star Wars captial ship (in lore) and have already researched 'historical' scenarios to play out with it (e.g. from the X-Wing Alliance game).
  13. A fantastic, even if unintended, piece of space terrain. A case of snatching victory from the jaws of 3D defeat! Certainly beats a cardboard debris marker. It can also be the source of interesting custom scenarios: salvage mission, capture an Imperial encryption computer, rescue the Moff, liberate Alliance prisoners ,et cetera). E.g. The Star Destroyer may have been damaged in a freak metoer shower or hyperspace accident and has sent out an SOS,..but pirates or Rebel forces intercept the transmission. You can even use it with "Take The Station", FFG's sample multi-player scenario (in this case, "Board the Shipwreck"). Well done.
  14. Hyperspace Miscalculation upgrade: purchase and use against your opponent at setup. Astrogation calculation errors and engine faults can delay the co-ordinated arrival of a fleet. Roll a Red dice for each ship: a normal hit = you my redeploy your oppoenent's ship up to range 5; a critical roll = the unit's arrival is delayed one turn (mark its setup point and remove from board until turn 2). Also roll for each squardon beyond the opponents fleet's total squadron value (assumes the ships acted as carriers for the fighters squadrons up to their total squadron value and the remainder jumped to hyperspace individually).
  15. Hmmm, just thought of one there, relevant to a custom Corellian Campaign like setting: Hyperspace Trajectory Calculation: if a Rebel ship exits to hyperspace during a battle (using campaign rules), an Imperial ship within firing range may roll Red dice (equal to its size, 1-3) as it attempts to calculate their destination. Score victory points for each accuracy symbol (for the intel gained) OR perhaps have Rebels reveal whether one of their controlled systems is a base or outpost. This is inspired by the Star Wars: Imperial Sourcebook's note on Hyperspace Signal Interceptors (Chapter 8 Sector Group Organisation - The Oranization of the Navy - Line [West End Games]). The HSI are used to enable immediate pursuit of fleeing ships by attempting to calculate their destination. For Armada it could work as an upgrade card within a campaign setting.
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