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  1. Well it appears just like Sith's, star wars games come in twos. X-wing and Armada. So i expect a larger (Armada Version) of Imperial assault. This could have AT-AT, AT-ST, Snow Speeders, speeder bikes, and more!

  2. Ok so I have yet to proxy this, buy I think the tractor beam on 3 scyk, with one being serissu for extra defense, and 2 low PS 3 dice ships for punch (kihraxz, or mist hunter) could be a nice. Spam less agility dice, and unload with heavy attack ships. Let's see where the mist hunter points come in, but could be fun!

  3. I think it is important for ffg to keep so eunique pilots without epts. I think the community really has going the way of ept for all. The lack of the ept on uniques force people to build more synergistic lists, and make people really think about what ships they want in there lists.

    While the rebel y-wing with no ept is annoying at times, it is still an applicable ship and makes the choices of pilot and ship tough. At this point in x wing, with so many ships, people should be really struggling to pick ships for lists. This is what makes the game exciting, the choices, diversity in list building, and how changing one ship can completely change how you fly your list.

    Enjoy the challenge, embrace the chalange. Build lists that break the meta!

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