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  1. Do you recommend any specific advisory decks?
  2. I have a screen and obviously rule books and source books. But I am looking for stuff like, making maps, setup advice, organization techniques. That kind of stuff. Any help is appreciated!
  3. Have you considered updating? Would be very interested.
  4. Will each expansion have 3 copies of each card like netrunner did?
  5. Awesome thanks guys. Just wondering if this will be able to make it to the table for a Christmas break game day!
  6. Anyone have any idea on release date... Or month... Or year?
  7. So for teams is it 60 point teams or 60 points for 2ships per player, so there are 4 ships per side?
  8. Shabigity

    Boba Fett Crew

    So if heaver designed this card, will he now play scum at worlds? Also, what other card(s) has he designed for wining worlds?
  9. WOW. this tread has been going since June 14, 2014! FFG PLEASE LISTEN TO OUR NEEDs, and TAKE OUR MONEY!
  10. Well it appears just like Sith's, star wars games come in twos. X-wing and Armada. So i expect a larger (Armada Version) of Imperial assault. This could have AT-AT, AT-ST, Snow Speeders, speeder bikes, and more!
  11. Ok so I have yet to proxy this, buy I think the tractor beam on 3 scyk, with one being serissu for extra defense, and 2 low PS 3 dice ships for punch (kihraxz, or mist hunter) could be a nice. Spam less agility dice, and unload with heavy attack ships. Let's see where the mist hunter points come in, but could be fun!
  12. After wave 5 release, when the local supply really a dried up. Lucally I live in a large city and spent an afternoon driving to 3 Barnes an nobles for interceptos and more.
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