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  1. Woo! And with that, I will bow out of this thread. I request that no one quote or mention me in this thread, so my OCD doesn't force me to investigate and possible see spoilers . HURRAY FOR THIS BOOK!
  2. Who do you think you're talking to ?
  3. I'm fairly certain someone else will get to it before me ...
  4. No, I'm not nearly that awesome .
  5. Well, my sister has had a trip planned to come into two from today (leaving in an hour to pick her up!) through Monday, and I'd already had this week off for that reason. Then Monday is a holiday in the states (Memorial Day), so that's that. Then I requested the 31st off once we had our release date! So that leaves only next Tuesday and Wednesday .
  6. Only two more working days until I get to sit down and read this cover to cover! It'll be joyous!
  7. Absol197

    Giving a Hutt a gift

    This is EXACTLY where my mind went when I first saw this thread, and is literally what I was here to post !
  8. Certainly circumstance plays a part. Clearly, a bonus Advantage to Charm checks will do you no good when you're currently making a Deception check to convince that platoon of Stormtroopers that, no, sir, this is not a lightsaber hanging on my belt, it's a decorative ornament. Yes, sir, I hang random ornamentation from my belt. It makes me feel special. No, not Force-sensitive-special, just... you know what? Screw it. *fwoom!*
  9. ... ... In a good way ? ... ... EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!11!!!!!! ... I don't have a problem! Y-you have a problem! Yeah! Take that!
  10. True, I'll give you that .
  11. I KNOW, RIGHT?!?!?!?!?!!!!?!?!!111?!?!?!/1?!! EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!11!!!!1!!1!!!!!1!!!!!
  12. Naw, because I had nothing to do with the paint job . I definitely think it's an example of a well-crafted piece of equipment providing a minor social bonus due to snazzy crafting. Note that my natural lack of charm ensured that the conversations sparked by my nifty saxophone rarely lasted long (i.e. I didn't get any Successes), they simply happened because the equipment gave me the spare Advantage .
  13. As would my Hsing-I dragon sword (well, not a Japanese ceremony, but a Chinese one, certainly). If I sharpened it, which I don't want to do, because I like to practice with it, and chien techniques require your fingers to get REALLY close to the blade on occasion . Coincidentally, that sword is ALSO black-nickel plated. Apparently I have a thing for black nickel-plated accoutrements...
  14. I seriously doubt it is. They make mention of crafting talismans, so even if the more "fleshwarp-y" aspects aren't in there, potions are not going to be the entirety of the alchemy section. Otherwise the chart we see wouldn't be titled "Spending [symbols] when Potion Creations." It'd be called "Spending [symbols] on Alchemical Creations" or something like that.
  15. Fair enough . As a final example, I'll use a personal one from my high school days: musical instruments. I play (or, I suppose, played) the saxophone, and I was rather good at it. When I got accepted into the Symphonic Band (the highest band in our high school), my parents got me a new horn. I chose to get one that had a shiny, black nickel plating that looked, in my opinion, AWESOME! It was a nice, well-made horn, but the extra expense that went into the special nickel plating could easily have gone into buying a horn that had a better sound. Now, I am not an exceptionally charming person in real life, and although I feel I've gotten better at being personable in the past few years, in high school I was really bad at it. However, whenever I got out that particular horn, people would notice it and come up and ask about it. It stood out among all the other instruments in the band, and through no action on my own opened up conversations that would not have happened otherwise, due to my rather introverted nature. I feel this is comparable - that saxophone was still primarily designed to be a musical instrument, and it was in fact better than my first horn. But an even better horn that functioned better at its primary purpose wouldn't naturally draw the eye and open up the possibility of those social interactions, because it doesn't have that unique feature that makes it stand out. It's a minor embellishment that makes the item unique (or at least more so than it would be otherwise) that has a social effect by virtue of its uniqueness. I'm simply transitioning that personal experience and saying, yeah, I can see a situation where a lightsaber with a unique embellishment could function perfectly fine as a weapon (like it was intended to be), but also open up the door for social interactions when people notice it. But I'll leave it there. Thank you for explaining your position . EDIT: Speaking of, out of the three saxophones I've owned, that's the only one I still have. I really need to get it out and play sometime; I'll probably need to get some new reeds... *wanders off to find some reeds*