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  1. Well, Lady Phoenix is me, so I'll check the library and see ...
  2. Huh, what? Oh right, my job here! Sorry folks, I'm been caught up in the Smash Bros. hype and a couple other things, and I've been shirking my duties here . I'll try to get you my estimate soon.
  3. Sorry guys, I've been super busy . Combined with little news, and I haven't had much reason to stop by lately. I'll be back to form soon, I hope!
  4. Only a little . I'm just a bit busy, sorry guys. I'm playing through Pokémon Gen VII games, obsessing over the new Smash, trying to force myself to write, and I have actual work to do, too. I'll try to get back to doing my analyses for you guys soon!
  5. Wait, what? ... *sigh* I mean, I'm happy that it's coming out sooner! But can't a statistician catch a break, here?!? I'll get back to you all on what this means for the release date in a bit. This is a very tricky one to determine the impact on...
  6. Absol197

    No Power Gamers Wanted

    Aargh, if I had any time, I'd love to join you. How much time do I have to determine if I might be able to join in?
  7. Absol197

    Rise of the Separatists Era Book

    For what it's worth, I really like what they did with this book, too. But I obviously can't say more than generic non-specific opinions.
  8. Absol197

    Rise of the Separatists Era Book

    I notice that it appears FFG has caught wise to our strategy of mining the image file-names for additional data . Each of the files is just called a "cutout."
  9. No, actually, it fits perfectly well! If you'll recall, the Adversary decks and the Critical Hit/Injury decks were SWR01-SWR08; the Force Awakens Beginner Game was SWR09, Dawn of the Rebellion was SWR10, so this just follows the pattern. We are still missing some blank spaces in each of the three main lines, but the existence of this book and its given product number don't factor into that at all! And, keeping in mind my initial predictions are always intended to be rough and allow for some wiggle room, I'm putting my first pass attempt at a release on February 28, 2019. ...Yeah . Hopefully it doesn't take nearly that long, but... come on. You all know why I have to do it.
  10. The ones shrouded by the mysterious veil of the NDA ? .
  11. Absol197

    Rise of the Separatists Era Book

    I've been waiting for them to announce this for a while! It's totally awesome, you guys'll love it! And they straight up mention a lot of the best parts (in my opinion) in this article...
  12. Did they finally announce this? About time! I've been waiting to squee about how awesome this book is for MONTHS! Ahem: EEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!! I think you guys are gonna love it !
  13. I did not! But I also don't read or speak Spanish, so that might make it difficult... But I'll check it out!
  14. If you happen to be near Denver, I'm always up for a game ? !