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  1. As someone who's spent an inordinate amount of time tracking these things, don't put too much stock in Amazon. They've been wrong before. It'd be great, and I see it as plausible, but by no means a guaranteed thing.
  2. Okay folks, sorry for the delay! So, initial predictions. Using my standard method that I've used since the beginning (which uses the average total time for books in a series [EotE, AoR, F&D, SWR], the average time for a type of book [Core, Career, Adventure, Region, Era], and the average time for ALL books), I would put Allies & Adversaries with an initial estimated date of August 1, and Collapse of the Republic with an initial date of September 26. Using my second method, average times for the stages of development, actually gets me close enough to those dates that when rounding to the nearest Thursday we see no difference. However, if I limit that second method only to the past five releases... well... we get A&A with an estimated date of October 17, and CotR with a date of December 12. I'm going to be positive and assume that we're going to get the August/September dates, but... you know. Gotta put that more realistic date out there, too.
  3. Gosh... looking back, we're approaching three whole years of this thread existing! I almost can't believe it! I'm glad everyone found my haphazard attempts to predict releases as useful and entertaining as they did . Also, status update, I should have an initial prediction for the two newest books up this afternoon! With the usual caveats that recent changes in production timing makes those estimates looser than previously. EDIT: Sorry folks, things came up at work, we'll have to wait until early next week before I can run the numbers.
  4. I can certainly try! But due to existing delays I can't guarantee any degree of accuracy . Also, I was entirely convinced I was not going to get the Allies book... until I saw that it has ewok stats, that is! Give me a little bit, and I'll see what numbers come up...
  5. I've tried this once before, with Ghosts of Dathomir, I believe. It wasn't the most accurate thing in the world, but I could try again, using Ghosts and Fully Operational as a reference. For an update, because I'm finally able to do those again, we're currently at 186 days On the Boat. That's in third place, behind Ghosts of Dathomir at 203, and Cyphers and Masks at 209. Do keep in mind, though, that Rise entirely skipped the At the Printer stage of development, so it's possible that, looking at this as a raw timeline, we may need to wait that amount of time, too. If not, I would say we should start looking for the status to change around the beginning of the month, 04/03 to be precise. If we do need to add in printing time... well, Ghosts of Dathomir also had the longest printing time of 74 days, so add another two-and-a-half months on to that. Maybe the middle of June (probably the 19th). And of course, that's for the status to change. We'd still need to wait the two weeks for the book to ship to stores as well.
  6. Yes, despite my... feelings... about the new films, I recognize everyone's right to an opinion, and request that any discussion regarding their merits or lack thereof be moved elsewhere. Thank you.
  7. Absol197

    Collapse of the Republic era book

    Be grateful for those Harches! Hyper-arachnophobe here, but I persevered!
  8. As the Official Forum Prophet and Data Nerd, I can confirm this is an accurate formula. 10/10, would calculate again.
  9. And to quote Treebeard, "Now, don't be hasty!" 😛 . Things have been so out of whack lately that I seriously doubt I'll be able to bring the same level of prophesiing power to the table. But it's nice to be back .
  10. Absol197

    Collapse of the Republic era book

    It's a good one, just like Rise. I have trouble deciding between them, in all honesty!
  11. Seriously, they announced Collapse already? Hot dog! I really like this one! I think it's a toss up which is better, Rise or Collapse. Maybe you guys can tell me! ... in late 2021,when both are finally out. EDIT: And I have... new data to enter? What is this madness? Sparta?
  12. *sigh* No update for this week, either . Maybe next... month?
  13. I know, right? Who would have thought! I will say that I'm very sad that this book still hasn't released . I haven't been keeping track of the data very well, but it seems like the status hasn't changed in a very long time. It makes me sad, 'cause it's such a good book... Well, you know!
  14. It's a Marcy!! Hi, Marcy!!! I hope they Rise soon; I can say the book is EXCEPTIONALLY cool, and I can't wait for it to be out! I had a thought on how the new Jedi career might fit into the MarcyVerse, too, but I think from a comment you made you've already figured out something .
  15. Well, Lady Phoenix is me, so I'll check the library and see ...