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  1. My house-rule, which extends to all modifications, is that mods are only lost on a failed roll with Despair. And then instead of increasing the difficulty, the difficulty upgrades for every current mod. Makes lost potential far less likely. As far as the issue of handing out maxed-out lightsabers... I don't currently have a way around that, unfortunately. I can think on it.
  2. Here's a possible explanation. Even though we don't see it (because mostly in the movies we're seeing the best of the best), bigger blasters shot bolts that have more "momentum," as it were. So there's more "recoil," the deflection of the bolt causes the lightsaber blade to shake a bit. Droideka bolts are harder to deflect because the stronger shots disrupt the flow of your movements more, as you're having to fight against the blow-back of those stronger bolts pounding into your blade over and over, making holes in your defenses more likely to appear. Like I said, we don't really see it in the movies, but it makes sense. Energy carries momentum (Einstein's full equation is E2 = (mc2)2 + (pc)2 , which explains why light has momentum despite having no mass), and many descriptions of blaster bolts have them being highly energized gas, which would have even more momentum due to having actual mass. Some recoil against the lightsaber blade is to be expected, and bigger bolts have more gas at higher energies, which means more recoil mucking up your defensive movements. But the big thing, as Donovan said, is that it's a narrative game (emphasis on game). Jedi can't deflect all shots automatically for as long as their strain holds out because it'd be broken. They needed to find a way to balance it, and basing Reflect off the amount of damage was the best way.
  3. I came to this thread expecting either stats or an adventure idea for a Star Wars artifact that functioned like the One Ring. My disappointment is immeasurable 😛 !
  4. Others can correct me if I'm wrong, but I believe Fleet Supply is only checked after movement concludes. So of there's unused capacity sitting on the destination system, you should be able to move un-supported Fighter 2s into the system, and they can "dock" into the unused capacity and not get destroyed.
  5. You came up with a psychometry power, Don? I gotta take a look, psychometry is one of my favorite powers, and one I've felt has been sorely missing! *reads* EDIT: I like it a lot! One question - are the Duration upgrades intended to have a stacking cost (i.e. to sense back a year, you need to activate the day and week upgrades too, so a cost of [OOO] for duration), or do all but the last one effectively replace each other?
  6. Neat! New purchase likely incoming...
  7. That's pretty darn cool! The only thing I'd worry about is whether it can fit all the cards when they're sleeved... If it does, heck! I might have to get one, too!
  8. The card decks go in the slots under the ship bags and hexes; I put the planets under one of the stacks of hexes, the public objectives under the other, split the action card deck into three down one side, and halves of the agenda deck and the secret agendas under the other ships. Tech decks and promissory notes go in the bags with the matching ship colors. Then I got small baggies for each of the factions and put the command tokens, control tokens, faction home planet cards, faction technologies and promissory notes in those baggies, which go in the small slots on the sides. Finally, the extra fighter and infantry tokens go in their own bag, and the commodity/ trade good tokens go in a bag with the Speaker and Custodian tokens. If you separate the stacks of hexes between common systems and home systems, the Strategy Cards will fit on top of the home systems and below the Creuss home system. Rule books, faction sheets, and command sheets rest on top of everything else. Hope that helps! Let me know if you have questions!
  9. That is both very useful (thank you!) and also very unhelpful...
  10. I was going to assume that no unique talents be created. The twi'lek might get a rank or two of Distracting Behavior, but wouldn't get the Improved version, nor any twi'lek-specific talents. I can see your point of the "planet of hats" issue, though. Although I'm thinking of this as a way to not double-down on what the species is already good at but rather to expand on the lessor things they excel at that they're maybe less known for. Basically, a way top expand their options rather than further shoehorning them. But that was my take, perhaps others had a different conception.
  11. I love this idea, and I'd very much enjoy helping out . I think we should establish a baseline; why not reduce the size by one on each axis - so a 3 x 4 tree for species, with a characteristic-limited form of Dedication at the bottom? I'll see about getting a rough draft of the togruta made up, if you think those restrictions make sense!
  12. I know, but it hasn't always been that way, and doing all that scrolling is frustrating! It used to be that all RPG products would show up when you put the, you know, RPG filter on it. I actually missed the fact that the EPG was announced for over a month because I was only checking the Upcoming page for a while there. Which should not be how it goes. Or at least, that's not how it USED to work, back when my numbers meant something!
  13. I was wondering that, too. I know Prequel-Obi-Wan's actor played a priest in another movie and that might be the connection, but it's clearly a different person so... no clue!
  14. I'm abusing my position as prophet for my own agenda for just a moment, Force forgive me 😛 ! Currently, my tied-favorite board game (tied with FFG's excellent Twilight Imperium ), Spirit Island, is getting a digital version made on Steam... maybe. they're doing a crowdfunder, but it's not going well right now, probably because it's not on the big platform most people know. If you like board games, or appreciate what I do here (even though I haven't had much of a chance to do it recently...), I'd ask that you at least take a look! No pressure, i know it's definitely not everyone's thing, but i like it a lot and i think a fair few people here might, too . We now return you to your regularly-scheduled predictions and discussions! EDIT: And speaking of our regular discussion, I'm finding out so frustrating that even there GeneSys Expanded Player's Guide isn't showing up on the Upcoming page under Roleplaying games. How's a prophet supposed to prophesy without accurate data! The lack of care to the Upcoming page recently is making me quite sad . As does the no Star Wars books...
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