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  1. I typically only go to the Highlands Ranch one because the other one is further away from me, but they're both run by the same people and have very similar atmospheres, so pick whichever one is more convenient .
  2. Not next weekend (August 3), but the weekend after that (August 10). But I do definitely still recommend stopping by Enchanted Grounds . There are lots of board game and RPG groups that meet there regularly. If my group happens to not have an open slot, you can at least try to meet people and find others. I'm there as I post this, in fact! The FFG Star Wars scene isn't as big as it was before the Great Book Slowdown of 2017, but it's still there .
  3. Party Captain: "So, how'd the interviews go? We're a good group of people, huh?" Commander: "Good? Good!? Your droid is entirely mercenary and would sell out all of us in an instant if the price was right, the wookiee is hyper-aggressive and a danger to those around him, the twi'lek despises authority and would never follow orders simply because they're orders, and the verpine was notability withholding vital information from the psych-reviewer the entire time! And you are a former Imperial pilot who is married to the subject of our espionage investigation!" Party Captain: "So... we got the job?" Commander: ... "Yes."
  4. We do! Or did; we had a long-running mixed Edge/Age/Force game going that I was GMing, but unfortunately several of the players were unable to make it for an extended period, so it petered out. We typically meet on Saturdays from noon to about 3- or 4-ish. Depending on schedules and how people are feeling .
  5. Welcome to Colorado! It's a great state . I'd recommend visiting Enchanted Grounds - is my favorite hangout/FLGS, and the place that got me hooked on these games in the first place! I am currently playing in a GeneSys Steampunk game, however the party's a bit big and I don't know if the GM would want another player. Also we've been on hiatus for a few months so he's going to need a bit too get back in the swing of things. But I could ask! But feel free to say "Hi" if you ever see me at EG; I'll be the lady with a bunch of board games and a sign saying "Wanna Play? Just Ask!"
  6. That is pretty much the pattern, and something I'm expecting. There's also been a notably quick boating time. I'm unfortunately real busy at work, but I'll try to get some numbers run soon!
  7. Yes. But if you remove that, then a starting Jedi can be either a Padawan or a General, and you don't need the "buy FR 2 with starting XP" rule, and then you don't have players whining about not being able to get Force rating 2 as a non-Jedi, or people trying to cheese it by starting as a Force-rating 2 Padawan to get Force rating 3 with only 70 xp. Which is stupid.
  8. I very much agree. Also, on a semi-related note, another house-rule I'm debating is simply removing the prerequisite for the General spec. I have to look it over a bit more, but I don't think it's quite as powerful (and therefore not quite as in need if a prerequisite) as the Knight. A starting General then would simply be a Padawan who's focusing more on their role as a Commander rather than their role as an apprentice.
  9. Ehhhhh... I mean, I don't know there won't be, but I can say that I'm very dubious.
  10. Since I was a contributor, I don't feel comfortable spoiling stuff. However! There's a great spoiler thea's on the Age of Rebellion board!
  11. Yay! Got my copy yesterday evening!
  12. Improved Field Commander provides only one ally an action per Triumph. And the wording is vague on whether or not you can spend multiple triumphs for this ability, or if it's limited to one per roll.
  13. Umm... I'm just gonna go... you people are confusing me.
  14. Huh? I am very confused. I don't know this song. If it's not big band music, from a movie or video game, I probably don't know it.
  15. Glad you guys like it . The Master spec was one of my favourites, although the Nightsister is not too shabby, either!
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