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  1. This is where they screwed up by not having Legion in 6mm.
  2. Would be nice if they were cheaper...
  3. https://xwing-miniatures-second-edition.fandom.com/wiki/Ensnare
  4. THE token is only removed at Rounds end. Not after tractor effect. But if ensnare passes token then I guess you could be tractored twice in a round. Question is wether or not barrel roll from tractor counts as an action? Since you can only perform each action once a round. Normally this hasnt been a thing because tractor is an effect.
  5. A ship is tractored while it has equal to or greater than a specific number of tractor tokens, according to its size: a small ship requires at least one tractor token, a medium ship requires at least two tractor tokens, and a large ship require at least three tractor tokens. A tractor token is a orange token. After a ship becomes tractored, the player whose effect applied the tractor token may choose one of the following effects: • Perform a barrel roll using the [1 󲁞] maneuver template. The player applying the effect selects the direction of the barrel roll and the ship’s final position. • Perform a boost using the [1 󲁞] maneuver template
  6. 1 Threat is equal to 25 points. An 8 threat list is equal to a 200 point list.
  7. You can Dooku attack dice rolled for bombs ans obstacles. Probably other things as well. It says attack/defense dice not attacking or defending.
  8. Dooku says before attack or defense dice are rolled. This shouldnt matter if its a roll or reroll as long as those dice are being rolled.
  9. I3 Drones 4 with cluster and struts 2 with Energy Charges and Struts. I did better second time around by getting to knife fight range and blocking.
  10. Leia needs to come back up in cost. I4 phantoms as well end stop.
  11. Experienced this tonite. it was not pleasant.
  12. But the other missiles that are 1 point more (cluster and homing) both have 2 charges and have a TL to mid them to full damage (3 and 4). Yes getting a TL with a low Int ship is a pain. Calc and Focus are both easier but the Calc is inferior to the Focus. So my point still stands.
  13. Need to be a point cheaper or have 2 charges. At least in comparison to other missiles.
  14. You could also barrel roll off of them as well with your action after rotating or staying in place. Then next turn plot what ever move you want and close struts.
  15. I figured there would be more people posting that they will be streaming from the panel. Last year there were like two or three. No I can't even find one, especially if fifth trooper isn't doing one.
  16. Actually Star Trek Attack Wing uses this concept. Plus the bases dials and template thing from xwing.
  17. Kanawolf

    Prize Kits

    Anyone have any information on prize kits? Namely OPX03 - Deluxe Wave Kit 3, and G19X1 which is Seasonal Kit 1 for 2019?
  18. Cant recover or lose charges while docked. Ship isnt there to accomplish that.
  19. My thoughts are that AS only went up to 10. All you can use SR for is a BR or boost. 32 still seems a bit extreme.
  20. Kanawolf

    They're up!!!

    It would be nice if they had put the changed points in red.
  21. Well if this interpretation is correct Paige would be able to drop three bombs in one round. Once in system phase. Bomb goes off end of activation. Once after firing primary. If destroyed in same Engagement phase another could be dropped those bombs would detonate end of following activation. This would all be limited by charges and of course destruction and primary attacks, but with 12 health and a reload action that could be alot of bombing.
  22. Great, now if they would only release the Quick Build Pdf for First Order and Resistance, and update the Scum that would be awesome.
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