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  1. Kanawolf

    Petition to give Vader a Talent slot

    My thoughts are that AS only went up to 10. All you can use SR for is a BR or boost. 32 still seems a bit extreme.
  2. Kanawolf

    They're up!!!

    It would be nice if they had put the changed points in red.
  3. Well if this interpretation is correct Paige would be able to drop three bombs in one round. Once in system phase. Bomb goes off end of activation. Once after firing primary. If destroyed in same Engagement phase another could be dropped those bombs would detonate end of following activation. This would all be limited by charges and of course destruction and primary attacks, but with 12 health and a reload action that could be alot of bombing.
  4. Kanawolf

    Wave 2 kit article

    Great, now if they would only release the Quick Build Pdf for First Order and Resistance, and update the Scum that would be awesome.
  5. What are the TO awards in the kit?
  6. Kanawolf

    Double Gunner

    Plus you can only launch or drop one bomb or mine a turn.
  7. Kanawolf

    Big ship Cloaking

    Message sent guess will see ?
  8. Kanawolf

    Big ship Cloaking

    Then why not just have the small base cloak just be a standard barrel roll then of a 1 template instead of a 2 template? I guess someone should ask them just in case it becomes more prevalent.
  9. Kanawolf

    Big ship Cloaking

    Considering that a small base decloak is double the size of a regular barrel roll then why wouldnt a medium or large base be double their regular barrel roll? A half base (width of 1 template) doubled would be a full base or length of the 1 template. Of course leave it to FFG to not full define what they mean in the rules.
  10. Kanawolf

    And tlt is?

    I think a 2 dice range 1-3 turret that you can attack twice with as a bonus attack wouldn't be to bad if costed appropriately. Maybe even put the donut hole back if the idea of an extra die at range one being a problem.
  11. Kanawolf

    The Jakku Gunrunner appreciation thread

    And with them being 34 points in 1.0 terms they were so over used an OP in 1.0 they lowered the cost to piss everyone off.
  12. Kanawolf

    worst ship in the game - E-Wing

    Alot of Aces across the board need to go up in price. A fair amount of Generics down a smidge.
  13. Kanawolf

    Variable Missile cost

    I was just trying to contrast between the two. One normally gets a bonus/penalty on either end while the other wouldnt so giving it the extra die makes up for the lock requirement and lack of range one. Probably a fair trade.
  14. Kanawolf

    Variable Missile cost

    Also Ion Torp cant fire at Range 1 so wouldnt get benefit of range 1 bonus.
  15. Kanawolf

    XG-1 "Star Wing" Assault Gunboat Thread

    And probably a cost increase to Torps.