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  1. Hey, if Top Gun can be so successful then an X-Wing movie can be. I'd go watch 90 minutes of dog fights. They just need to come up with ways to one up Top Gun... Like... Hyperspace jumps while inverted and an asteroid droid flipping the bird. It's entirely possible!
  2. The epic ships aren't exactly what I had expected as well. He loves using it, but the two times that he has, it turns into more of a bulldozer than anything else. It has made an excellent obstacle and more of a cinematic play rather than Epic. It being the only Huge ship we have it just gets picked apart by Defender and Bombers and then he gets bummed. After talking it out a bit, I think I will grab the Core Set see how it goes. Thanks guys!
  3. And him being 8 I would agree, there's a bit lost there because it is a lot to take on at once, and he is young. He can make it through 90 minute sessions without losing interest though. After another year or so I think he will be pretty phenomenal. I think it's easier for them to grasp or stay interested because of the dynamics and you physically have something to move the act of rolling dice and then the challenge of strategy involved. I originally grabbed it because of my love for the SWU. I'm a bit of a junkie when it comes to that. This is my first mini game ever and so far it's been an extremely enjoyable success for us.
  4. This is what I figured. It sounds mechanics wise there's more to take into account before making your turn. He does really well in X-wing and has smoked me a few times. He's extremely good at flying and who to attack, upgrades are just lost to him. He forget about them, which I can understand. It can be a LOT to take in when you have 5-6 ships at time. And other than flying into asteroids while trying to out-flank me those seem to not be too big of an issue. I may grab the core set and just see how he does. I really don't have any one else to play with casually. My girlfriend thinks it's ridiculous and couldn't even get through 30 minutes of a Star Wars movie, but him and I thoroughly enjoy it. My X-Wing fleet went from the Core Set to 25 ships within the matter of two months because we got pretty heavy into it. I can't justify spending a crap ton on another game when we both enjoy X-Wing as much, but I thought maybe it would be something to play around with. He keeps begging me to find a Star Destroyer to play with. I bought the GR-75 and he about crapped himself having the giant ship to play with. So I'm sure the CR-90 is in my near future. Thanks for your insight. I really appreciate it!
  5. For anyone that has demoed or played the game, how steep is the learning curve? I mainly play X-Wing with my 8 year old son and he does extremely well with all the mechanics in x-wing. Sometimes he forgets to perform actions after moving, but I'm pretty lenient with him on that. Is this something that you think someone that has a pretty good grasp on X-Wing could pick up and play? From everything I've read it sounds like it takes a lot more forward thinking and planning, which... He could definitely use some work on since asteroids sometimes are his demise, but in general? This is something he would love, he loves the larger ships and I was hoping it would be too ridiculous so it's something I can get into with him. Any insight would be appreciated!
  6. I honestly don't think they will be in much of 8 and I doubt anything after that. As much as I would love to see them as main characters in all of them, there's a new generation of characters and viewers that they are going to want to explore.
  7. I finally got to watch the finale last night and holy crap.. ..I haven't been so excited for cartoon since Transformers! The lightsaber fight was great, the writing was fantastic. A felt a few episodes drug a little, but this was just really impressive. Ahsoka I already knew was coming which meh, but whatever. I truly enjoyed it.
  8. That's probably a good idea. I honestly thought I had possibly broken it as well. It was maybe 3 minutes after taking it out of the package I noticed and I looked everywhere for it. there's no glue residue or broken pieces anything. Just a hole in the bottom of the TF. I'll write them email and see what they say. Even if they sent me the insert I would glue it in! lol Thanks!
  9. So I bought a Tie Fighter a week or so ago and the bottom of the mini doesn't have the female end of the post in it. Anyone seen this? I've thought about cutting a post and gluing it in there. It looks like it's about the same thing just a shortened version. I'm just worried about maring the bottom of the post from being cut and then I can't physically fit a post in it.
  10. Hey! So I just got the core set a few weeks ago on a whim. I've never been into minis, but a huge Star Wars fan. I'm in Janesville and will probably end up at kryptonite soon. I've only played a few games so far with my son but I did end up getting some expansions. I'm pretty excited it's a blast!
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