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  1. I'm the X-Wing dad in SoCal. My kids are now 13, 11, and 7. The 13 and 11 year old play consistently at Leagues and tournys ranging from the FLGS event Tournies on up to Regionals. While we all would love to attend Nationals and Worlds, my work schedule makes that impossible. Too far away and sold out long before I know id I'm going to be available for travel. The 7 year old is still (IMHO) too young for anything more than just fun at home games. When she turns 9 or 10 we will see what happens. So, when I got my kids into the game it was first on their own asking. If they have no interest in it then it will be a bad experience...a chore...and not worth investing the Time, Talent, and Treasure into. I initiated them with basic ships; Academy TIEs and Re Squad X-Wings. I started by making them read and understand the basic rules. You have to have that foundation set so they know the flow of the game. We played a few fun games together so they could see the flow of events and see how the rules act on the game itself. Then came the homework. First off I refused to let them fly a turret ship until I was comfortable with their level of piloting. If you give them a turret too soon it becomes a crutch and they wont learn to fly. I started by having them set a base onto a blank board and then selecting each template and putting a second base down where the movement ends. we examined the starting position vs the ending position. How many base-lengths did the ship move? How far up vs left/right for the turns? Its new facing? Then came target practice. They set a base anywhere on the table and a marker somewhere else. They then had to use the templates to get the base to land on the marker. This gave them a foundation of looking a move or 2 in advance of where they are vs where they want to be. The we moved to multiple ships. How the moves interacted with each base. How far apart do you need to start to avoid a bump. How close to maintain support in the R1 zone. A solid week was used just getting the knack of formation flying down. Then came obstacles. We tossed out obstacles in random locations then had them fly a base around the obstacles. Looking at what moves would land on the rock, what was a safe move, and even what move would take them across the rock, but far enough they would be off it so they can still shoot. W made it more fun by setting a few coins down between the rocks. If they could get the ship onto the coin without hitting an obstacle, they kept the money (that was an expensive week). And finally, formation flying through obstacle. And all of that was done with just small bases. We then graduated to using actual ship dials...the TIE and X-Wing. How the dials constrained your selections and what moves would stress you vs clearing stress. And how different the ships would fly based on the available moves. After the homework came the basic games. Basic ships with limited upgrades. X-Wings with R2 units. TIEs with and extra hull or shield. And finally the graduation to named pilots and the more advanced upgrades. By this time the kids were adept at building their own lists and confident in getting a new ship and being able to interpret the dial and the pros/cons of the various upgrades available. And still no turret ships. Those came along between 9 months and a year later. By then the kids were quite adept at flying their ships...even showing the ability to pocket the corner of the base right into nooks and crannies of the obstacles. The advancement to turrets was a graduation day and while they enjoyed the freedom the turret gave them, they rarely NEEDED it. So now the kids enjoy the competitive aspect of the game, but also love the pick up games, fun games and scenarios, and creating the random odd-ball list just to see how it works. They have each come up with lists that fit their individual styles, they have each won minor Tournaments and consistently win games at top level events. But more importantly they have fun and they don't give up. While The Boy may exhibit occasional butt-hurt in his tone (give him a break...he just turned 11 and he's still a kid who wants to win) but the kids don't resign a game and have never dropped from an event, regardless of how badly they were doing. They understand the dice gods will just say "NO" on some days. They've learned good sportsmanship and honest play. And as a dad I get that pride at the end of an event when other players...adults...come up to me and compliment the kids on their gameplay, sportsmanship, and skill at the game. They have each developed their own reputations among the SoCal community and long time players already know (and some have learned the hard way) that that little girl across the table knows her stuff and will not be going easy on you...but it will still be an enjoyable game. As for X-Wing mom (She Who Must Be Obeyed)...She does not play. Has no interest in learning, and is fine with that. But she does love the fact the Daddy and Kids have "our thing" that we enjoy and spend our time together with. So its turned out to be a nice family bonding hobby too.
  2. I was the victim of worse. I had Kylo, Storm Trooper, Raider. He had ePoe/Finn. Thermal Detonator x2 and Scavenge in his hand. Round 1 Poe rolls 2 Special. Drops both Thermals. Finn adds 2 damage to Kylo. Plays scavenge and reclaims 1 Detonator. Claims the battlefield. Round 2 Poe rolls another special and drops the Detonator killing my entire squad.
  3. kell553

    Tugs n' Thugs

    I'd drop the Siesmics and Feedback for a Prox Mine and the Tractor for a crane. This would let you jump over him or around him then drop a mine on him. Second one repeats. When he dies you get the mines back. This also frees up 2 points letting you put Unhinged mech on the Y Wings.
  4. Dutch's ability, When a squadron you attack suffers at least 1 damage, you may toggle its activation slider to the activated side. If it was already activated, it suffers 1 additional damage instead. Squadrons activated by Yavaris may attack twice if they do not move. So, Yavaris activate Vander who shoots a Tie for 1 damage. This activates the TIE. Vander then attacks a second time scoring 1 damage. Since the TIE is now activated, it takes an additional damage (and dies). A second Vander-trick...attack 1 squadron and activate it, then use your second attack on a different squadron and activate that one too. Does anyone read this combination differently?
  5. IMHO we will eventually see Trade Federation ships. If for no other reason than marketing. The Star Wars big ship universe is even smaller than the snub fighter world of X-Wing...especially on the Rebel side. After another Wave or 2 FFG will be out of ships to produce...so it will be time for other factions...although 1 of those "factions" could easily be a post Palpatine empire with ship repaints and new cards (Thrawn, Palleon, C'Boath, etc).
  6. Take the Mechs off the BTL Y-Wings and you can then get 5 of them 10 Blaster shots and 15 regular shots. As for the 4 BTLs at 96 points...you can still squeeze a couple of Seismic Charges in their just to add insult to injury. On the Empire side...4 Sigma Phantoms put out 20 shots at R1.
  7. A BTL-3 "downgrade" for Y-Wings. 0 points, Remove the Droid slot and add a Crew slot (or just adds a Crew slot).
  8. I don't care. He hits the table and I typically have him dead by turn 5.
  9. Plasma Cannon. R 1-2. Attack 3. If the attack hits, the Defender receives one face-up damage card. Then cancel all dice results. The wording is important. This lets you put a "Crit" on Chewie. You can also "Crit" a ship still shielded.
  10. kell553

    Raider Preview!

    A lower PS (which the Phantom change is starting to eliminate the VI race) build would be: OGP+Palps+Engine+HLC: 40 (maybe dumping HLC for Ysanne and/or EU for an initiative bid). Royal Tie+Royal Title+Autothrusters+Stealth+PTL: 30 Royal Tie+Royal Title+Autothrusters+Stealth+PTL.: 30 100 total. Slow roll Palps but he will get some good 4 dice shots in there. The TIEs are decently high and match out against dual IG-88s. Palps gives you plenty of options in defending the Ties (getting that extra evade so your Stealth Device lasts longer than the initial salvo) or boosting their shooting. And should you not have to use Palps with your Ties your HLC can use the boost on targets of opportunity. 3 hits and a blank on HLC? Change the blank to Crit...yes, a way to get that 1 crit from an HLC shot. Fat Han shoots you? 2 hits, you roll 2 evades. Roll an evade to a blank, take the hit on a shield, and give Gunner the finger. And how many games have you seen come down to last turn, last hull point, last hit...and you roll a blank. BUT WAIT! I have The EMPORAH!!!! Change that blank into an evade. Win the game. Advance to Top 8. Hot chicks in Metal Bikinis start noticing you. Ok, maybe not that last one...your still a geek after all. And if he goes after the Shuttle (with 10 damage and Palps helping with the green dice) your TIEs will rip him to shreds. Sure, you may lose your 40 point Shuttle...in exchange for him losing a 50+ point Dash/Han/IG.
  11. The wording on the card: "Special Rule: After a Ship or Squadron performs an attack against the rear hull zone of another ship, if the defender suffered at least one damage, the attacker's owner gains one Victory Token." Questions raised: Does a loss of a shield point count as "damage?" If the damage is redirected to a side shield, does that still count towards the gaining of a token? How is this treated in relation to Dodona's Pride cancelling all dice in exchange for dealing a damage card face up if the shot came into the rear arc? We play it as ANY hit/crit that makes it through from the rear arc, regardless of where the damage is actually taken, counts towards the Special Rule. In short, ANY hit/crit that can't be cancelled by an Evade token (or Scatter if a Ship should ever get it) would automatically trigger a Victory Token. This can be game changing in a situation where a ship lands in a pile of squadrons, the owner of the squadrons places them all at the rear arc, then they each do 1 point of damage for a token each. 1 round of shooting could give you enough points to make up for the loss of a VSD with a second round of shooting giving you enough Victory points where you can end up losing the match based on all ships getting destroyed, but having as much as 150+ VPs more than your opponent after scoring.
  12. kell553

    Black Bases

    Not only do I paint the bases and stems flat black, but I also use a black marker and go over the edges of the insert. For Armada I did the bases, inserts, and blackened the shield counter edges. A much neater appearance IMHO.
  13. KJ Magnetics should have just about any type of magnet you could ever use.
  14. kell553


    Battlestars. And Baseships. With Vipers, Raptors, Raiders, Heavy Raiders, etc This game just screams for a BSG version that is designed for crossover compatibility.
  15. Apparently more significant than destroying planets. Perhaps a chance to reroll any/all dice in an attack in exchange for taking a facedown damage card (as Vader Force Chokes your gun crew).
  16. Bootlegger. Pirate. Smuggler. Scoundrel. Liar. So when does Han get the Boba Fett treatment and we see a Scum YT-1300 with a pre-ANH Solo pilot? Fat Scum Han with 3 Binayre Z-95s VS Fat Rebel Han with his 3 z-95s. Epic.
  17. Get a 2nd one, place then end to end (a spot of blue tape will keep them together without destroying them), and you have a 48x72 board for Armada...with the 6" sections facing you for cards, dice, etc.
  18. First, I bet your wife is independent enough to take care of the house and kid for the 2 days you would be gone...she was doing fine before you met. Second, OK...you missed this year. Money is the problem. Soooooo...Get a jar or can. Or even a star wars lunch box to remind you. You drink Starbucks? Stop. (Its not that good for you anyways). Take the $4 you would have spent on the coffee and stick it in the jar. The can of soda on break at work? Try water. $1 in the jar. Do you buy lunch? Bring some sammich from home along with a piece of fruit and juice or water. Another $5. (you realize that alone can be several hundred dollars a month p1ssed away without even thinking about it) Its payday. Hooray. Drop a 20 in the jar. Third: Next season open the jar. Suddenly you have enough money to go to Regionals and probably Nationals. With a pretty slice left over to give the wife so spending dough while your gone. Fourth: Go get a 2nd jar. Repeat the steps splitting the money between each jar. Don't open the second jar when Regionals comes around. After 3 or so seasons when you cant shove any more money in jar#2 open it. Go buy a new car. Pay cash. Have no car payment. Ever again! As hobbies go, this one is pretty easy on the wallet. Since you already have a good set, you can get away with less than 20 a month just to get some new hotness to play around with. Once you get that PITA nickel and dime spending under control (firkin debit cards are EVIL!!!) your heading in the right direction.
  19. Came across this in a game by accident. 2 VSDs facing bow on at speed 1. I'd shoot, dump his shield, hit for damage on each of us. He'd shot, dump my shield, then move for another damage. I lost the exchange since I was flying a VSD2 and he a VSD1. Those black dice ya know. The insult to injury was my shooting him on the next round, hurting him, them bumping for my last damage point. Lesson learned: turn early. You also get to setup a dual salvo from the front and side arcs.
  20. Very nicely done. I've been hesitating over painting the VSD. With such large flat planes made up of smaller plates it would be real easy to mess up. Mot to sure how a solid color change would work out.
  21. What would be interesting is if all the players who took the first round bye end up matched together in round 2. The would make for some intense matches as half of them would be on the verge of elimination come round 3.
  22. My 10 year old girl plays in the local league and does Tournys. She wins now and then, her finest moment wining a match to place 32nd in a field of 35 and earning her Soontir Fel card. She has fun, knows the rules, and sticks with it. Other adult players have often commented how nice it is playing a kid who is precise and takes it seriously while having fun. The boy plays for fun with us. He's only 8 and is only good for a game and a half before he gets distracted, gets tired, or starts to whine. I won't let him do leagues or Tournys until I am sure of his maturity level. The other girl is almost 5 and she just watches Rebels, breathes like Vader, and tells me I am her Father. As for teaching them...I started them on a single ship learning the mechanics of the game and how the ship moves. Then tossed rocks down and made them practice flying around them without hitting any, then adding tokens and have them fly around and try to land on them to collect them (I used quarters and they got to keep the ones they landed on). Once that was mastered I gave them 4 X-Wings and had them practice formation flying with and without obstacles. I had them setup the ships and discover what happens in turns and banks. Then we added different pilot skills and watched the frustration as low PS guys start rear-ending higher PS guys who hadn't moved yet. Only then did we start actual games (this was about 3 weeks into it). Simple scenarios working toward advanced. I did dial back my game, but never cut them a break. As they got better I dialed it up a notch. Then introduced upgrade cards and all the fun toys. After about 6 months I let The Girl finally use a Falcon. I still wont let the boy use a turret (beyond a Y-Wing that is). Once they understand how to fly a formation and can focus on the kill, then they get the crutch of a big hull and a turret. Regionals, The Girl plans to fly her favorite Soontir Fel along with Deci-Cherrios. She was going with Echo...but Soontir is her favorite pilot/ship and she has gotten to be murder with him; so back to Fel. Within the restriction I give them, I let the kids build their own lists and fly them. They learn PDQ what works and what doesn't. The Boy even came up with putting an Auto-Blast cannon on Ten Numb...HIS reasoning being when he shoots it you can't cancel Hits (from the gun) nor Crits (Ten's trait). This tells me he understands the game...just have to let him grow up a bit. Add to this, our local league group is really supportive and even though they know they will likely win (barring dice failure...and you cant do anything about that) they have no problem playing The Girl. They even critique her game and give her pointers. And now we are starting Armada and learning it together. It may seem tedious, but this method also tells me if they are serious about playing this before I drop a lot of cash on a passing fad. Its also nice to use this to get the kids out from under mom and give her a break while giving me some time with the kids while they are still "my age" and we can play together and chat about school and other stuff they normally clam up about.
  23. Leading Shots. The language of the card follows the same pattern as Keyan Farlander (X-Wing). A permissive action even if you don't have one of the conditions set in the action (Keyan may still remove the Stress even if he does not have any Focus rolls to turn into Hits). It would be interesting to see if FFG interprets this to mean you MUST have a Blue dice in your pool to spend on rerolls (sorry VSD1, you lose) Or you get to do the rerolls and IF you have any Blue Dice you then remove one of them from the pool. (EDIT) I'm inclined to the former; you have to have a Blue in your pool to use for rerolls...but then I was also on the wrong side of the Keyan FAQ too.
  24. I have slav...errrr...kids. Yeah, kids. They carry my stuff for me. signed, Darth Daddy
  25. Which matches X-Wing nicely. Everyone except Howlrunner gets the reroll. That should give us an idea where the named Squadrons are going. Looking at the X-Wing equivalent in the mechanics of Armada. Abilities given to specific squadrons in range (Howlrunner/Swarm). Abilities unique to just the Squadron (Skywalker). Abilities that effect an area regardless of squadron type (Carnor Jax).
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