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  1. Hm where to begin they smashed, traded and used soulstones as trophies and in rituals. They have killed a farseer and infected an autarch with nurgels rot which killed him. Creating the stats for her wont be a problem im asking help with her gear and maybie some special abilities. If you guys could help me with that i would be thankful.
  2. Hey guys my players have managed to piss of the eldar and now the have Jain Zar the phoenix lord hunting them. I was wondering if you guys would be able to help me figure out her stats and gear.
  3. Nope sry we found the player and I took over as a gm.
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    You know you're playing Black Crusade, when...

    When you think your Plague marine is invincible and then a couple of tyranid warriors show up.
  5. Hey guys just like the title says we are looking for a gm to run a game for us on Roll 20 from 12pm to about 5 pm est on sundays we have been playing together for a while and know the system we are also looking for one more player.
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    Rolleplaying The Night Lord

    Ok thx for the tips guys these should help me allot.
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    Rolleplaying The Night Lord

    Hey guys this is my first post here, I am also a BC noob. I was wondering if you guys could give me any tips on rolleplaying a Night Lord CSM I would like to devote my character to one of the gods but I'm not shure how should I do this since Night Lords arent particularly devout. Should I stay unaligned are unaligned characters weaker than those that devote thgemself to one of the dark gods?