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  1. My RT group has no Rogue Trader player character. Instead, our Rogue Trader was wounded mortally in the backstory and placed in stasis. It's one of the central intrigues of the plot that our characters hide this fact from everyone and continue operating using the RT's authority and warrant.
  2. My gaming group is firing up Rogue Trader for the first time. This is our starting vessel, made with 50 SP. It's designed to try and shore up our party's weaknesses - we don't have anyone playing the Rogue Trader or Voidmaster classes (yet, our fourth player is starting late), so there's no one to pilot or make difficult Command checks. A lot of the more unorthodox choices are for fluff purposes (arboretum, observation dome, exploration bridge, etc). Meritech Shrike-class Raider Speed: 10 VU Morale: 99 max Crew Population: 102 max Crew Rating: 30 (Competent) Detection: +35 (+40 using Active Augury) Maneuvering: +30 Armour: 16 Turret Rating: 2 (-20 to enemy Pilot tests to Hit and Run. +20 Command test to Boarding actions) Hull Integrity: 30 Advanced Cogitator Linkage: +5 bonus to all Ballistic Skill Tests to fire the ship’s weaponry. Crew Hierarchy Navigator, First Officer: Treat Command as a trained basic skill when dealing with the crew. If the First Officer has the Command Skill, she receives a +5 on all Command tests made aboard ship. Explorator, Enginseer Prime: +10 Bonus to the Emergency Repairs extended action. Astropath, Master of the Vox: +20 Bonus to the Jam Communications extended action. Weaponry Prow-mounted Gryphonne-pattern torpedo tubes (good) with melta warheads Dorsal-mounted Shard Cannon macrobattery (good) Machine Spirit Oddity -1 Armour. +5 Detection. The ship may find itself in fights the crew would have preferred to avoid.Past History 1 Xenotech Component must be selected. -30 Tech-Use Test to repair, or -10 if repairer has Forbidden Lore (Xenos). The Ordo Xenos have an interest in this vessel.Essential Components Jovian Pattern Class 2 Plasma Drive: The STC standard for escort-class warships. Strelov 1 Warp Engine: Allows the vessel to enter and remain in the immaterium. Warpsbane Hull: +10 bonus to Navigation (Warp). Warp Encounters are rolled twice, the Navigator chooses one. Repulsor Shield: Nullify one hit. Does not apply to boarding craft or torpedoes. No penalties to Manoeuvre Actions when travelling through celestial phenomena consisting primarily of small particles (dust clouds, nebulae, ice rings, etc). Exploration Bridge: +5 to Detection when using Active Augery. +50 Exploration Achievement Points. Vitae Pattern Life Sustainer (good): STC standard for life support systems. -1 space requirement. Pressed-Crew Quarters: Decrease Morale permanently by 2. Deep Void Augur Array: +10 to Detection. External, only destroyed or damaged by Critical Hit. Supplemental Components Arboretum: Double the time a ship may remain at void without suffering Crew Population or Morale Loss. +2 Crew Population. Augmented Retrothrusters: +5 Manoeuverability. External, only destroyed or damaged by Critical Hit. Astropathic Choir Chambers: +10 to Focus Power tests made by an Astropath performing Astrotelepathy in this component, and +5 VU to the range of all Astropath powers used during Space Combat. Empyrean Mantle: All tests to detect this vessel have their Difficulty increased by two degrees while travelling on Silent Running. External, only destroyed or damaged by Critical Hit. +50 Criminal Achievement Points. Observation Dome: +1 Morale. +50 Exploration Achievement Points.
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