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  1. That is what happens when you post when you are excited, but half asleep cause it's midnight. My bad.
  2. https://www.twitch.tv/wwpdsteven It's happening right this moment!
  3. Want to report a great trade with ninclouse2000!!! Very smooth and efficient!
  4. I don't really care. With all the details about the game that is mearly a minor detail, in my opinion.
  5. Armada is all but dead where I live. I only know one other person that owns the game. Since I wasn't getting enough table time in, I'm in the process of trading my set and expansions out for Imperial Assault.
  6. I am willing to trade imperial assault core, Han Solo, chewbacca, rebel soldiers, ig88, General Weiss and his at-st, and the imperial guard commander. We are close to having a deal, but what you have to offer is worth only about 1/2 of what I have. I want all of what you have so if you could be more specific on what you want I'd appreciate it, and I'll throw in an extra dice pack and a maneuver tool for free.
  7. Hey community, I am looking to trade for : Imperial Aasault + Expansions. (Hoth expansion is most wanted) I have and am willing to trade with: 1 core set 1 VSD set 2 gladiator sets 1 Assault Frigate MKII set 2 Nebulan B sets (one Nebulan broke and I repaired it. Will provide details and photos if interested) 1 CR 90 set ( CR90 broke from base and I repaired it. Will provide details and photos if interested.) 2 rebel squad sets (All the x-wings and most other squads have touch-up paint jobs.) 2 imperial squad sets (Most of my TIE L/N are painted) 1 ISD set 1 Home One set 1 raider set 2 rouges and villains sets I am willing to negotiate and possibly trade pieces and cards to get what I want. Please message me if you are interested or have questions or just want to see. Thanks. Unfortunately my only piece of credibility here is that I started the SSD thread here that doesn't die.
  8. Hmmm, put the rebel base on it and find out.
  9. If the mission is unopposed it automatically succeeds. The leader doing the mission must have the same number of symbols as the number next to the mission symbol. If the opponent wishes to oppose it, the opposing leader and the leader must roll dice equal to their respective symbols. If the original leader rolls the higher, mission successful. If the opposing leader rolls higher or ties, missions failed. Hope this clears things up.
  10. Order? Sure. Peace? Ehh... Is that the African continent?
  11. The way stormtroopers shoot in the films youl'd think they did train them in one turn.
  12. hmmm, maybe I'll just find a planet, edit it, it's name, and card and have my own Kuat. So far I have not seen any cards other than the search for Yoda that are planet specific. If no expansions come out it could be a very doable edit for the fans.
  13. Two tactics cards I would like to see are Orbital Bombardment and Airstrike. The first gives two damage to any unit and the second gives one extra dice of your choice for one ground assault round.
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