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  1. So I'm in love with descent. I think its fantastic. I've only got one campaign that has lasted a couple quests but that didn't make it past the interlude. All the same I have picked up Labyrinth of Ruin, a heroes and monsters collection (the one with the 4 women heroes), and after my recent birthday Lair of the Wyrm and Trollfens. As a result we are trying to start a Monday night Descent game and started the Labyrinth of Ruin campaign. The only problem is that the Heroes have been on a 7+ game losing streak and it is starting to show. There are many obvious reasons for this: I'm overlord and I'm the most avid board gamer in the group, I've also consistently played in every game compared to introducing this to multiple groups, and I tend to be the one that grasps rules the best. So my actual problem is we started the campaign and I won the introductory quest. My Heroes are understandable a little frustrated since the overlord one again and I don't want them to despair. So what am I asking from you the community is advice to me on what choices will make the game as fair and fun as possible. I don't want fiats, house rules, or throw away quests that the overlord has no chance to win. What we all want is a fair match where the heroes pull out the win without me pulling any punches. They need a win that they deserved 100% of the credit for. My Party is (forgive me if I don't use proper game names of things I'm rattling stuff off by memory): Andira Runehand - Wildspeaker The reroll fighter from Lair of the Wyrm - Champion Tethrys - Thief Telport chick from H&M - Was Geomancer probably going to be switching to Runemaster (Geomancer not his playstyle) We've only played the introductory quest which I've won and I was looking really hard at the Infection overlord class. They have no gold at the moment since they got a mace as treasure and 25g from loot since they didn't fully search. Would you send them Raythen or Serana's quest? Should I send them on one of the rumor quests that I have? Quests down the road I should avoid or recommend to them? Recommendation to spend my overlord exp? Class cards I should recommend to the players? Monster recommendation? Any advice you have would be appreciated. Thanks!
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