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  1. I've never played it. I just know that it's ending.
  2. I did solo one-handed with Gandalf, Lore Aragorn, Spirit Glorfindel. It beat Carn Dum second or third try. (Deadman's Dike was a bit hairy with a Gandalf deck so make sure to include those Wills of the West!)
  3. Ah! I'm an idiot for not noticing the anagram. I've used OCTGN from time to time. I'll see if I can.
  4. @Onidsen I do indeed play forum mafia. Mostly on 17th Shard. And yeah, I saw about the digital version. It'll be interesting to see if it's good or not; I'll definitely give it a shot when it hits. I do despise reciprocal damage though.
  5. Getting back into the game after taking a hiatus because of busy life. Life is still busy but hopefully will now be busy + LotR LGC in there too! It's good to see some familiar faces around here, like Seastan and MyNeighborConstantine and of course the 200+ games thread. I fell off the face of the planet right after Grey Havens hit. I'm curious which cycle to invest in first, Dream-chaser or Haradrim? What are your preferences? What cycle has better player cards, quests, etc.?
  6. Are there any cards in the game which are almost always better to play the normal version or almost always better to play the elite version? Or are they usually well balanced?
  7. Title says it all. Looking to play him in a skirmish; was wondering if he was good or what to partner him with.
  8. I'm no expert in the inner workings of FFG, but I think that's more what the individual developers focus on instead of FFG ignoring one game over another. Just my $0.02
  9. The elite officer says something like "may interrupt to perform a move" and the normal officer says "gains _ movement points". How do these abilities function differently in-game? (Sorry, noob question)
  10. "Combo breaker" should be renamed "Never Tell Me The Odds" "That Still Only Counts As One": Destroy a Massive figure with a figure costing 2 or less. "Easier Than Shooting Womp Rats": Defeat at least 3 figures in 1 activation. "Sniper Shot": Deal damage to a figure at least 8 spaces away. "I Am One With The Force [The Force Is With Me]": Opponent misses a figure 3 or less spaces away "The Grass Is Too Darn High": Move through the most Difficult Terrain spaces. "Dead Man Walking": Have a character with 3 or more Harmful conditions. "Our Situation Has Not Improved": Reroll a die to a blank side.
  11. According to the devs, The Witch-King's Gift is "brutal to the point of almost being ludicrous…" It's basically a GG if it comes out at the beginning of Stage 2 when you can't do anything to the quest.
  12. What is RHC? Rebel High Command? Edit: I don't understand what the purpose of Lando's second ability is.
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