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  1. I agree. Also while I like the attempt to make playing exciting.... I still like the old formats I created or modified from others. This now creates me thinking but will be good for stores or tine constraint TOs. Now managing costs with the LGS just became complicated predicated in trust.
  2. This has also happened to a player at my FLGS... He can't solve it even with all our suggestions.
  3. As there is yet no tournament document so I will have to wing it. Here is a modified doc I put together. https://1drv.ms/w/s!AvNki5SV3htNg7EDqJUUArv28CN1qw
  4. I needed to find a way to help me organize so I developed these items for the craft/tacklebox, 2" x 2" Coin boxes, and Card Boxes. I am including a link where I put all the extracted items from scans. I used GIMP and VISIO (best program ever) along with a font. There are mistakes and I will only update at my convenience...so don't bug me about it...but you CAN tell me the errors or mistakes. I hope this helps in your DIY projects and if I violated any policies let me know. Thanks PDFs https://1drv.ms/f/s!AvNki5SV3htNg68s_sbSkuaxHOAc6A RAW files https://1drv.ms/f/s!AvNki5SV3htNg69La1LRHriFg47GzQ
  5. Sorry...I forgot. Forgot my stuff. Forgot to check forums. Forgot everything. I am a horrible person. We ended up taking our 2 year old for Thursday and that changed our packing and movements. No excuse but what happened.
  6. No X-Wing this year. Super bummed. Maybe I can bring my stuff and we can meet up? Otherwise....Cascade is NOT having any X-Wing tournaments. I am super super super super bummed. Had spouse approval.
  7. Bad news. I guess the computer crashed and only about 40 seconds recorded. I did not see a reason why it stopped and did not get a message. I am really really really really really really sorry.
  8. I planned to upload today but stayed up all night with a feverish 2 year old. Found this window open with a message...otherwise I wouldn't even be typing. Since I will be at Emerald City Comic-Con and tomorrow is a hectic and packing day, most likely I will have the second one up Tuesday if not tomorrow. My apologies for being so tardy on this upload stuff. Just so others know...you destroyed me in Swiss so it was good to see that someone who beat me made it. I uploaded one of the pictures with your Resistance Bomber sitting on/near 4 Proton Bombs up to the Evergreen Squadron Facebook page.
  9. I have not looked at the video but Saturday didn't have the name nor the lists. Sunday had the lists. I will put Sunday up with just trimming the front and back. Not sure about Saturday and the Portland Open. Family is sick. ECCC this weekend. We will see next weekend.
  10. Here is a video of the final table. Commentary needs work. https://youtu.be/mvB8DSldtq4
  11. If you want to see the final table of a Crimson Specialist vs. a player who has only competed in 1 Store Championship, the Evergreen Cup, and this Regional of 154 players, then this might be the video for you. I do want to apologize for the commentary (heavy breathing) and inaccurate shield/hull data. Still learning. https://youtu.be/mvB8DSldtq4
  12. I am going to attempt to stream using the "Free" WiFi internet at the Seattle Center for the Seattle Regional Saturday 24-Feb-and Sunday 25-Feb 10:00 am Pacific Standard Time (UTC/GMT -8 hours) twitch.tv/xwingrilesman
  13. I am going to attempt to stream using the "Free" WiFi internet at the Seattle Center for the Seattle Regionals (paid business class is $595, out of my range). I do not expect the feed to work well so I will also record. Also no commentary or moderators but if something happens or I can find someone, I will add commentary. No matter what I will record and post later to YouTube at X-Wing Rilesman channel. I should have some games not recorded by Gold Squadron at the Portland Open posted later. (still having technical difficulties because apparently the C922X Logitech camera does not come with drivers....what???????? So the video is coming in fuzzy......so angry)
  14. Second Table at Portland Open. Top 8 http://www.twitch.tv/xwingrilesman
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