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  1. Sorry, The link posted do not work, where Can I see The scans?
  2. Can I suggest a Tactics Aragorn paired with Mablung and Arwen, with eagle mechanic?
  3. Radagast as a Lore Hero, whit an ability that work whit creatures enemy...
  4. Some time ago I built a deck with Beravor, Mablung and TactAragorn. I used Dunedain allies, Dunedain Hunter primarily going in combo with Mablung, but I was using the mechanism of the eagles also. The advantage of Beravor is to be able to use the traps and draw cards, of course, but above all to use Wingfoot of all Heroes accompanied by Henamarth Riversong.
  5. Everything suggests a new version of Legolas and Gimli , but dwarves and elves do not make a good impression in the desert ... I hope there are Alatar and Pallando , other Istari , as heroes or allies .
  6. However things go, and hoping for a setting different from the usual cliché, I hope a competitive LCG prepared for multiplayer. Another interesting feature to me is that of a fast-paced game, but deep, obviously.
  7. And what do you think about a contemporary ambientation or a second world war ambientation?
  8. what you think of a lcg dedicated to xcom? There are three factions, aliens, xcom and exalt, and having the license on the product you can create other or extend the range of possibilities... you might think about a particular game on multiple levels (base management and research, aeronautics and tactics), or a cooperative against the alien threat...
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