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  1. The way that I've done this is to use City, Dragonland, Highland & Woodland expansions for the core board (Light Dimension) & Dungeon, Darkland, Nekropolis, & Timescape expansions with the Cataclysm board (Dark Dimension). The Deep Realms connects the 2 Realms. I didn't have the Lost Realms expansion when I've done this so I'd have to think about how I'd want to use it. Also, when I've done this (or just used the official expansion with the core board), I've required that you have a Talisman to be able to enter the Valley Of Fire space which then leads to the Dragon Tower. Only in the Tower are Dragon scales drawn to determine which "King" you'd face. I might note that I have also used the 5 Alternate Kings expansion from Talisman Island when doing this. Only after reaching the top of the staircase & fighting the "King" there, does a character then land on the Crown Of Command space & sees what alternate ending is being used. I might note that I only use the Hidden Endings.
  2. You might want to check out The Games Keep in West Chestier, PA. Karl (owner) has a presence on BGG & is extremely friendly w/customers . When I was down ther a couple of months ago, I think he had everything for Talisman in stock.
  3. My compliments to you, Vendark (& also Ludo, among others) for all the new characters you've taken the time to create. However, I've got a minor request for you (& anybody else who designs new character & Alternate endings), could you please (if you're using Strange Eons) also do character tokens & small alternate ending cards to go along with the full-size cards? It would greatly save me (& probably many others) time that could be put into playing instead of making up such.
  4. Unfortunately, at least here in NJ, USA, dollar Tree only has white dice available in the packs currently. Hopefully they'll go back to the multi-colored packs. My thanks to DomaGB for pointing out these dice.
  5. Since I found some cheap packs of different colored D6s at Dollar Tree, I've been using dice in my games. Red - Strength, Blue - Craft, Green - Life, Yellow -- Gold, White - Light Fate, & Black - Dark Fate. Since I only get to play at the local FLGS's Board Game Night & play time is limited to 5 hours (minus whatever's spent on socializing before playing) we usually get 1 game in & most of the people don't think about heading for the Crown Of Command until they're at least 9 in either stat. I'm personally opposed to a cap on any stat, gold, etc. but that's me & YMMV. If somebody raises something above 6, then they add another D6. The highest I've ever seen either Strength or Craft go was in a game where the person had an 11 in the stat & gained 2 points to the stat. Having added the Properties Expansion to the game has handled a player having large amounts of gold.
  6. What others have said I've also found to be true vis-a-vis length of game. However, if you're looking for an actual "Dungeon" style delve, then I'd actually suggest Dragonquest, either the original edition, or FFG's revised edition. I've found that it doesn't take as long to play as Talisman does, but then I prefer Talisman to it.
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