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  1. Is this something that was maybe done to try and get Old L5R players to buy-in? I didn't play it so I don't know if that was complex or not. It feels like there is less interaction with the alternating actions and perhaps each player should should only have one conflict opportunity per round?
  2. The game length is definitely a hindrance to people. FFG needs to find a way to speed it up. There was a lot of buzz last year but the time commitment is too much for a lot of people and probably a bit much on the mechanic side.
  3. I am looking forward to seeing how the B-Wing has been reworked since it apparently will have Talon rolls as an option.
  4. Do people not know how to budget anymore? It's not like this stuff is coming out next week. There is time to save up money and buy the kits when they do release, and even then you don't need to buy every kit the same day. If FFG had release smaller conversion kits, people would be complaining about having to buy so many conversion kits. They honestly can't win in this situation. I'd rather have the game get a refresh like this and keep it relevant for many more years. This is a much better scenario than having to re-buy every expansion at their new MSRP.
  5. This is my first exposure to the LCG model but I do enjoy the packs coming out as quickly as they are because each pack only gives each clan 1-2 new cards and it helps bring in some new ways to get a deck built (I like options). I think FFG needs to release expansions that have more cards in them per clan than just 1-2. The LCG is good because you get a playset of the cards but if they released packs with more cards per clan you can have a changing meta but not as drastic as a CCG. Only time will tell what FFG plans to do.
  6. Logistics is a nightmare and always will be. I do believe FFG has an issue when it comes to releasing a new game though. I took a 'dip' in to Destiny at launch but the stock issues was atrocious and took a long time to get the stock in for it. They have since corrected that it seems but they clearly need to look at their products more closely and maybe try to be a bit more aggressive. There could be plenty of stock around for L5R and it's just in the wrong places because some areas may have a much higher interest base than another or the distributor was shorted the supply. So many variables involved.
  7. How often will competitive events be held? I understand the desire to get it all to be competitive but will there be events that will make buying these right away important? Time will tell.
  8. You don't need to buy all the packs as they come out do you? Get them as you can get them.
  9. This is my first foray into the LCG world but I think this is a good way to get more cards into the game and capitalize on the popularity the game has at the moment. There are clearly a lot of people that want to play so putting out more cards right away is good. It'll be really good if these packs offer up a few different ways to approach each clan to keeps things fresh. Just my feeling and only time will tell if this was a good move on FFG's part or not.
  10. So it comes down to timing and when certain things resolves. Good to know as I am still familiarizing myself with the rules.
  11. The TO has usually had final say on a ruling if something was ambiguous. Seeker of Knowledge: While this character is attacking, the contested ring gains the [Air] element. If this character wins the conflict as an attacker, you may choose which of its ring effects to resolve. You claim the ring and choose which of the two elements to resolve. After that effect is resolved, the ring loses the added element since it is no longer contested. Since the ring has both elements, it should count as either one for the Seeker/Keeper purposes. Just my thoughts on it. I know there can be debate on this and it is something I think FFG can be more specific on either in the RR or on the card itself.
  12. I play X-Wing and I am a firm believer that we need to rely on an official FAQ to clarify rulings. There have been instances where developer emails have garnered a lot of discussion and more confusion about how they answered a question that it is best to wait for the official documentation to come from FFG themselves. If it is not in an FAQ, I would say it shouldn't be allowed as an 'official ruling'. This is something FFG should clarify for official play.
  13. Certainly seems that way. Perhaps it is time for FFG to clean house with playtesters and get new people? Obviously there are a bunch of playtesters that don't understand the whole NDA thing going on.
  14. Ultra Pro does make a 16 pocket page that fits the upgrade cards: http://www.ultrapro.com/product_info.php?products_id=3887 I use them and they're great!
  15. A buddy of mine came up with a very similar list a couple weeks ago and I tested it out for him one night and since he couldn't make it to our tournament and I went 3-0. I think there is definitely some potential with it.
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