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  1. Specific card questions

    Thanks Shipwreck! By some reason I didn't thank you for answering two years ago 😬 I guess I – as an adult are a bit to ambitious about such things. However, I was playing with my nephews, and I better have answers if they start to argue 😄. As a LotR fanatic, I bought the LotR card game and some expansions. Unfortunately, I have not really had the time to play it more than once. And games that you can play 3-5 players (or single player) rather suit my "gaming situation". I guess there are ways to to this, but I haven't put any time in to investigating how. My nephews – my great excuse to buy all those games – have been to young. Now they start to get in the right age regarding if they understand the gameplay. But as we do not have English as our native language, this also is somewhat of a problem. Howewer companionship games is the way to go with my nephews right now. They are very sore loosers when it comes to "antagonistic" games.
  2. Dropped Product Line?!

    Sad! Was going to get the game for my nephews (and myself :-) But even if second hand prices will be expensive, it will probably be cheaper than the stuff GW will release 😱