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  1. Did something very similar last week, what caught me out the most was just how good it felt going back to a wave 1-4 setting and actually dogfighting. Like yourself I had Luke and he was supported by Dutch Vander (Yes THE Dutch Vander!) Tarn Mison and a Bandit vs Vader, Howl and a mini swarm. It was a great game, I tried as hard as I could to not make it one sided but my experience meant I didn't loose a ship to my opponent whilst I managed to take down his force. I went to apologise afterwards but he stopped me saying that it was fine because despite loosing he still had an awesome game and he said it was great to fly against someone who knew what they were doing. I'm looking forward to more games with him and his friends in the future, I have been stepping further and further back from X-Wing recently due to the current meta but this has showed me that the game is still great and immense fun, you just have to find your level.
  2. I'm a real sucker for underdog ships and so I fell in love with the Punisher especially Deathrain. I've read the forums, I accept that it's bad and will probably always be bad but as long as I get to roll up to a ship with enhanced scopes and drop some clustermines into their faces and then barrel roll away laughing then I don't care.
  3. Some of my best games have been whilst flying the Punisher. I usually run Deathrain with Enhanced Scopes, Cluster Mines and Extra Munitions with TieMk2 which I've recently swapped out for Lightweight Frame. It just makes me laugh so hard every time I slide up to an opponents ship, throw a set of clusters over them, and then barrel roll away laughing, then if all works well you get to do it again next turn but from out the back! I once managed to Reduce a fully loaded Miranda from full health to nothing after pulling this maneuver, my opponents roll on the clusters was insane and thanks to the FAQ change with crits being adjusted to hits he effectively removed his own ship from the board. True I was then left with a very expensive two dice ship but It was worth it. In the current meta people just don't know what to do when you put this thing down and that can work in your favour as your opponent tries to recall exactly what this ship can do.
  4. Beating current meta lists whilst flying a Punisher.
  5. Too many to recall but my most recent one happend at the last local event I attended. I was running Backdraft with juke and comm relay, I put my list together in a mad rush the night before and it wasn't until the first game was underway that my opponent pointed out that the S/F has no evade action and so I had to go the whole day flying with this handicap. Still managed to go 3-2 but man was my face red after my mistake was broadcast to everyone on the room!
  6. Tie Punisher, especially Deathrain. It's like i'm flying myself, I too am large, silly, and not very good in a competitive environment.
  7. Which is why it was such a shame when it happened, I'd never met the guy before so was really taken aback when he commented "That will get you nowhere" and "Nothing to worry about there" after taking a look at the squad I had brought to the table. I'm familliar with the majority of the local players and you're correct when you say that they certainly defy the current meta. I've not encountered the guy since luckily but I can't forget how the encounter sucked all the fun out of that days event.
  8. Going to a tournament (my only source of regular X-Wing) and being scoffed at for not bringing a meta ship filled list. Also being told that I won't have any fun because I'm flying something like a Punisher instead running a meta attuned hyper optimised ship/pilot.
  9. Gold Squadron Y-Wing desperately needs an alt art (those engine pylons can't bee unseen!) Yes I know we have the movie still alt arts but I'm not that big a fan of them and would love to have a card where I can actually look at the image and not have my skin crawl.
  10. Played with Deathrain at a local event last weekend and one thing I noticed was that Lightweight Frame did a great job of keping him in play, it triggered for nearly every attack and really helped reduce incoming damage. I played five games and only lost him once thanks to that extra evade coming up from the LWF. It's now my go to mod for all future games flying the Punisher.
  11. I have a fun list. Sorry only meta lists here. I will get my coat.
  12. "I am one with the salt and the salt is with me."
  13. The most recent glorious victory I can recall is dropping a fully loaded Miranda down in two stunning bombing runs from Deathrain. Miranda was down two shields from the previous turn. I baited her with Carnor to buy Deathrain time to get into position and luckily it worked as my first lot of cluster mines landed right on Miranda, my opponent rolled two hits and two crits (which were converted to hits, thank you FAQ!) on the first pass and then he proceeded to roll another 4 hits the next turn! Deathrain managed to hang on with one hull remaining and then managed to even get the final killing blow on his Poe at range three after the rest of my force had softened him up. A glorious victory indeed.
  14. The thing that bugs me the most whilst playing are people who use the phrase "Oh so you're running away?" whenever I decide to pull a ship out of a furball. I get it a lot and it still stings whenever someone says it to me, I have to often explain that I'm not running away just simply trying to get out of their arc and reposition my ship because odly enough I don't want it to be destroyed. I just can't understand why people say this in a game where tactical movement is so important.
  15. Said it before but I will say it again, this right here is why I still come to these forums. Thank you for this excellent post, as someone with limited time to play this kind of analysis and breakdown is invaluable. Thank you for your efforts Bio, please keep these posts coming.
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